Blue Cave Adventure

Corfu Blue Cave
November 30, 2019
Very nice adventure. To swim in the blue cave was fantastic. Worth every penny
Reviewer: Julie Lanouette
5 Stars
Swimming in the Blue Cave
November 24, 2019
Great experience, terrific, experienced guide! The submarine caves (where our guide played the James Bond soundtrack!), the Blue Cave, snorkeling, learning about the history of the area and even the geo-political dynamics was very interesting. Well worth our time!
Reviewer: Eric
5 Stars
Beautiful Cave
November 20, 2019
We really enjoyed the excursion.There was an unexpected side trip to a tunnel where submarines were hidden during WWII. Very interesting. Really enjoyed seeing that.The Blue Cave was a fun experience.The water was warm and the blue glow of the cave water is quite unique, quite beautiful. Made for wonderful snorkeling. My only criticism is that too much time was spent at the little church Our Lady of the Rocks. Because no tour/explanation of the church is included, it could be a 20 min stop....not 45 min...though that was our only opportunity to use a restroom on the tour.
Reviewer: Margaret T.
5 Stars
Blue Cave Adventure
October 26, 2019
A fun afternoon on a nice day. Please note the word "Adventure" in the excursion title. The trip consisted of several high speed dashes in an open center-console outboard-motor boat (think wind and saltwater spray). The high speed was necessary because of the distances covered - the Blue Cave is on the Adriatic, outside Kotor Bay.
Reviewer: Robert Lawson
4 Stars
Blue Cave was a favorite
October 03, 2019
We really enjoyed this excursion. The cave and swim was such an experience. It was nice to take the boat along the shoreline. Great value for price
Reviewer: Kristi
5 Stars
Blue Cave
September 12, 2019
Excellent excursion.
Reviewer: Deborah Peoples
5 Stars
Beautiful morning in Montenegro
August 21, 2019
Easy walk to find the park where we were put into small groups for the speed boat. Our guide was very kind & informative- fun quick stop at the church (there are bathrooms there go then bc it’s your only chance) then on to the caves. My kids absolutely loved jumping off the boat and swimming around- a highlight of our trip.
Reviewer: Victoria Coffey
5 Stars
So much fun
August 11, 2019
The trip to the blue cave was wonderful. So refreshing on a hot day. Our guide, Sabo, was the best. He took great care to be sure we were safe when we swam in the water in the cave and nearby as well as when he drove the boat. He was very knowledgeable about the area and made the excursion one of the most memorable.
Reviewer: Harriet Drake
5 Stars
Great Excursion
August 08, 2019
We had a great time on our excursion. We had a nice visit to Our Lady of the Rocks, stopped in to see the submarine station and then on to the Blue Cave. It was pretty busy with lots of boats there but we enjoyed a nice refreshing swim in the gorgeous water. Our boat driver was polite and easy going. We had about 12 people on our tour total.
Reviewer: Alisha
5 Stars
Blue Cave Adventure
July 29, 2019
We needed to leave earlier in the morning, due to the Cruise ship needing to leave earlier in the day. The men at the Excursion called in the driver early so we could get on the boat and get back in time. They were super AWESOME to us.
Reviewer: Yvonne Garrison
5 Stars
Beautiful Day in Montenegro
July 13, 2019
What a lovely tour this was! It was a perfect excursion on a hot day. We not only saw the Lady of our Rocks Church and the beautiful blue water, but we also got to see a WWII submarine station. Our tour guide Luca as great and made the boat ride smooth and enjoyable!
Reviewer: Janine Nailon
4 Stars
Blue Cave Adventure
May 26, 2019
This was a great way to see some of the sites in and around Montenegro! The day of our boat trip was cloudy, drizzly, and a bit cool to be on/in the water, so our captain was very accommodating by trying to shield us as much as possible from the weather. (He even gave his jacket to a passenger who was uncomfortable!) He offered insightful information throughout the trip and competently answered our questions. The only thing that could have improved this excursion was the weather.....and that can’t be predicted or controlled!
Reviewer: Sue and Mike
5 Stars
Blue Cave Adventure
November 21, 2018
It was one of the better excursions we've taken, a lot of fun. The boat took us to a beautiful cave that we actually drove into and enjoyed and swam in the turquoise waters. It was an exiliarating experience. We stopped along the way to see the Lady of the Rock church on an island. The boat and guide were awesome, such a different experience that ranks high on our fun excursions.
Reviewer: Jan Packard
5 Stars
October 31, 2018
This was my favourite excursion on our Mediterranean cruise. I loved swimming in the large cave with beautiful blue water and great rock formations. Our group did not want to get out of the water it was so fun. The boat ride through the bays was a great way to view the pretty area.
Reviewer: Jeanne Burgess
5 Stars
Great tour
September 17, 2018
Really enjoy this excursion!!! Great speed boat ride top with a swim in the Blue Cave made this a fantastic excursion,
Reviewer: Jose
5 Stars
Good Variety/History/Swimming
July 30, 2018
Our tour guide/boat driver was very personable. He had been living in the area for 7 year, I think he said? So he had a lot of knowledge of the area and history. He made accommodations and answered all of our questions. There were some great views and the swimming was awesome. Thank you for the great experience!
Reviewer: Tim Steele
5 Stars