Highlights of Dubrovnik

Could have been fabulous but weather let us down
October 10, 2017
Yes, Dubrovnik in torrential rains tried it's best to impress us but sadly we had to abandon the tour half way through. The first guide took us up to view the city from the site where the men defended the city during the war. Started to spit with rain. Then he dropped us down into the city where we took another wonderful guide. She did her utmost to make the trip memorable but sadly we could not walk with rainwater up to our ankles. She explained to us all the things she had intended us to see and learn about but she was fighting a loosing battle sadly. After refuge in a church for an hour she managed to get her boss to come in his car to collect our party of 4. The company could not have done more to help us. Thank you.
Reviewer: Yvonne Palit
4 Stars
Best day ever!!
August 08, 2016
My husband and I were met at our ship by a Mercedes Benz and driven expertly to the most beautiful sights in Dubrovnik. We then met our tour guide to enjoy a private guided tour of the old city. Our guide was a native Croatian who was knowlegeable about all aspects of Croatian life. My husband, especially enjoyed all the tidbits and sights from Game of Thrones. She also suggested an amazing restaurant outside the city walls for us to dine at. At the end of the meal we were met at the restaurant's entrance to make our way back to the dock. We truly had the best day ever in beautiful Dubrovnik!
Reviewer: Lesley Goldman
5 Stars
Private Tour
July 18, 2016
The tour ended up being just my wife and I. We had two different guides who were very good. One for the scenic tour and the second for the castle. The only complaint was the transition from one tour to the other was not smooth nor was getting the ride back after the tour well coordinated.
Reviewer: Anonymous
4 Stars
Dubrovnik -unforgettable
May 07, 2016
Wonderful tour. It was a private tour with first, our driver who took us up the mountain to see the Old City from up high, then we had a walking tour of the Old City from a delightful young woman. Both were very knowledgeable and EXCELLENT !! We were then driven back to our ship.
Reviewer: K and M
5 Stars