Old Town Walking Tour

Old Town
November 21, 2023
This tour was THE BEST!!!! I wish we could do it again!!!! Elvis was awesome!
Reviewer: Ann H Fournier
5 Stars
October 15, 2023
Excellent, interesting tour. Very good guide.
Reviewer: Cheryl Curran
5 Stars
September 30, 2023
Nothing wrong
Reviewer: alan bertaux
5 Stars
Dubrovnik Old Town Tour
September 28, 2023
Our tour guide did a nice job and was very knowledgeable. Thank you!
Reviewer: Patrick
5 Stars
August 12, 2023
I believe this is the tour of Split, Croatia. That is the tour I will write about here. Overall it was a good tour. I would have preferred more time. However, it was about 100 degrees out so my brain is a little foggy.
Reviewer: Cynthia
4 Stars
Old town
July 22, 2023
Very informative.
Reviewer: K Robertson
4 Stars
Step Back in Time
June 06, 2022
Being inside the city walls of old town Dubrovnik gave me a glimpse into ancient history. The old town is full of beautiful Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches, monasteries, palaces and fountains. I was surprised to learn people still live inside the city walls. Our guide was very informative and I liked that she used headphones to describe the buildings and history of the town. Game of Thrones fans will easily recognize the walk of shame steps and other sites. We had a delicious lunch at the top of said steps during our free time. After the tour, we paid extra to walk the top of the wall - which had amazing views of the port and sea. We also hired a taxi driver to take us to the top of the mountain. He actually fought in the 1990 war against Yugoslavia and showed us bunkers and described his experience.
Reviewer: Deirdre L Ditty
5 Stars
November 19, 2019
We really enjoyed this
Reviewer: Ann Sigurdsen
4 Stars
Walking tour
October 01, 2019
Reviewer: Dinadroppo
5 Stars
Dubrovnik Walking Tour
August 22, 2019
Great tour with Shore Excursions! Dubrovnik was an amazing gem of a city.
Reviewer: Liane Neumann
5 Stars
good short tour
August 20, 2019
The tour was just right. We started early to avoid the crowd. We visited a few churches and walked around in the Old Town. At the end we walked by ourselves and did some shopping at the market. We enjoyed the short tour.
Reviewer: victoria franques
4 Stars
Loved Dubrovnik
January 24, 2019
We loved the old city of Dubrovnik. Many streets and shops and the history was amazing. The best views of the city are at the top of the mountain. Take the tram for some wonderful views. Also on top is a small but interesting museum of the recent war that took place there. If a history buff this is a must. The videos really showed what happened. Also, one of the docents actually took place in the battle and some of his pictures adorn the walls.
Reviewer: Marvin Williams
5 Stars
Old Town Walking Tour
October 24, 2018
Really enjoyed this tour. The Guide was informative, thoughtful and friendly. Amazing sites and shops in the Old Town.
Reviewer: Audrey
5 Stars
Game of Thrones
August 29, 2018
The old town of Dubrovnik was where the Game of Thrones is filmed. A great city to explore with so much history. Take a cable car ride to the top of Srdj Hill for some spectacular views of the city. There is a small but wonderful museum at the top which describes what happened during the war when Yugoslavia broke apart. If you are a history buff, this is a must.
Reviewer: Marv Williams
4 Stars
old town walking tour
August 13, 2018
the tour guide was excelent, enjoyed her. she was totally informed explained in great detail.
Reviewer: patricia opfer
5 Stars
Excellent tour and guide
July 23, 2018
A very interesting tour and well worth it. Guide was a native who was able to add a great deal of history and some personal thoughts as she explained the very interesting walled city. We also enjoyed our lunch at one of the local restaurants. One of the best tours of the trip.
Reviewer: Ray
5 Stars
Dubrovnik Old Town
July 02, 2018
There were 12 of us on the tour and our guide was excellent. She exchanged our voucher for the "Wall Walk" tickets for the next morning, which was great--cooler and fewer people.
Reviewer: Sandy Simonson
5 Stars
Very good.
June 25, 2018
Our tour guide was informative and nice. Transport by taxi from/to ship easy. We spent a very good day in Dubrovnik.
Reviewer: Olafur Arnason
5 Stars
Old Town Walking Tour
May 22, 2018
The tour was very interesting and the guide stopped frequently to share about life for the past and current residents.
Reviewer: Brent Dobbs
5 Stars
Old Town History Walking Tour
September 25, 2017
This was a very informative and enjoyable tour. Our guide was very interesting and tried her best to make everyone of multi age feel comfortable and engage them for interest and questions.
Reviewer: Paul K
5 Stars
September 20, 2017
Despite monsoon type rain and wind this tour was excellent. This was due to the charm, personality and knowledge of the young tour guide. She was so delightful and engaging. The city is breathtaking. My favorite port on this cruise despite the weather!
Reviewer: Susan Kohn
5 Stars
Old Town Walking Tour
August 02, 2017
I loved the tour of the Old Town of Dubrovnik and learning of its history and how life was in ancient times. Our guide was very knowledgeable and made the city come alive for us.
Reviewer: Sharon Wade
5 Stars
shore excursion
June 20, 2017
Tuor was good and again the size of the group was small enough that our tour guide could stay in contact and handle it very well.
Reviewer: Don Strohmaier
4 Stars
May 24, 2017
Perfectly suited for us, we enjoyed the in depth information provided, and the guide was attentive to our limited mobility.
Reviewer: Louise daw
5 Stars
Old Walking Tour
December 16, 2016
We loved the Tours, Tour Guide & Bus Driver. Everyone was so knowledgeable. We have told our friends how much we enjoyed your Staff and how proud everyone is of their area and Country.
Reviewer: Ernie & Karla Alegre
5 Stars
December 13, 2016
This has been on my bucket list for a long time and I'm thrilled that I was finally able to visit this walled city. Our guide was excellent, paced the tour well, was very versed in the history both past and present and made some great suggestions as to local food and additional sights to enhance our day.
Reviewer: Jane Johnson
5 Stars
Old Town Dubrovnik
December 12, 2016
We got to Croatia not knowing much at all about the history and the geography. What a pleasant surprise. Our guide was so thorough in bringing out the ancient history as well as the most recent troubles of the 1990's. He provided a complete tour with lots of information for us. I have been recommending these Shore Excursions to some of our friends as we were so impressed.
Reviewer: Wanda & Ed Walker
5 Stars
Excellent Tour
December 21, 2015
Great time
Reviewer: Karen
4 Stars
Loved croatia and this town
October 26, 2015
excellent tour
Reviewer: world explorer
4 Stars
Wonderful Surprize
October 21, 2015
Dubrovnik proved to be a true gem. This was a wonderful place to visit. Our tour guide introduced us to many of the unique things about this area and fortunately we had enough time to explore this walled city. Our favorite place so far.
Reviewer: DrLisa
5 Stars
Perfect title
November 17, 2014
We really loved the tour great overview. Experience guide but the group was to large at 24.
Reviewer: MJ
5 Stars
Gentle walking tour
May 14, 2014
This was a very gentle walking tour, and it visited all the cultural spots. The guide had a microphone & we all had monaural earphones to listen
Reviewer: Geoff
4 Stars
old walled city
December 23, 2013
It rained the whole time but our guide still led a very good trip. It was a little short but that was due to the weather.
Reviewer: seakayaker
5 Stars
don't miss Dubrovnik
November 21, 2013
Great guide because she gave us not only the historical facts, but informed us of recent and current information. The city is wonderful to explore--wish we could have stayed longer.
Reviewer: travelers
4 Stars
Let's do it again.
September 08, 2013
Onboard coordinator was great. Tour guide was simply ""the best."" She was extremely knowledgeable, informative, enthusiastic, high energy. Walking tour covered so much - best walking tour of the entire trip.
Reviewer: dunebuggy
5 Stars
Great Tour
June 13, 2013
Very informative guide.
Reviewer: Vicstictok
5 Stars
Nice Tour
June 13, 2013
Dubrovnik is a very beautiful place. Our guide was quite good and gave us a very informative tour. Nice place to spend the day.
Reviewer: Vicstictok
5 Stars
great excursion!
May 30, 2013
ear-plug audio would be suggested, so you can listen to the guide from some distance
Reviewer: EV
5 Stars
lots of interesting info provided
November 16, 2012
our guide was great, so much fun and down to earth
Reviewer: moira
4 Stars
Walking tour of Dubrovnik
November 09, 2012
Very experienced and knowledgable tour guide. Dubrovnik is a beautiful city. She told us many wonderful facts about the city and its people.
Reviewer: Marty Party
5 Stars
Beautiful Dubrovnik
October 16, 2012
The old town was the surprise of our vacation. It was so beautiful. Our tour guide was very nice and add a very human touch to the rich history of the old town.
Reviewer: Jose
4 Stars
First Visit to Croatia
July 05, 2012
Great local guide who added to the experience. Easy walk and plenty of time to explore on our own.
Reviewer: Don
4 Stars
Dubrovnik walking tour
December 13, 2011
Our tour guide for the walking tour in Dubrovnik was outstanding. She was extremely knowledgeable and added a lot of humor. The only drawback to the tour was that it was cold and raining. If the weather was better I would have enjoyed it even better. She was really great though.
Reviewer: Eileen
5 Stars
November 01, 2011
Wonderful guide. Left plenty of time to explor on our own and have a relaxing lunch.
Reviewer: Murray
4 Stars
Excellent Dubrovnik Walking Tour
October 20, 2011
Very informative walking tour with knowledgeable and personable guide, Jelena.
Reviewer: Annette
5 Stars
old town
September 04, 2011
This was an interesting trip.
Reviewer: lee
4 Stars