Spirit of Olympia and Magna Grecia Farm

Exceeded Expectations
November 21, 2023
This was a fabulous tour! Olympia was interesting. Lots of good information there. The star of the tour was Magna Grecia Farm. It was a beautiful location, the staff were well informed and so helpful. Our “light lunch” was quite substantial and very tasty, the wine was delicious and the dancing was so fun! We had an opportunity to taste many different oils and they recommended different oils for cooking vs finishing. They had a store with jewelry, pottery, etc but we spent all our shopping time in the olive oil section. We were trying to decide how much we could carry home and they said they would ship it. Well, that experience was wonderful from recommending items to purchase, letting us know that we had a lot more space/weight at the shipping cost. Our items arrived 3 weeks later, perfectly packaged, no damage. I knew from past experience that visiting a family farm that had been in the family for generations would be great but this tour exceeded my expectations.
Reviewer: Therese Hudziak
5 Stars
Perfect Day
November 12, 2023
Our guide was wonderful! We fell in love with Ancient Olympia where without her it would have been just old rocks. She was professional, informational, humorous, and just "the best". We also fully enjoyed Magna Grecia Farm and learned so much about high quality olive oil...we're hooked and learned we can order it on line for home delivery! Wonderful trip! Greece, keep doing your tablespoon of olive oil a day!
Reviewer: Sherrie Rosnick
5 Stars
Don’t miss this one!
November 07, 2023
Great trip with entertainment and lots of nice things to buy.
Reviewer: Jan porod
5 Stars
October 21, 2023
Everything was nice .The olive oil company was nice and the food provide for lunch was good.
Reviewer: Michele Talarico
4 Stars
Antonia's knowledge of Olympia was stellar
October 18, 2023
We were fortunate to have Antonia for our guide at Olympia, and she really knows her stuff! Anything we could ask her, she could answer. Very interesting tour. The tour of the olive grove was also very good, and although I still don't like olives, it was interesting to learn about the production of olive oil. I would definitely recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Karen and Dave Finley
5 Stars
WOW - Just WOW
October 17, 2023
Walking through history at the original Olympic Stadum was breathtaking for sure! We also enjoyed Magna Grecia Farm and its outstanding olive oil, wine and greek dancers! It was a truly wonderful day exploring and enjoying the Greek experience.
Reviewer: Belinda Buras
5 Stars
Spirit tor Olympia and Magna Grecia Farm
October 14, 2023
Exceeded expectations! We had the best tour woman and her shared knowledge of Olympia captured our attention. All was so interesting and although many statues destroyed, just being on the soil seeing what is left of the ruins is amazing and impactful. The Magna Grecia Farm was awesome. Greeted with wine and olive oil bread. So lovely in design and updated, beautifully laid out, authentic food and very filling. Great shopping and friendly service. Loved learning about the oils. This is our first visit to this region and personally loved it and would recommend! Enjoy!
Reviewer: Elissa Rivera
5 Stars
Great tour
October 10, 2023
Loved the winery visit
Reviewer: Cecile Plattner
5 Stars
Wonderful mesh of history and culture!
September 17, 2023
We experienced this excursion on 9/8/23 and cannot recommend it enough!! It was virtually a perfect day. Our guide was very informative at Ancient Olympia (and was good about finding shade at each stop). We had an hour of free time to explore the site or one of the museums, which was nice. We then made our way to Magna Grecia Farm, which was wonderful. It was breathtakingly beautiful and a lot of fun. The food and dancing were icing on the cake!
Reviewer: Jess
5 Stars
Great Excursion
August 09, 2023
The Farm was amazing and the food and dancing were great. The tour of the Olympic grounds was very interesting, just a bit warm. They adjusted the schedule to help with crowds which I feel was a smart move.
Reviewer: Lynn F.
5 Stars
Great Tour
July 09, 2023
My husband and I had been to Olympia on our honeymoon, but since our children had not, we decided to see it again. The tour was very interesting and our time was balanced well. We had an hour before leaving Olympia to either shop, explore the ruins more, or visit the archaeological museum. I liked have options to do see what mattered most to us. I also appreciated that our tour guide was adept at finding shady spots to talk to us during the tour. Our tour was in July and and it was very hot. We also very much enjoyed the visit to Magna Grecia Farm. While we had learned a lot about olive oil production from other excursions, this was the only one that took us to a location that both harvested the olives and manufactured the olive oil.
Reviewer: Deanna Ratz
5 Stars
Spirit of Olympia and Magna Grecia Farm
July 09, 2023
Antonia was our guide. We went to the site of the Olympics. She shared a lot of information about the Olympics back in BC. Then we went to the Magna Grecia Farm in Olympia and learned a lot about olives. We had a Greek lunch and the Greek dancers were fabulous. They even had all of us up dancing like Zorba. Well worth the money.
Reviewer: Lois Husney
5 Stars
Loved every minute
June 23, 2023
I highly recommend this tour. Our guide was amazing and explained Ancient Olympia so well I could picture what it was like back in the ancient times. The visit to Magna Grecia Farm was excellent with a really nice snack and dancing show.
Reviewer: Ann-Marie Gaudet
5 Stars
Wonderful Excursion
June 15, 2023
We had so much fun on this excursion. My husband and I and 3 sons, ages 23, 19 and 17 went. The farm was just lovely. The people who ran it and gave the tour were kind and funny. They gave us so much food and wine so come hungry. The tour of Olympia was very interesting and our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable. She was an archeologist with multiple degrees so overly qualified to give us tours. The only issue we had was the microphone on the bus didn’t work properly and she had to shout a lot when on the bus. But that didn’t stop her from speaking. All 5 of us really enjoyed this tour and would highly recommend it.
Reviewer: Jill Roh
5 Stars
Excellent Excursion
June 14, 2023
This is an excellent excursion. The guide was great providing lots of information about the island. The Olympic site was very cool and the guide had lots of interesting facts. The farm was also interesting. The owner provided a history of the farm, and who they make the oil. We were provided with a delicious lunch of local foods and wine. There was a short show with dancers and they even got some of the guests involved. We were very happy with the excursion and feel that it was great value.
Reviewer: Peter Walker
5 Stars
Feeling the Spirit of the Olympics
October 04, 2022
Antonia, our tour guide was knowledgeable, articulate, and fun. Walking around the grounds where the Olympics originated was amazing. Antonia was considerate to all the children and older guests, helping them find shade and a comfortable place to sit. The group size was just right, about 12 total. The Magna Grecia Farm was a pleasant surprise, with a fantastic lunch, and even entertainment. The best olive oils we've ever sampled.
Reviewer: Mario
5 Stars
A lovely tour
September 05, 2022
This tour was great to see some history, and then see the farm and enjoy a lovely lunch and greek dance! The lunch place was well air conditioned which was a perfect break from the heat.
Reviewer: Margaret
4 Stars
Great combination with great host and food
February 15, 2020
We had a thorough tour of the original olympic site. The farm was a special treat. Their soaps are remarkable. The food and wine was amazing.
Reviewer: John Chandler
5 Stars
Magna Grecia Farm and ancient Olympia
November 18, 2019
A great outing, despite the rain. Nice tour of the farm and olive production followed by an excellent Greek lunch and entertainment. The guided visit to Olympia was filled with explanations on the history of the Olympic games and tour of the site.
Reviewer: Gary Wilson
5 Stars
Very Fascinating and Fun
October 29, 2019
Olympia tour was marvelous. I was in awe of this historic site. Farm trip afterwards was relaxing and fun. Very well done!
Reviewer: Thomas Walsh
5 Stars
October 28, 2019
This excursion was great! The first stop was the farm, a wonderful lunch with wine, well entertained by Greek dancing and music. Off to Olympia. The guide was informative and allowed enough time for photos and explained the history very well. The museum was well worth the trip.
Reviewer: Dennis Magnusson
3 Stars
A really nice tour
September 11, 2019
A perfect combination of Ancient Greece and current times, great guide, comfortable bus, tasty lunch at the farm. I bought some Greek spices at the farm store which are so tasty.
Reviewer: Anna D.
5 Stars
good tour good time
September 02, 2019
This excursion was great!! Then we went to the Magna Grecia Farm and had a lovely lunch with wine an Greek dancing . We had so much fun!
Reviewer: sergey pavlov
5 Stars
Made the best of it
August 15, 2019
I enjoyed the tour of Olympia to the best of my ability in scorching July heat. Upon completion of the tour, we had some free time to walk around - either around Olympia, the museum, or the adjacent town. We resumed by taking a trip to the Magna Grecia Farm where we were presented with a sampler meal, souvenir shop, and dancing. Afterwards we were educated about how olive oil was made. I was slightly disappointed that we didn't learn anything about wine making and we didn't meet any of the family members (maybe one - but never introduced herself). We also weren't give any time to walk about the farm itself.
Reviewer: Michelle
3 Stars
August 02, 2019
This was our largest tour group of all our excursions. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable! When going to see the ruins it’s very hot, be prepared to do lots of walking. We were taken to an olive plantation, Fed Greek food, and saw a traditional dance. We thought it was wine tasting but were disappointed when it wasn’t. Overall experience was good though! souvenirs at this port are expensive.
Reviewer: Johanna
4 Stars
good tour good food
July 15, 2019
It was very interesting to see the layout of the Olympic "village" and to hear about how the athletes prepared for the events. Please don't climb on the ruins and don't go out the wrong exit when you leave or you may not find your coach. The trip to the farm vas also very informative and the lunch was very tasty. My wife also had fun doing the greek dance.
Reviewer: David Buote
5 Stars
Perfect Excursion!
July 11, 2019
This excursion was great! We had plenty of time after our tour of Olympia to walk around and take our photos. Then we were off the Magna Grecia Farm and had a lovely lunch with wine and authentic Greek dancing which they got everyone involved in. We had so much fun!
Reviewer: Alexis Mitchell
5 Stars
Fantastic tour
November 19, 2018
Very informative and very much enjoyed!!!
Reviewer: Thomas
5 Stars
Best Tour Ever!
November 02, 2018
The Magna Grecia Farm was fantastic! Excellent food, dancing and learning about olives! A nice balance of old and new Greece! Our guide was excellent!
Reviewer: Bev Carson
5 Stars
October 10, 2018
The whole tour was very well organized and on time. Our guide was nice and very knowledgeable.Very very satisfied !!!
Reviewer: Teressa Brown
5 Stars
Fantastic Day
September 29, 2018
We had a terrific guide. She did a great job orienting us to Greece and the area. We had plenty of time at Olympia site. The Magna Grecia Farm was one of the biggest highlights of our cruise. Great people and wonderful food and wine!
Reviewer: John Chandler
5 Stars