Full Day Byzantine and Ottoman Marvels with Lunch

Good one day overview of the city
December 15, 2023
This is a good look at this fascinating city through the lens of a one day visit. It hits the highlights and major attractions. It would be easy to spend another day or two to dive deeper into the city and its diverse culture. Our guide was very good and spoke excellent English
5 Stars
many thanks
October 29, 2023
Really good day, Efe was there to meet us as we got off the ship, despite us being ahead of time. We got on really well with him, excellent command of English and well travelled himself. Because it was just the three of us, everything was paced as we desired. Saw the sights, had a good lunch and overall a great introduction to Istanbul. Thanks Colin & Jan
Reviewer: colin and janet
5 Stars
October 21, 2023
Our guide was great explaining both sultans palace and mosques. Lunch was excellent also. Only issue was 3 folks at end of trip decided to move from group and we had to find them🥴
Reviewer: Terri Cagala
5 Stars
Definitely do this Tour
July 09, 2023
This tour was incredible and allowed us to see the major attractions (Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Palace. The mosques were incredibly beautiful, and I am so glad we picked a tour that allowed us to see so much. Our tour guide, (I do not know how to spell his name, but he told us to call him "See none," was incredible. Our tour felt semi private as there was only one other family with us. He was extremely informative but also made the tour fun and interesting for our sons. This was our first time in Turkey, and one of the few times we have travelled abroad, so I was initially a little nervous. However, I felt completely safe and welcomed the entire time. Also, initially I was concerned about our tour running late and possible missing our boat, but our guide made sure that were back in plenty of time. Unfortunately we were unable to see both the Grand Bazaar or the Spice Market as we were in Istanbul on a religious holiday.
Reviewer: Deanna Ratz
5 Stars
Great Overview of Key Highlights of Istanbul
April 23, 2023
Our guide was great and tailored all that we saw to our interests. He was knowledgeable and understood the context of all the sights. He was also adept in orchestrating our tour to optimize time.
Reviewer: Doug Heisick
5 Stars
Great day out
July 01, 2022
There was some confusion in the start time and the rep at the cruise port advised us to go for coffee and come back. She then sorted the problem and our guide came to the coffee shop and found us. The day was planned well, but went by so fast. One Palace was closed and the blue Mosque was under construction , but that just means we can see them next time! The coach was comfortable the group was small ( about 12) and the guide was excellent. . Lunch was provided and this was one of our best meals of the trip. Restaurant was lovely. Istanbul felt safe and we did not get hassled. The tour moved along quickly , but we did get free time to take photos at each stop. I would recommend this trip and will return to Istanbul and use shore excursions again.
Reviewer: Janis Halliwell
5 Stars
Great tour
July 01, 2022
This tour was great. We saw all the main highlights including going to the spice market which wasn't in the description. Very knowledgable guide and great restaurant for lunch.
Reviewer: Elizabeth Palatine
5 Stars
Istanbul is a beauty
June 29, 2022
Istanbul is such a nice area for the mosques and palace as well as the grand bazaar. We would have loved to be inside the blue mosque but Hagia Sophia is a wonder. Same as the palace. Grand bazaar is also a wonder but we could have skipped the leather showing since we are not interested in buying fake Burberry and Gucci leather jackets. Jan is a wonderful guide and the lunch was superb.
Reviewer: Renato
5 Stars
Wonderful Day!
January 08, 2022
Our tour guide was Selcuk Ersan. He was very professional and happy to answer any question that we had. We were picked up right outside the cruise port. Our driver was very safe and courteous. We drove around Istanbul in a passenger van. We were able to get many places that a large bus could not get to. There were four of us on this tour and we were all impressed with his tour. Request Selcuk by name if you can. We had lunch at a lovely restaurant overlooking the Straight of Bosporus.
Reviewer: Christine Hall
5 Stars
Plus Turkish Dinner and Show
January 31, 2017
Salcuk arrived at our Hotel and it was one of the best excursions ever. I don’t know if it was by coincidence but he was also our guide for our second excursion that night. The first tour was very educational with plenty of time on our own. The second was a great meal and wonderful entertainment. Salcuk answered all our questions, nothing was off limits. True to their words, they do not cancel tours based on attendance. My wife and I were the only ones on the tour. My wife's wallet slipped from her coat in the van. We didn't discover it until we were at the crowded bazaar. Shamefully, our minds immediately thought she was pick pocketed but Salcuk assured us they do not have pick pockets. As we started tracing our steps, Salcuk called the van driver who searched the van and found it on the floor. Needless to say we were very relieved and grateful as this was our first full day on an over a month long vacation and there was a large amount of cash. Definitely recommend!
Reviewer: Jim Tyrpin
5 Stars
See architectural marvels within walking distance
February 29, 2016
Although the historical cultural landmarks were right next to each other, did extensive walking on each one. The excursion was scheduled on a holiday where the Grand Bazaar was closed -- wife was disappointed about not getting the shopping experience, hubby was glad that travel weary feet could rest.
Reviewer: MediterraneanCruiser
4 Stars
Old Istanbul in a Day
July 15, 2015
We were able to see all three major structures in Istanbul in one day. There were only two of us with one guide so we have very close contact throughout the tours. This would be impossible in some of the larger groups we saw. They guide had studied in England, but grew up in Istanbul. She really knew her stuff. She also kept us aware of the customs involved when entering a Muslim or Greek Orthodox house of worship. We never felt out of place. It was a great way to see it all in a day. (Don't do this on a Friday if possible because the Blue Mosque is closed for worship for a few hours mid day).
Reviewer: Beaver Bob.
5 Stars
A trip of a life time!
July 13, 2015
We had a private tour at the price of a group price! This was my favorite trip! Our guide was very charming and knowledgable! The restaurant he took us was amazing! The food and service was the best! I will recommend this trip to anybody!it was an unforgettable experience!
Reviewer: Bill and Isabel
5 Stars
Standard Excursion
December 04, 2013
Very common excursion package. The guide was great and accommodating. I purchased from this site for its better price than cruise ships and for its small group size (12).
Reviewer: V & S
4 Stars