Dubrovnik History and Game of Thrones

GOT Vibes
July 14, 2023
Our tour guide was fun and we enjoyed the fun facts and reference to the TV series. We wish there was some offering of factual details regarding the history of the actual places we visited.
Reviewer: CT
4 Stars
Beautiful City
July 02, 2022
We met our tour guide, I don't remember his name. He was a very pleasant and informative man. He had excellent knowledge of the city and of the Game of Thrones production. He had an iPad to show the actual scenes of the shows and where they were filmed. the views and locataions are beautiful and was so amazing to see where the actual filming was done. We would love to come back to Dubovnik and explore more. Definitely a must to do!
Reviewer: Jeffrey Morin
5 Stars
Rainy day in Dubrovnik
November 27, 2021
Despite the rain most of the day, the Dubrovnik tour was very interesting from the early history to the Serbian war 30 years ago. The focus was on the Game of Thrones locations where the series was filmed. The guide made it very interesting with photos from scenes in the series to compare to the places we visited along with stories of how the filming and special effects were done and anecdotal stories about the actors and production crews.
Reviewer: Michael Parkos
4 Stars
Dubrovnik History and Game of Thrones Tour
November 19, 2019
As a Game of Thrones fan, this was a wonderful tour. The ironic thing was some in the group had never seen the show but still enjoyed it. Ana was super. She had photos taken from the show that she could use to compare against the back ground. That made it even more interesting. I would highly recommend this tour to everyone. It is a bit of an uphill climb and I have hip issues but Ana did stop enough that I had no issues making it.
Reviewer: Mark Spurrier
5 Stars
Game of Thrones Tour
November 04, 2019
This excursion was worth every cent! Our tour guide (Goran?) was very knowledgeable about both GOT and Dubrovnik and surrounding areas. It was a small group and we had time to have a good look around and ask as many questions as we wanted. I would recommend this excursion to anyone who is a fan.
Reviewer: Natasha Johns
5 Stars
Great tour
October 14, 2019
The place is very fascinating and beautiful, a must see and we wished our ship spend more hours on that place. I would love to climb up and walk around to see the whole city. We have the best tour guide. She was very knowledgeable anout the place and proud of her heritage.
Reviewer: Josephine Janssen
5 Stars
October 06, 2019
Very fun to hear the actual history of places in Dubrovnik and then to see where scenes from Gamr of Thrones were filmed.
Reviewer: Shelene Corley
5 Stars
Expected more
August 15, 2019
If you're a Game of Thrones fan, this is the tour for you! I book this excursion because it was going to be the best of both worlds, however there wasn't much Dubrovnik history covered. We spent about 5 minutes talking about the town's history and the remaining few hours talking about Game of Thrones. Our guide was wonderful and very knowledgable. We finished the tour with a picture on the Iron Throne (replica). Also, upon booking this excursion, the detailed description indicated that I would be picked up and dropped off at the cruise ship port. After printing out the confirmation ticket, it indicated that there was optional shuttle transportation at an additional fee, so beware.
Reviewer: Michelle
4 Stars
Reliability & customer service
July 21, 2019
The ship arrival was delayed by 2 hours and the tour was scheduled for 1pm. There were about 10 of us getting late at the meeting point. The local tour guide arranged for all of us to have the tour and we all were satisfied for the prompt resolve to make sure we had the tour. It was worthy. On my next cruise I definitely will sign up a short excursion with this company.
Reviewer: Rene David Lopez
5 Stars
Great Excursion!
July 11, 2019
Our tour guide, Mihaela was terrific. She was a Game of Thrones fan and had pictures of the show blown up to 8 x 10s. She showed us the pics as we were standing on the exact spot that it was filmed. Also gave us some fun inside info about the cast members. Very very cool!!
Reviewer: Alexis Mitchell
5 Stars
The Real History Blew us Away
June 29, 2019
During the GOT tour we learned about the real history of the town. That was even more interesting than the GOT parts. Standing in the same places as the characters did was still amazing. Croatia is a beautiful plave, one I can not wait to return to.
Reviewer: Eddy
5 Stars
Your of Dubrovnik
June 28, 2019
We enjoyed our excursion very much. Our tour guide was very nice and extremely knowledgeable about the Dubrovnik and the Game of Thrones locations. We have already recommended your company to a friend who is taking an Oceana Cruise in July.
Reviewer: Pail & Elaine Savader
5 Stars
Excellent guide and tour
June 19, 2019
We were a little concerned taking a shore excursion not provided by the cruise line, however the company met us right on time right outside the ship terminal gate (only a 4-5 minute walk from where the ship docked in Dubrovnik). We ended up being the only ones on this tour, so the coordinator at the port had arranged a taxi to take us to our tour guide in old town. The driver was very talkative and interesting making it a very enjoyable ride. The guide was excellent and very accommodating to my physical needs. She was willing to spend whatever time we needed to answer questions and share her many stories and allow as much time as we wanted for pictures. At the completion of the tour she was very helpful making sure we knew how to catch the bus back to the port after we finished shopping, etc. My daughter is a big Game of Thrones fan while I am not, and we both really enjoyed the tour. We would highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Janis Hillis
5 Stars
Interesting and Fun
June 03, 2019
A very interesting and fun tour, especially if you are a Games of Thrones fan. The guide was very enthusiastic and prepared with area by area photos of scenes from the show, in the exact spots we were seeing and standing in.
Reviewer: Alan Merson
5 Stars
Great tour and guide
May 24, 2019
Although I've not seen one episode of GOT, we booked this tour for my husband because he is a fan. We took a short ride in a private van to the site where we met our guide Paola. She was very delightful, informative and knowledgeable, couldn't have asked for a better guide. Dubrovnik is absolutely beautiful, the history of this region is compelling. I'm interested in going back and seeing more.
Reviewer: J Savidge
5 Stars
Great tour!
May 20, 2019
Really enjoy our tour guide, she was very savvy of the history of Dubrovnik and locations used for the Game of Thrones. It was a great experience!
Reviewer: Fernando Pineda
5 Stars