Town of Perast by Land

An Excellent Choice for Port of Kotor
June 16, 2023
This was a fun and very interesting tour to a small town and historic church built on an island. We learned the history of Montenegro and how committed the people are in protecting their natural resources. The small church also serves as a museum and is SO interesting to visit. The story of the church itself is fascinating and the artifacts could keep you there for hours. Highly recommend!
Reviewer: Pamela McCarthy
5 Stars
Incredible Tour!! One of our favs
June 02, 2023
This tour was enlightening about the history of Kotor, town of Perast but especially about the church and stories of The Lady of the Rocks! Our guide Be was fantastic!!
Reviewer: Terri Louder
5 Stars
Town of Perast by Land
November 21, 2022
This was an excellent tour. Very interesting and our tour guide was very informative. My husband left his glasses in the transport automobile and the guide caught us before we left the dock to return the glasses. That was not an easy task with all the traffic in the area. We highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Judith Shank
5 Stars
Excursion review
November 07, 2022
This was an excellent trip with a very informed guide filling us in on all the history of the surrounding building and landscape but also the history of the political climate. Very interesting and we were the only 2 on the tour so very focused.
5 Stars
Perast By Land
November 03, 2022
It was a very nice tour
Reviewer: Janet Fraser
5 Stars
Best tour on cruise
October 10, 2019
Jovanna our tour guide kept us all engaged with her knowledge of past and current history of Montenegro. We traveled to Perast in a clean/air conditioned mini van with a very safe driver. The road along the coast is a lovely drive, and Perast is a fun walkable city. We had wonderful snack and coffee in a local cafe along the water. We also visited the Lady of the Rocks church, which is well laid out and has fantastic views of the coast line. Super tour, highly recommend.
Reviewer: Docjoy
5 Stars
Town of Perast
July 28, 2019
Good tour, worth doing
Reviewer: Enid Mitchell
3 Stars
Have a ball with a small group on a busy tour
July 22, 2019
We loved this tour of Perast because it took us in a small group to a less advertised part of Montenegro that kept us in thrall. Tour group easy to find. Commentary was fair and not over the top. Learnt all we needed to know. Loved the boat trip to the island with the church. Found Perast town magical. Full of tourists but still alive and fun-filled.
Reviewer: Mike
4 Stars
Private tour with Jovanna
July 08, 2019
I felt in love with Kotor, Montenegro thanks to this tour and Jovanna, our tour guide. When we arrived at 3:00pm, Jovanna was waiting for my boyfriend and I with a sign with our names in the port. We were the only two with her, so the tour was private. Jovanna and the driver took us to Perast, is about 20 min from Kotor. I went to the Lady of the Rock, and some free time in the town. It was lovely. Jovanna was very informative, polite and helpful. I would definitely recommend this tour to everyone. Ask to be with Jovanna as tour guide.
Reviewer: Jorge Rivera
5 Stars
Town of Perast by Land Review
March 20, 2019
We enjoyed our visit to this charming village. It's quite small and compact but the trip out to the island was so interesting. I can say I wouldn't try going to the island and church on my own as there were quite a few people in line and poor signage. Our guide knew exactly where to take us to gain entrance and provided wonderful anecdotal insights about the local culture and all the fascinating "donations" lining the walls and ceilings of the church. It was a definite plus to have a local guide! The tenders were running a little behind but the guide was there waiting right at the gate.
Reviewer: Kimberly Taylor
5 Stars
The Charming Village of Perast
February 07, 2019
The town of Perast is no longer than 1 kilometre long. This tiny, quaint village is surrounded by mountainous terrain. Our informative guide walked us through the town pointing out places of interest and history. We then took a short boat ride to the Church located on a man-made named for the 'Lady of the Rocks', who protects those on the water. Over the years, this Church Church has been given many gifts from people all over the world and is full of relics, artwork and stories. After arriving back on shore, we were given some time to explore the rest of the town. My husband and I found the trip fascinating.
Reviewer: Lenore Greaves
5 Stars
Guides add value to sightseeing!
October 11, 2018
Enjoyed the tour and it was easy to find the guide even though we were a little delayed getting off the ship due to tendering. I found out later I should've asked for an earlier tender since I had a private excursion! The guide was delightful and spoke perfect English. She shared info about the village, it's history, and some great folklore but also shared personal stories about education and growing up in Montenegro. Our Lady of the Rocks was very interesting and exceeded my expectations. I was intrigued by all the donated items, the artifacts, and the stories behind them. I was glad to have a guide because a large group arrived at the same time, but she expertly guided us around the lines and made sure we didn't get lost in the crowd. The town of Perast is very small, but delightful to visit and we had just enough free time before returning to the ship.
Reviewer: Kim Taylor
5 Stars
Town of Perast
November 06, 2017
Our guide was very knowledgeable and personable. The ship arrived late due to fog from the previous night. The captain extended the stay in port. The down side was it got dark early and I think that cut the tour short.
Reviewer: Judith Hartl
4 Stars
Beautiful Country
October 31, 2017
Our guide was a young lady who lives locally. Very knowledgeable.The church was so interesting and beautiful, built by the local people with many artifacts. Our guide even got her mom's recipe for Peraska Cake for me. Kotor is a beautiful city in a beautiful country.
Reviewer: Audrey B
5 Stars
Poignant Memories Made
July 25, 2017
What a beautiful experience. Our guide Biljana made this tour come alive.  What a beautiful human inside and out, and her outgoing personality and genuine sweet demeanor added to our experience.  She gave us the history with the storytelling from someone who loves her home, showing such pride. We were both enchanted by her outgoing spirit. This tour allowed us to see the sites, taste the local food, and understand why we will choose to return. Our favorite experience was the hidden gem: Our Lady of the Rocks. This charming beauty brought me to tears. While each visitor will have a different experience with something so personal, my cousin and I were able to visit very early (thanks to this shore excursion) and have a more private experience with very few people in the church. So many stories to hear. So many emotions to experience. Just perfect. So grateful for this day!
Reviewer: Krista
5 Stars
More that we expected!
July 24, 2017
We were met at the dock as promised by Andrea, our guide. She drove my friend and me to our destination, talking along the way about her country and city. A short boat ride took us to the 2 islands of the coast at Perrast, a highllight of the tour. Having our own guide was the BEST! She was fantastic! So glad we made these plans.
Reviewer: Judy Jones
5 Stars
December 13, 2016
This was a truly wonderful tour that began fairly early in the morning so that there were no crowds and it was easy to get a boat out to the ""seaman's chruch"". Our guide was excellent and very informative about the church, the town, the history and the surrounding area. We had free time to take a walk along the waterside and enjoy a refreshment in the local cafe before returning to Kotor and our ship.
Reviewer: Jane Johnson
5 Stars
December 12, 2016
Almost like a storybook. Beautiful area, highly recommend. Our Guide Andrea was Great!!!
Reviewer: Martha
5 Stars