The Ancient Olives of Montenegro

Personal tour of Kotor and Olive Farm
November 26, 2023
We ended up as the only 2 on this excursion and the personal tour was wonderful. Our driver, Albert was wonderful. Although he apologized several times for his English, he did a great job of talking about his country and answering all of our questions. He made many stops on the way to the Olive farm with beautiful photo opportunities as well as explanations of the cities and countries we were seeing. Brianna was a delight at the olive farm. She explained the old oil making process and machines used as well as the process they still use today. Then we had a sampling of the best olive oil and olives from the farm, as well as some wine and a charcuterie board. She talked more about the country which relies on Tourism for most of their economy. Being their at the end of the season allowed us easy travel. I would highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Craig Correll
5 Stars
Very personal and informative excursion
November 09, 2023
I really liked this excursion bc we visited someone’s olive tree farm. There was lots of rich history about how her family harvested olives to make olive oil. There was an actual olive press from a long time ago and a video to show the progressive changes to now. The cheese, bread, olive IK and wine was excellent!
Reviewer: Paula Logue
5 Stars
Ancient Olives of Montenegro
October 13, 2023
This was an excellent tour. There were only six of us on the excursion so our experience was very personal. We loved seeing the olive farm and being educated and shown around by the owner. She was wonderful. The meal she provided was delicious. We enjoyed fresh cheese, ham, amazing olives, olive oil and delicious bread as well as wonderful local wine. It was such a special time. I only wish she had olive oil for sale. Highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Wendy Carlson
5 Stars
Olive Tour
October 12, 2023
What a wonderful visit to a local farm to learn about the olive oil growing and making process. The farm owner is a sweet lady with lots of charm and a free-flowing sense of humor. She greeted us with shots of a local liquor. After the tour we had a selection of cheeses, meats, and wine. Quite local and enjoyable. The drive to the farm from Kotor was scenic and provided views of the bay and Kotor that few would experience. Highly recommend it.
Reviewer: Don Groom
5 Stars
A REAL travel experience
October 10, 2023
This excursion to an actual family’s home that has been involved in making olive oil for several generations was a real joy. The size of the group was perfect (6). The guide as well as the host were easy to talk to and enthusiastic about their topic. I found this excursion to be authentic unlike other excursions booked through the cruise line.
Reviewer: Molly Kenney
5 Stars
Excellent tour
July 16, 2023
We loved this tour! It was a small group and the olive grove tour was wonderful. We loved meeting with the owner and learning about her family business. The food was great! We highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Jennifer Shermer
5 Stars
June 01, 2023
This was my favorite! Our host ( I wish I could remember her name) was so sweet and inviting. She welcomed us into her home and told us so much about the olive oil process. The light lunch she provided was heavenly!!! The olives were harvested from her farm and were the best I have ever tasted; the prosciutto was made by her and I will never taste anything like it again. It was a small group and an amazing experience. Our driver was friendly and informative; I would highly recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Charlotte Field
5 Stars
The Ancient Olives of Montenegro
December 13, 2022
This was really enjoyable to visit people where they live especially with such an excellent guide. The only downside was the time of the excersion as it was too dark to actually see the olive groves or the garden. Earlier scheduling in autumn/winter months would be better.
Reviewer: Marion Wilde
4 Stars
Wonderful experience!
August 16, 2022
My friend and I selected this tour as we wanted to see more of the country of Montenegro from real folks. Well we were pleasantly surprised by the wonderful folks who showed us their beautiful country and a beautiful Olive plantation! Jovana was so knowledgeable about the area and answered all our questions and our host at the olive farm was so gracious and generous of her time! We can’t wait to go back! Our driver was excellent and we felt safe and comfortable, he showed us some beautiful views while Jovana told us of the history! Such a wonderful experience! We highly recommend!!
Reviewer: Kim Pieters
5 Stars
Informative & enjoyable
January 08, 2020
The hosts welcomed us with a traditional spirit and/or juice. I learned a lot about how olive oil is produced and toured their property. We then sat down for some yummy cheese, meat & of course olives. I really enjoyed this excursion.
Reviewer: Jeannie Law
4 Stars
Connecting with locals
December 03, 2019
This was a fantastic excursion. Fun trip through the hills to get to destination. The hosts were welcoming and you got to see how they used to make olive oil. They served a delicious ample snack of their olives and olive oil, cheese, bread and wine. We asked many questions and the hosts spoke good English so we could communicate well. Highly recommend this tour.
5 Stars
Couldn't have been better
October 28, 2019
I was the only one to select this tour and they still put out all the welcome mats. Sanja as guide was just wonderful as we traveled to be greeted by the most charming family you could imagine. I was then treated to a variety of cheeses, meats, olives, drinks, and oils while having the most pleasant of conversations where I learned that, despite vast distances, many of the values people hold are essentially universal. Highly recommended!
Reviewer: O. T.
5 Stars
Unexpectedly Pleased
September 23, 2019
I was beyond surprised by this tour. We get on the van and we take off. We drove out of Kotor into the country. We got a real look into the areas where the residents live. The views were breathtaking. You could see the ocean and all the mountains from high up and words cannot describe how great they were. We arrive at our destination and we were welcomed by the kindest family. They were so happy to welcome us into their home and tell us the history of it, how olive is made for their community. They provided us with delicious food and wine! The interaction with the family was so special that we dare to say this was easily one of the top tours we took during our 14-day vacation. Now, we have to give a special shootout to our tour guide Sanja. She truly cared about giving us a great experience. She accompanied us the whole trip, she made sure to take breathtaking pictures of us with amazing views in the background and we learned so much about Montenegro thanks to her.
Reviewer: Eddy G
5 Stars
June 13, 2019
After a breathtakingly scenic drive up into the the hills, we arrived at a 300 year old olive grove set in a tiny village complete with stone church. We sampled limoncello, orange liqueur and cherry brandy all made from fruit in their garden. Walked around their property then had lunch, once again sll their own products. The olive pressing and processes have not changed in all the years and the family live a modern life but faithfully respecting the past. It was a memorable and most satisfying day. Would love to go back!
Reviewer: Beth Raines
5 Stars
Such an intimate and exciting tour!
October 08, 2018
What a lovely experience to have a small, intimate group (6 people) invited inside a lovely local home to learn of both the history and their current way of life. The cottage and land is beautiful! The guide was very informative on the trip up, of the history of this land. The hosts were super welcoming. Their children were dressed in old custom outfits and served us drinks and snacks. The tour was informative of the old way of pressing olive oil. The spread to try all of the local food was amazing. The host was so nice, accommodating and informative! We feel so special to have this intimate look at a different way of life. I highly recommend this tour to get away from the commercialism and get a glimpse of the past and excellent taste of the present!
Reviewer: Dawn Morgan
5 Stars