Exclusive Ancient Ephesus, Travel Through Time

Excellent and Informative
November 28, 2022
One of the best tours my wife and I have taken in over thirty sailings. The tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and highly personal. Tour included the use of VR glasses to see what structures actually looked like in ancient times. This small group tour was greatly desirable over cruise ship large tour groups. Highly recommended this company and tour guide.
Reviewer: Jim Wall
5 Stars
Exclusive Ancient Ephesus, Travel Through Time
October 31, 2022
Tour was amazing. Our tour guide (John) was very knowledgeable and made the tour very enjoyable . The virtual reality goggles added a lot. Lunch was lovely. If it wasn't for the high pressure Turkish rug sales my rating would be excellent.
Reviewer: Tania Foreman
4 Stars
Ephesus tour
September 17, 2022
Fascinating! Going back thousands of years is mind boggling! Visited rug making factory in the afternoon. Most interesting visit I've had.
5 Stars
Exclusive Ancient Ephesus, Travel Through Time
August 30, 2022
Our tour guide, John (Can), is the best tour guide ever! I would rate this tour 10 stars if I could. John was so knowledgeable about the history of Ephesus as it was in Biblical times, and the 3-D glasses that depicted several of the ruins as they probably looked 2,000 years ago so enhanced the experience. After the tour we drove to a rug factory and enjoyed a delicious Turkish lunch and were then given a tour of the rug factory to see how these extraordinary works of art are made close up. We then got to see several of the finished rugs The rug factory also supports the women in nearby small villages who make these rugs. I can’t wait for the prug I bought to arrive, as it will serve as a treasured reminder of our wonderful visit to Turkey and making the acquaintance of John and learning about him, his family, his faith, and his country. Thank you, John, for a truly memorable and blessed experience!
Reviewer: Debbie Holt
5 Stars
Amazing Ephesus!
June 27, 2022
Our guide, John (but not spelled that way) was excellent. He gave us lots of interesting information and always found a shady place to talk to us. The glasses were amazing as we could see how buildings may have looked originally. The pace was good and the whole tour was very enjoyable.
Reviewer: Michael P Williams
5 Stars
A great view of Ephesus
June 07, 2022
We loved our tour of Ephesus. Our guide was excellent. He was very knowledgeable about the subject and was extremely personable.. This was the only company that offered three-D googles to see the sites as they were thousands of years ago.
Reviewer: Marta Hayward
5 Stars
Amazing view of past and present
December 10, 2019
Our guide (Can), pronounced John, was very knowledgeable, kind and courteous to our small group. He carefully checked we were all included as he talked. The glasses provided showed us how Ephesus looked in full colour in ancient times. It was an excellent experience in all respects.
Reviewer: Mary Bruce
5 Stars
Ancient Ephesus, travel through time.
October 24, 2019
Great tour guide. He was knowledgeable and on this tour we had the glasses to wear to show us what Ephesus would of looked liked today., not like the Olympia tour which did not provide any of the 3d glasses.
Reviewer: Eleanor Lord
5 Stars
Loved this
September 16, 2019
We enjoyed the technology used to allow us "to see" several of the sites as they would have looked in the first century. We wanted more of this!
Reviewer: Ron Crews
5 Stars
Best Ruins
July 29, 2019
This tour was amazing, including our tour guide, Can (John) who knew so much about history, the Bible, mythology, and Turkey. The ruins were the best we'd seen outside of Pompeii. The video glasses help you see what the place may have looked like. There is some walking involved, but it's all downhill. After Ephesus we went to a Turkish rug factory where we had a delicious lunch outdoors, then a demonstration of rug making and sales presentation. There was no pressure, and we would have bought one if we had that kind of money, because the quality and workmanship is outstanding. Highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Pia Thompson
5 Stars
Exclusive Ancient Ephesus, Travel through time
July 01, 2019
This was not a bad tour, although the time spent fiddling with the glasses only to see a still photo of a building could have been used seeing more of the site. I think maybe I expected something different. We did not really see the arena close up which was a disappointment. Having said that we enjoyed a wonderful lunch
4 Stars
June 29, 2019
This was a very good tour. Guide was good and was quite knowledgeable. I would recommend it.
Reviewer: Margaret McElligott
4 Stars