Exclusive Ancient Ephesus

December 20, 2023
This tour was a highlight of our trip. Our guide was amazing and we had sufficient time to explore Ephesus. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip to watch rugs being hand woven. A great day!
Reviewer: Linda goldie hugh parker
5 Stars
December 12, 2023
Had a very nice tour of Ephesus. It is a fascinating place. Afterwards we visited a carpet store with apparently 'special pricing.' Too expensive, but went to another store a block away and got a similar carpet with much better pricing.
Reviewer: walter lundin
5 Stars
Good tour and flexible guide which we liked!
December 10, 2023
We had an informative tour guide who was flexible with us to see the extra terrace home exhibit on our own at the end. We heard many tours were rushed but ours didn't feel that way.
Reviewer: Sherry J Hawkesworth
4 Stars
December 04, 2023
Fantastic excursion with an amazing guide. One of our favorite excursions booked through SEG.
Reviewer: KB
5 Stars
Great tour and the Bizar
November 29, 2023
The tour guide was very knowledgeable. The weather was perfect. What history we saw and the food was amazing.
Reviewer: Adam
5 Stars
Fantastic tour
November 23, 2023
Our guide was wonderful! It was a great tour.
Reviewer: Karen Reid
5 Stars
Amazing tour & Guide
November 20, 2023
Our tour guide Cigdem Goktas was very friendly and knowledgeable. She was a pleasure to be with, and spoke great English.
Reviewer: Cyndee Davis
5 Stars
November 07, 2023
Wonderful guide….very interesting tour
Reviewer: Nicholas Angiolillo
5 Stars
November 05, 2023
Very knowledgeable guide. Enjoyable.
Reviewer: Dave MacDonald
5 Stars
Exlcusive Ancient Ephesus
October 30, 2023
Excellent experience. Tour guide was on time and very clear and knowledgeble. Loved visit the ruins with her.
Reviewer: Carol Diem
5 Stars
October 30, 2023
Tour guide was great very knowledgeable.
Reviewer: Denise Lannon
5 Stars
October 28, 2023
Very nice excursion.
Reviewer: Marian Askegren
4 Stars
October 23, 2023
Excellent Gide.. very knowledgeable and very enthusiastic. Very pleased with the all experience.
Reviewer: Anna &Tony Malara
5 Stars
Fantastic Tour
October 23, 2023
Our guide, Can (John) was fabulous. Knew his history and kept our small group of 12 enthralled entire time. His sense of humor helped personalize the tour for us. Despite the crowds, Can was able to maneuver our group to the best vantage spots to see most of the Monuments in the ruins. The entire experience was excellent. We recommend this tour wholeheartedly. Maranda and Bill
Reviewer: William Hunter
5 Stars
October 22, 2023
The tour leader was very easy to locate and was very organized. As there were some people who were not able to move quickly, she was very in tune with their needs. The end of the tour carpet demonstration was interesting but went on for too long.Overall an excellent tour.
Reviewer: Bob
5 Stars
Super informative
October 22, 2023
The guide was absolutely amazing, extremely professional and informative. He took his time to answer every question. He was very knowledgeable in the archeology of the area
Reviewer: Dave J Boyko
5 Stars
Ephesus, Kusadasi
October 22, 2023
This one a very pleasant tour we saw more of the country side and the visit to the ancient city excellent
Reviewer: Jorge Rodriguez
5 Stars
October 21, 2023
Guide was fabulous- made the whole area come alive- my favorite out of all excursions.
Reviewer: Terri Cagala
5 Stars
October 18, 2023
This was a wonderful day with our own special guide. She was informative and easy to understand. She showed us plenty of the special places and explained how excavation is unearthing more ruins. We enjoyed the day immensely.
Reviewer: Marion Hall
5 Stars
October 17, 2023
Reviewer: Angelo D’amico
5 Stars
so good
October 17, 2023
We had a great excursion to Ancient Ephesus a few weeks ago. ASYE was a brilliant guide! She was not only knowledgeable, she was down-to-earth and personable. She sketched out the history of the area and the ancient site and tied her personal experiences into her narrative. It was so much better than just a dry recounting of history. We were part of a small group and that's why we chose Shore Excursions Group rather than booking through the ship. I can't recommend this tour highly enough, especially with Asye in the lead.
Reviewer: Ramona Jones
5 Stars
October 12, 2023
Ephesus was amazing. Tour good. So many people. Guide good. Very interesting site.
Reviewer: Ron Steckler
4 Stars
Was so impressed
October 11, 2023
We loved this tour the guide had tons of knowledge and was fun to be around. We learned a lot and saw really cool ruins. Would highly recommend
Reviewer: Deb anders
5 Stars
My favorite !
October 07, 2023
The tour guide made this even more interesting with some fun facts !
Reviewer: Teresa Holland
5 Stars
Amazing Ephesus Tour
October 01, 2023
This was such an amazing excursion. Probably one of our favorites of our entire trip. The sites are so well preserved and our tour guy was great. Wish it would have also included a visit to mother Mary’s house and then it would have been perfect!
Reviewer: Kathy Zant
5 Stars
Good tour
October 01, 2023
So much to see. Was a good tour.
Reviewer: Darlene Dierkes
4 Stars
September 29, 2023
This was an extraordinary experience. Our guide did a masterful job guiding us through Ephesus and giving us detailed history and information about this historic site. He was also very attentive to our needs on a very hot day. It’s a day we will never forget.
Reviewer: Jonathan Pollack
5 Stars
Ephesus covered
September 25, 2023
Tour was excellent. Our tour guide was extremely informative and we covered everything thoroughly as described. Would highly recommend this tour by Shore
Reviewer: Hunter
5 Stars
Ancient Ephesus and Kusadasi
September 11, 2023
This was probably our overall favorite excursion of our whole cruise. The logistics were easy and the guide was terrific! Highly recommended!
Reviewer: Bill Pridgeon
5 Stars
Great Port Day in Ancient Ephesus
August 25, 2023
We enjoyed walking through the Ancient city of Ephesus and learning the history of life in those days. It was amazing to see how silk rugs are handmade. Our guide was knowledgeable to entertaining. I would definitely recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Jana Williams
5 Stars
Ephesus tour
August 21, 2023
My favorite tour of my cruise! Our guide was fantastic and very informative and friendly.I learned a lot on this tour and would highly recommend it
Reviewer: Fran Golden
5 Stars
A fascinating tour with Ehran our fantastic guide
July 31, 2023
We were totally enthralled by Ephesus. So interesting and so amazingly preserved. Ehran was very knowledgeable, informative and wonderfully friendly. We strongly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Kelly Eckersley
5 Stars
amazing place
July 16, 2023
I had not heard of this place but was just blown away by the architecture and the history there. The guide was great and I wished I had more time to absorb everything.
Reviewer: Sandy Orr
5 Stars
GREAT tour!
July 07, 2023
Our guide was a local from Kusadasi. She was very interesting and gave us a good tour. We enjoyed it tremendously!
Reviewer: Varda Sauer
5 Stars
Amazing tour with an AMAZING guide!
July 06, 2023
We loved our tour of Ephesus! It was possibly the best tour we have ever taken. The bus was air conditioned and very comfortable for the ride there and back. Our guide, who teaches tourism classes during the academic year, was very knowledgable and provided so much information and history. She really was on top of her game! She was able to answer all questions and was authentic and genuine. The site itself was awe-inspiring and for me at least, life changing!
Reviewer: Lynda Vo
5 Stars
Excellent tour of Ancient Ephesus
July 05, 2023
We had a wonderful time in Kasudasi! It was very easy to locate the tour coordinator once we got off of the ship. He was located on the dock with a sign and was hard to miss. We boarded an air conditioned bus that took us to ancient Ephesus. Our tour guide, “Maverick”, was awesome. He obviously knew a lot about the history of Ephesus, and was so entertaining and informative. Afterwards, we went to visit a rug making company that sponsors and trains young women on carpet weaving in order to equip them with an employable skill. It was very interesting and intriguing learning about the processes. We did not feel pressured into buying a rug, but it certainly was an option. Finally, we made our way back to the port and said farewell to Maverick, before doing some quick shopping and walking back to our boat. My entire family thought it was a wonderful excursion and would do it again!
Reviewer: Kris
5 Stars
The Most Interesting and Learning Experience.
July 01, 2023
We were met by our wonderful guide at Ephesus, Begu. He was incredibly knowledgeable and made the experience interesting and fun. Highly recommend!! .
Reviewer: IWalker
5 Stars
Ancient Ephesus
June 15, 2023
Professional tour guys!
Reviewer: Yvonne
5 Stars
Great experience
June 09, 2023
We were pleasantly surprised at how well preserved these ruins are. Our guide was amazing and very knowledgeable. He also brought some humor into his explanations. We strongly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Santorini2023
5 Stars
Perfect tour and guide
June 09, 2023
Can (John) was a fantastic tour guide who gave us a thorough historical perspective of Ephesus. He made sure all in our group were together before he explained each place in the ruins. He didn't rush us but kept things moving. We learned so much about the historic area. We were cautioned about where to step and avoid stumbling. so he was very concerned about safety. At the end of the tour we we treated to a Turkish rug demonstration which was not a pressure to buy a rug, but a very informative presentation of the entire process from spinning the silk to the final process. . These rugs were true works of art many of which took years to complete.
Reviewer: James Klein
5 Stars
Phenomenal Experience
June 08, 2023
Very personable and experienced guid who claims to be in the Rick Steve’s your book of Turkey. Amazing history. Does not include the Terrace Houses, which are reserved for less people and many steps upward.
Reviewer: Terrie Winkates
5 Stars
Outstanding Ephesus Tour
May 24, 2023
Our tour to Ephesus was one of the best of our entire trip. Our guide was a high school history teacher weekdays, an Ephesus archeologist in the summers, and a tour guide on weekends year round. So knowledgeable and his teaching skills made the perfect connection from knowledge to us as participants and students. We definitely recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Gay Leonard
5 Stars
Excellent Tour!!
April 26, 2023
I would fully recommend this tour. Our tour guide was so knowledgeable and made our experience very enjoyable. We had a wonderful time and left feeling like we very knowledgeable ourselves. Great job! Apr 26 2023
Reviewer: Maureen and Garry
5 Stars
December 31, 2022
Ephesus is SO amazing. Our guide was SO knowledgeable. We learned so much and had a wonderful time!
Reviewer: Mary Peterson
5 Stars
November 11, 2022
Great guide, who had stud8ed archaeology. Great understanding of Ephusus and able to answer all questions. Nice size group, not too large, highly recomend
Reviewer: Tracy J Gorb
5 Stars
Excellent tour guide
November 11, 2022
Our tour guide was informative and engaging.
Reviewer: Andrea M Price
5 Stars
Good tour
November 05, 2022
Tour guide and tour was good. It was great to see the old civilization and explore the area.
Reviewer: DJ Mistry
4 Stars
November 04, 2022
Wonderful guided trip with a very experienced guide. It included a stop at a rug making facility which we enjoyed very much.
Reviewer: Robert Poor
5 Stars
Ephesus guided tour
November 01, 2022
Very informative
Reviewer: Larry Simpson
4 Stars
October 26, 2022
One of the highlights of our trip through Rome, Greece and Turkey. The guide we had was amazing. His knowledge not only of the area and this historic site but also of the world in general, shared with a wonderful sense of humor made this an incredible experience.
Reviewer: Janet Baker
5 Stars
Our tours on our Greek cruise
October 17, 2022
The guide to Ephesus was the best guide ever. All your tours were very special. I will not hesitate to use you again. But, all the guides were very good. The busses very nice. So, very pleased
Reviewer: Shirley Aulls
5 Stars
Exclusive Ancient Ephesus
September 18, 2022
What a treat to be the only 2 on this tour. Can (pronounced John) was an excellent guide. Can knew his history very well. His biblical understanding, mixed with his Muslim understanding brought this tour to life. It was a pleasure to hear all about the history of this amazing site. Again, the small group experience was personal, friendly, and intimate. thank you, Expedia, for presenting this tour.
Reviewer: Elizabeth Ivany
5 Stars
Turned out to be a private tour
September 10, 2022
Our guide, Celine, was excellent. Since we were the only persons on this tour it became a private tour. Excellent tour of Ephesus. We did not need the stop at the rug factory. Very informative but we were not in the market for a rug.
Reviewer: Mike
5 Stars
Family group
August 08, 2022
The tour was excellent. The tour guide knew a lot about history and had a lot of patience guiding our big family group. She stopped at points of interest and let our group walk at its own pace. I recommend this tour to people interested in history and specially in Biblical history.
Reviewer: Rosa Lewis
5 Stars
August 03, 2022
I was not sure what to expect on this excursion, but Ephesus was amazing! To see the places that you can read about in the Bible and walk on places that Paul and others walked was simply incredible.
Reviewer: Scott Kircher
5 Stars
A Must See!
July 18, 2022
The ruins at Ephesus are the best ruins / archeology I've seen anywhere, and I'm well-traveled. Our Guide was both knowledgable, affable, and hillarious! Best Guide ever. The Carpet Making and Sales presentation at the end was cool too, and was no the 'hard sell' I was expecting. Great Tour!
Reviewer: Chris
5 Stars
Fabulous Tour
July 10, 2022
We were quite indifferent about going on this tour and were BLOWN AWAY by it. Our guide (John) was fantastic. His knowledge was unbelievable which made our tour amazing. The ruins were not only intriguing but such a wonderful piece of history that we were able to share. Thank you for a great experience.
Reviewer: Karyn Petersen
5 Stars
Fantastic Guide
June 28, 2022
Our guide was wonderful, he had such great information and was animated and excited about what he was showing us. He took great care of us and made sure everyone was having a great time. Ephesus is amazing, you have to see it!
Reviewer: Kelly R
5 Stars
Very interesting tours
June 20, 2022
The guide knew the place very well and was professional. Even the visit to the carpet dealer was informative and without obligation on our part.
Reviewer: Johanne
5 Stars
One of our best excursions!!
June 12, 2022
This tour exceeded our expectations!! Our bus was very prompt and comfortable. The ancient city of Ephesus was amazing!!! A definite must see!! We loved the history here and seeing the incredible amphitheater. I’m not comfortable with bartering when purchasing souvenirs, but our tour guide gave us tips on navigating this. After touring Ephesus, we had the option to see how silk rugs were made in Kusadasi. The process was amazing as they showed how silk was spun from a cocoon, and rugs were weaved. We were told that there was no pressure to purchase a rug, but some pressure was definitely felt.
Reviewer: Joanne Gillies
5 Stars
good trip
June 02, 2022
we have a celebrity tour guide, he is famous, he speak good English, he is smart. We love his tour.
Reviewer: siu ho
5 Stars
May 31, 2022
excellent tour. very informative
Reviewer: Isobel Yates
5 Stars
The BEST tour guide
May 24, 2022
We had Can (pronounced Jon) as our tour guide today and he was the best tour guide I have ever had in my 30 years of travelling. The history came to life with his knowledge and those virtual reality glasses. When you see this tour offered you BOOK IT. It was so amazing from the Virgin Mary to watching silk being spun. The lunch was such a treat the food was so delicious and served on the lawn with a perfect breeze. Rate this trip a 12 out of 10! Thanks to the team of Can, Scotty and driver!!!
Reviewer: Barb Brunton
5 Stars
Another fabulous tour
December 28, 2019
I loved the guide. He took a genuine interests in the tourists in his group. He gave a great tour of Ephesus and an excellent synopsis of life in Turkey.
Reviewer: Bari Kahn
5 Stars
Wow! What an experience to the past.
December 11, 2019
Beautiful, a must see. A once in a lifetime experience. To walk in the steps of civilization long gone.
Reviewer: Athena Bell
5 Stars
Excellent overview of classical site
November 11, 2019
We very much enjoyed visiting Ancient Ephesus. Knowledgeable and friendly guide. Be aware that tour also visits a rug-making facility. We found it interesting to see how rugs are made; however, some might not appreciate the commercial nature of this stop.
Reviewer: John and Kathleen
5 Stars
September 20, 2019
Amazing tour.even though it was very busy and very warm. Good to hear about its history. Surprised that there is still so much that needs to be excavated. Would highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Johannes A Bosch
5 Stars
Fantastic history!
September 14, 2019
This tour was the most fabulous and informative tour as there is so much to see in Ephesus! Our tour guide was very good at explaining where we were and the history of this ancient ruin but we just wish we had more time to explore a bit on our own and take more pictures! We would highly recommend taking this tour!
Reviewer: Pat Swanson
5 Stars
Excellent Tour Guide
September 06, 2019
He is very helpful, humor and knowledgeable person. His name is John, I forgot his last name, sorry.
Reviewer: Wei Wang
5 Stars
Great guide
December 18, 2016
Our guide normally escorts a higher level of tour. He was extremely knowledgeable, suggested best spots for photos, tried to make sure we were in the shade when he was giving us extra information, and was personable. Ephesus is a must see, and he made it worth our while.
Reviewer: Sandra Doncaster
5 Stars
Ancient Ephesus
December 18, 2016
We did the afternoon tour and it was perfect. Ephesus was not crowded, our tour guide was fantastic and the weather was lovely. A wonderful way to see a magnificent place.
Reviewer: CD
5 Stars
December 18, 2016
One of the best surprises and best excursions of our 10-day cruise. The guide was very informative and personable. Turkey is one of the best kept secrets of the middle east!
Reviewer: Donald Wilt
5 Stars
Archaeologist Tour Guide!
December 17, 2016
Not knowing what to expect in Turkey given it's instability, our tour and guide exceeded expectation! His training as an archaeologist combined with his passion for sharing so much about Turkey's history and culture made our bus ride and Ephesus tour fantastic! We learned so much, our brains may have been hurting at the end of the tour, but the shop near the port our guide took us to relieved the brain pressure while we learned the intricate details of handmade beautiful silk carpets!
Reviewer: Annette
5 Stars
Extremely interesting
December 16, 2016
The trip to Ancient Ephesus was extremely interesting and fascinating. The guide was knowledgeable and professional. We had ample time to view Ephesus and take pictures. I would take the same excursion again.
Reviewer: EuroTraveller
5 Stars
Ancient Ephesus
December 12, 2016
We participated in several excursions through the Celebrity cruise ship, but none compared with the experience we had with George in Turkey! His pleasant and humorous personality combined with his vast knowledge of the country and the city of Ephesus made our experience even better than we had expected! When the day was over we felt like we were saying goodbye to an old friend. We would most definitely use Shore Excursions again.
Reviewer: Arthur and Linda Viramontes
5 Stars
December 08, 2016
Small group of 23, guide was excellent very knowledgeable, kept in the shade Asa much as possible and ahead of the throngs of people visiting. Didn't do the carpet demo but heard good reviews..
Reviewer: Rene Pichette
5 Stars
Exclusive Ancient Ephesus
December 06, 2016
Very Good Tour, John was an excellent guide. Learned a lot about not only Ephesus but Turkey overall
Reviewer: Rick
4 Stars
Exclusive Ancient Ephesus
November 18, 2016
One of the best shore tours we ever were on. Small group, great guide. Overall an awesome experience. Our guide was very knowledgeable, spoke perfect English and was able to show us the key Ephesuss sites while still avoiding the crowds.
Reviewer: Bob DuFosee
5 Stars
November 05, 2016
John, our tour guide was engaging and very helpful in understanding the Turkish culture and the history of Ephesus.
Reviewer: Nina Wynn
5 Stars
Great Tour Guide
November 04, 2016
Tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and had a quick wit. Ephesus is an amazing place! It's unfortunate that recent events will limit tourism in Turkey as it was one of my favourite tours!
Reviewer: Terri
5 Stars
November 02, 2016
Very well organised tour. Excellent tour guide. Very informative.
Reviewer: George Sim
5 Stars
September 28, 2016
An absolutely awesome tour and must say the same about the tour guide as well. He was so knowledgable and personable...and easy to understand...which was a hardship with some of the tour guids. He not only imparted a great deal of information on the excavation and city, but about Turkey as well. I would recommend this tour to all...especially with the same tour guide!
Reviewer: P.J. (Patricia) Reilly
5 Stars
Well informed and knowledgeable guide
August 26, 2016
This was a great excursion. The guide was knowledgeable and explained the sights very well. Ephesus is a wonderful historical site to visit.
Reviewer: Sumeet Chhibber
5 Stars
August 18, 2016
John was a gifted tour guide, being able to tell us about the history and geography and people of the area, but also to joke with us. An unforgettable experience.
Reviewer: Helen Templin
5 Stars
August 18, 2016
Enjoyed the tour again the heat was intense but the tour guide skirted us from shade to shade. Very knowledgeable guide. Wasted time at the carpet demo as we clearly didn't go to buy a carpet and note the guide gets a kickback from the carpet co-op. Not excessively aggressive but some unnecessary pressure which we didn't like.
Reviewer: Cheryl Sweezey
4 Stars
Had some technical issues and hard sells
August 02, 2016
Ephesus is beautiful. There was microphone issues that prevented our guide from being able to speak much during our ride to Ephesus but the bus driver fixed that by the time we were headed back to the Pier area. While we didn't know this while we signed up, the tour concludes with a stop at a silk rug store. Those at the store treated you well and we enjoyed our lesson but they are VERY aggressive with getting you to buy their product. It would have been nice to get a heads up about the hard sell but overall, it was a good tour.
Reviewer: Jeremy Scully
4 Stars
July 24, 2016
Everything was great except sales people from the carpet and jewelry place were insisting to buy their stuff making us uncomfortable
Reviewer: Paul Angel
4 Stars
Yes,worth it!
June 12, 2016
Enjoyed the knowledgeable guide, and the fact that the group is fairly small. Ir rained the day we were on this excursion,so we didn't get the full experience that we would have in good weather,but it was still amazing!
Reviewer: travelers
4 Stars
The Best Stop on our 24-day Cruise!
June 03, 2016
No words explain the awesomeness of touring Ephasis. Our tour guide was Christian and open to many questions about the current Middle East problems. Our bus took us by many sites we had no time to visit just so we had a better overview of history. It was very helpful. We ended the tour with a very wonderful silk harvesting and rug making demonstration. The dealer was very respectful of those who did not wish to buy a rug. There were horror stories back on the ship of people actually having to run away from pushy carpet sellers. Our tour guide made sure everything was perfect. There was no dining on the tour but our guide sent us to an excellent restaurant near the ship so we could experience the local fare before reboarding. A GREAT day and the most memorable of our 24-day cruise.
Reviewer: CJ
5 Stars
Walk with the ancients
June 02, 2016
The guide was very experienced and spoke excellent English. He also had a very good sense of humor and mixed all things well with his insights into ancient Ephesus. I would have liked a bit more time to view more areas and to see the terrace patio homes of the wealthy, because we walked right by them.(They're actually under a permanent canopy to protect them). It was my understanding that this might be a different tour but I think it could have been combined with the main one. Very fascinating how developed a society they were in that day, although they had lots of the same problems we do! There is much more to be excavated at Ephesus and this is a tour that could be repeated easily.
Reviewer: Bluuangel
5 Stars
Excellent trip, just the right amount of informati
June 01, 2016
The tour guide was excellent. It was pitched at just the right level and not too overwhelming
Reviewer: n/a
5 Stars
Ephesus Ruins and Rug demonstration
May 30, 2016
Truly enjoyed this and all the history we learned. The rugs were beautiful and still amazed how they're put together.
Reviewer: Deberoon
4 Stars
best tour guide ever had.
May 23, 2016
a little mixed up on pick up. after that,everything was great because the tour guide was fun, knowledge and speak perfect English.
Reviewer: Seeker
5 Stars
Best guide se ever has
May 15, 2016
N'est guide se ever had
Reviewer: Minou
5 Stars
Good tour
May 14, 2016
Tour went well. guide was very good
Reviewer: John and Carole
5 Stars
Fantastic excursion
May 12, 2016
We loved Turkey! Our group consisted of 16, and our guide, Cohn (pronounced John), was experienced and gave great historical talks. He knows Ephesus well and showed real pride in what his country is doing there. We started our tour from the upper gate and walked down, rather than doing the tour as most do from the bottom up. Seeing the theatre was a highlight, and we were given time to explore and take plenty of pictures. Back in town, we attended the carpet demonstration and found it to be wonderfully educational. The weavers' work is extraordinary! We did not feel pressured to buy, contrary to what we'd heard beforehand. Afterward, the group was free to go or stay before shopping their way back to the ship.
Reviewer: flsunpam
5 Stars
Favorite ancient site in ourMediterranean itinerar
February 29, 2016
I love visiting ancient civilization sites, rather than modern cities. The excavated ruins of Ephesus are extensive to give present day visitors a good idea/experience of how the residents lived during the era.
Reviewer: MediterraneanCruiser
5 Stars
Wonderful tour, Excellent guide
January 21, 2016
We read other reviews of this excursion before booking it and hoped that we would get the tour guide Can (John) who got good reviews from others. We didn't really expect that to happen but we did get him for our tour guide and thoroughly enjoyed the day. I mentioned the online reviews to him and he was glad to hear of the good reviews. Can was educated to be an archaeologist but, after one summer spent excavating in the hot sun, decided to be a tour guide instead and has been one for the past 20+ years. He was very knowledgeable, taught us a bit about the Turkish alphabet and how to say thank you which I used a few times. My accent or mispronunciation brought a smile to a couple of people. The tour itself was very interesting and informative. Restoration of the city of Ephesus is very well done. At the forum it was interesting to think back to when St. Paul spoke there. The acoustics are still very good. Two young women were singing a little and I was up high in the seats and they sounded as good as if they were right next to me. The tour guide had an assistant who took photos along the way. The tour guide informed us of this ahead of time and said that was one of his jobs early in his career. The photos would be for sale but totally optional. The price was very reasonable, though, and we purchased one of us in front of the Library of Celsus. The only negative about the tour is the carpet sales demonstration at the end but that seems to be unavoidable. Our guide told us that there was no obligation and, true to his word, it was very low pressure and pleasant. We were served a beverage and shown many carpets after a brief demonstration of the rug making process. I don't know how many they sell but it seemed like a lot of work to toss out the carpets while explaining them and then roll them all back up to show the next group. Apparently it works for the Turks. Most of the tours we looked at had a rug demonstration.
Reviewer: Rob
5 Stars
Excellent tour of Ancient Ephesus
December 09, 2015
Our guide (0z, not sure of spelling for his name) was excellent. He provided whisperer radio units for each of us so we could hear him very clearly. He was very professional, informative and entertaining as well as speaking excellent English. It was a very hot day when we were there and he was very aware of the heat making the tour more challenging. We only had a small group of about 12-14 which makes a tour like this much more pleasant. Clean bus, comfortable seats. Our guide was waiting as was indicated on the voucher. We were returned to the ship with plenty of time before sailing.
Reviewer: Happy retiree
5 Stars
Experiencing Ephesus is a must
November 23, 2015
We had an excellent tour guide. Helped us ""feel"" the historical significance of Ephesus.
Reviewer: Travelin' Nate
5 Stars
Great experience
November 18, 2015
Don't miss it, very amazing
Reviewer: Catherine
5 Stars
Fantastic Ephesus Guide
November 16, 2015
A Highlight of our cruise and EXCELLENT value! Our Turkish guide Can (John) was outstanding...entertaining, very knowledgeable and experienced. Perfect amount of time walking Ephesus - as compared to the over-priced and very tedious Royal/C tour (our friends'comment). We also enjoyed a wonderful ""class"" in turkish rug-making and a sampling of local ""beverages"". There was enough time alloted to walk the market/shops. Shore Excursions ROCKS!
Reviewer: Spending the kids' inheritance
5 Stars
Jon was fantastic
November 15, 2015
Jon the tourguide was the best- a lifetime resident and expert guide who knows his history like no other. Who thought Turkey was such a fascinating place!
Reviewer: Weave
5 Stars
Too good
November 12, 2015
Very good value
Reviewer: Gloria the traveler
5 Stars
Exclusive Ancien Ephesus
November 11, 2015
Lack of French-speaking guide
Reviewer: Bolabas
4 Stars
November 08, 2015
Our Tour Guide Was Fantastic. His Name was John (not american spelling). He is highly recommended by Rick Steves also. Ask for him. He was professional, informative, accomdating and simply the best.
Reviewer: The Family 60th
5 Stars
Amazing Ephesus
November 06, 2015
This is our 3rd time to Ephesus, and this seems to be the best.
Reviewer: SeaPro
5 Stars
October 27, 2015
The guide was excellent - very informative without giving out too much information. He took us to an excellent carpet shop and the whole experience left us wanting more!!
Reviewer: curlymop
5 Stars
loved the history
October 26, 2015
Loved the history and the work being done to restore the past. Breathtaking scenery
Reviewer: world explorer
4 Stars
Beyond expectation!
October 19, 2015
Our guide John was excellent. As there were only two of us we were able to be given a lot of information and avoid the crowds when possible. Very impressed.
Reviewer: Explorer
5 Stars
Another great tour
September 02, 2015
This day was another great adventure. It wasn't too long or too short. The weather was really hot, but our guide took good care to keep us in the shade as much as possible. The tour operator provided a free bottle of water that we refilled often during our visit. Again, an interesting guide that was well-versed on the history of the city and able to easily answer all our questions. We purchased this tour as part of a six-day package which made this an even better value.
Reviewer: cel
5 Stars
Excellent experience
August 29, 2015
Excellent, excellent, excellent!!!Thank you for the enjoyable excursion of Ephesus.We loved the history that the guide provided. He was very knowledgeable and interesting.Small group, well organized.Just came back home. Polecamy ta wycieczke z pelnym zaufaniem. Bylo po prostu swietnie(to the polish tuorists)
Reviewer: Iwona Kania
5 Stars
Step back in time
July 28, 2015
This tour was a thrill; Pompeii used to be my favourite historical site but it has now been surpassed by Ephesus. Having an experienced guide helps with a tour in high heat and busy with other tourists. He was very informative and also flexible in what he showed us to accommodate those with religious interests. Excellent day!
Reviewer: Jojo
5 Stars
Better than Expected
July 13, 2015
This excursion was better than I expected. The ruins were just as good as in Pompeii. Our guide was Fermi (George). He was educational and fun at the same time. The best part was the photographer that followed and took a few pictures for purchase as you boarded the bus. Only 3 euros each. Much better than on the ship. The walk wasn't too bad, even though it is a little over an hour. We didn't do the carpet demonstration.
Reviewer: Mary G
4 Stars
July 01, 2015
Tour guide personalize tour by telling of his family. Enjoyed much. I would like to have had handout but could have bought for myself from the site ... because I like most people am a visual learner.
Reviewer: retired teacher
4 Stars
Ecxellent surprise!
June 17, 2015
This was a wonderful stop. We had no idea what to expect and we were pleasantly surprised. The guide was nice, positive and very knowledgable. The ruins were amazing and there was so much to see! Very short ride from the port to the ruins. Followed by a few minutes to walk around the shops. Then into the ruins. Guide knew her way around and gave fascinating history of each site. Very informative and historical. After the ruins, a few more minutes at the shops. Then back to town for a carpet demonstration and leaisure time. I would highly recommend this excursion to anyone wanting to learn more about Ephesus.
Reviewer: Kalgiers
5 Stars
This is a step back in time
June 17, 2015
I cannot remember all of the details, but I liked walking through this special place. I need to read more after the tour to make it stick in my mind.
Reviewer: Mother of cats
4 Stars
Great Tour
June 01, 2015
The guide was not only knowledgable but also very entertaining and protective. The bus was top notch and the day was great. Quite a savings over the ship's tour.
Reviewer: Retired Miami
5 Stars
Excellent tour and guide
May 22, 2015
This tour is perfect for time lines and variety of what you get to see. Our tour guide Fehme was great. Very knowledgeable and involving. Thanks for a great experience.
Reviewer: Doug
5 Stars
May 19, 2015
Enjoyed the excursion of Ephesus with great experienced guide. The Turkish rug your at the end was interested, but we did NOT enjoy feeling trapped in the rug place while they tried selling their rugs...very uncomfortable and put us in a very awkward situation.
Reviewer: Dave
5 Stars
A revealing step back in time
February 16, 2015
I really loved the history that the guide provided. He was very knowledgeable and interesting.
Reviewer: Ms Terry
5 Stars
i would buy this product
January 15, 2015
I would have liked to visit the home of Mary.
Reviewer: none
5 Stars
Much larger and grander than I imagined.
December 05, 2014
Our guide was a trained archaeologist who actually worked in Ancient Ephesus. He was very knowledgeable and spoke very good English although it wasn't his native language.The site is located on a gently sloping hill. We started at the top and walked down less than a mile. Footing was sometimes coarse. The walk was very leisurely. Although these are ruins, very large portions of the buildings are still intact making it easy to understand how the Roman citizens lived. The guide did a very good job of explaining everyday life here.
Reviewer: Marketfog
5 Stars
Positive surprise!
November 18, 2014
Very informative and interesting.
Reviewer: Steve
5 Stars
Not a ruined tour!
November 16, 2014
Tour guide was excellent . Picked up at ship as scheduled.
Reviewer: Caz the tourer
5 Stars
Good Tour
November 16, 2014
Great tour guide who had enthusiasm for the subject.
Reviewer: Mo Better Tourist
4 Stars
Great Tour guide
November 16, 2014
We had a great tour guide, Famie. He was very informative about the history of the area and also on the best places to purchase local products. Shore excursions tours were great because the busses were not crowded for the tours.
Reviewer: Brl
5 Stars
great tour
October 24, 2014
Extremely pleasant + knowledgeable guide. Would definitely recommend this tour
Reviewer: History buff
4 Stars
Ephesus tour
October 22, 2014
Cam was a good, knowledgeable guide; the tour was interesting and the site unique, worth a one time visit. The value was enhanced because the tour was not purchased directly thru the cruise line.
Reviewer: johnnie
4 Stars
October 04, 2014
It is not every day you get to visit and explore an ancient city like Ephesus. It is amazing! Our guide was great, knew his history! Towards the end of the tour, he arranged for us to visit a Turkish carpet showroom in Kusadasi and see how the carpets are made. Yes, I bought one, how can you resist? They are beautiful!
Reviewer: Traveler Tam
4 Stars
Wonderful trip to Ephesus
September 26, 2014
It was a good experience on this trip. We learned a lot from this historical site
Reviewer: Po the gold
4 Stars
good guide/good value
September 23, 2014
One of the seven wonders of the ancient world, who wouldn't enjoy it! Outstanding guide nice transport. One tip the trip meets before you get outside the secured area. We went too far and were turned around and had a moment. They were where they should be we weren't.
Reviewer: jfv123
4 Stars
Excellent Tour
September 19, 2014
Our guide was knowledgeable and quite entertaining! Would highly recommend this Company.
Reviewer: Cathy
5 Stars
LOVED this tour!
August 13, 2014
Our guide Can (pronounced John)studied archeology- fantastic guide. Our small group of about 12 or so were treated to a FANTASTIC tour of Ephesus. (I waited too long to book and didn't get the House of the Virgin Mary- as it was already sold out) I wasn't really enthused about ""Turkey"" but once experienced- it turns out to be THE BEST PORT of the 14nt cruise! Very well organized. Take a hat and sunscreen, not much shade. Can had us up there before the masses of cruise ship folks and we were able to enjoy the area much better than being in a huge crowd.
Reviewer: Kim Globetrots
5 Stars
Good Description
August 11, 2014
The guide was very knowledgeable and added much to the experience.
Reviewer: Connie
5 Stars
Excellent tour of Ephesus, good price
July 29, 2014
The tour of Ephesus was one of the highlights of our land tours, fascinating in every respect. The guide was very knowledgeable, and was very proud of this ancient city, and its continued restoration to this very day. Don't miss this tour! The only complaint I have is with the carpet demonstration -- we had already seen one the previous day in Istanbul. This one in Kusadasi evolved into a sales job. Even the tour guide stood at the exit and suggested that we might want to purchase a rug. That's the only reason I gave this tour 4 stars instead of 5.
Reviewer: Eric
4 Stars
July 15, 2014
We loved this tour! We were in a small group, the price was great, the guide was very knowledgeable, and Ephesus was amazing! I would absolutely do this again!
Reviewer: jlc83
5 Stars
Most enjoyable tour!
July 07, 2014
Our ship was the only one in Kusadasi that June day, and nobody else had booked this tour. My wife and I were so very fortunate to get a private tour of Ephesus from our guide Emre, and Ali, our driver. Emre is from Kusadasi (originally from Izmir), and is extremely knowledgeable about the Ephesus ruins. He quickly sensed what we knew (or didn't know) about Roman history and architecture, and led us to the most interesting points of the Ephesus site. We spent much of our time in the Terrace Houses, which is an exquisite archaeological site. We expressed our reservations about the rug stop (we had been bombarded by rug hucksters at every major site in Istanbul), but Emre assured us that the experience at Bulbul Mountain Looms in Selcuk would be different. He was right. The people at Bulbul Looms were gracious, welcoming, and generous with tea and snacks. Yes, they rolled out many rugs like the Istanbul hucksters. But they really wanted us to experience the quality of their wares. I made it clear that I wasn't going to buy that day, but they answered my questions about pricing with refreshing honesty. I told them that we would definitely return to the shop if we ever want a real Turkish rug (and I meant it). Even if you aren't so lucky to get a private tour, I highly recommend this excursion. I don't think any cruise line's excursion to Ephesus could be better than this one.
Reviewer: Rob
5 Stars
Such history!!
June 26, 2014
Wonderfully friendly & educated guide..spoke excellent English and was super knowledgeable!! The ruins are amazing, hard to believe you are looking at a city that is thousands of years old..incredible! Could def pass on the tour of the carpet factor & I Did and went back to ship :)
Reviewer: LeslieC
5 Stars
June 21, 2014
Our tour guide picked us up with very clear indication of where to find us. She was absolutely fantastic. We ended up in a private tour although. Had not booked such. She was very knowledgable and personalized the tour extremely well. No complaints at all. Highlight of our entire cruise trip!
Reviewer: Beth
5 Stars
June 06, 2014
A rainy day, but a worthwhile tour. The tour guide was fun and informative. The ruins were something to see. However, even though the carpet demo was a plus, the pressure to buy was awful! Also, the vendors in town were bad at pressuring you to come into their stores. Heard one couple was actually physically forced into their store!
4 Stars
Greatest tour of Ephesus
December 27, 2013
Our guide was very knowlegeable and interesting. He went above and beyond our expetations in historical information.
Reviewer: EJ the traveler
5 Stars
Great Tour
December 15, 2013
This tour was more than we expected. We were amazed at the site and the guide was very good. I would recommend this tour to anyone who can do the walking. Quite the experience.
Reviewer: Diane
5 Stars
Must see in Esphesus
December 02, 2013
Good tour with very experienced tour guide.
Reviewer: Young retiree
4 Stars
A Turkish Delight
November 29, 2013
Excellent fluent in English guide. Even the CARPET factory was great.
Reviewer: STU
5 Stars
Incredible Ephasis
November 26, 2013
Found cruise excursion through this service. They had a very small group and excellent, knowledgeable guide!
Reviewer: Tom
5 Stars
Walking in history
November 26, 2013
It was a difficult rough walk, but with my cane, I was safe and thrilled to visit this ancient site. Our lovely local lady tour guide was marvelous. She truly loves her job and made us feel so welcome and was very knowledgeable and delightful in her presentations. Was the highlight of my visit to Turkey and Greece.
Reviewer: Cool Gram
5 Stars
An amazing tour
November 22, 2013
This was an amazing tour made so enjoyable by our guide who was incredibly knowledgeable but with a great sense of humor. A real pleasure. The size of the tour, being smaller, was very good especially when trying to walk through the crowded areas. Made for a much better experience and being able to hear the guides commentary. The ride to Ephesus was very enjoyable but Ephesus is an amazing area to see and experience. The walking is not difficult but tricky. Many true photographic opportunities.
Reviewer: Dlh
5 Stars
November 22, 2013
Guide was excellent. Made the tour fun. The tour seemed quite rushed without opportunity to take pictures. The carpet demo should be optional. We did not go anyway!
Reviewer: Linda
5 Stars
Great Guide who really accommodated us
November 16, 2013
The guide was very helpful in adjusting to my wife's mobility problems and arranged for taxi transport back to ship when we indicated we had already visited a rug shop.
Reviewer: Chuck
5 Stars
November 13, 2013
Reviewer: PATTI
5 Stars
October 25, 2013
Reviewer: NO NAME
5 Stars
October 22, 2013
5 Stars
History Not to be Missed!
October 21, 2013
A very knowledgeable guide provided a unforgettable glimpse into ancient history. His familiarity with multiple historical documents made the excursion much more valuable than just seeing sites greater than 2000 years old. We didn't stop at the rug dealer until we were back by the ship and could skip it if we wanted.
Reviewer: eelliot
5 Stars
Great tour
September 26, 2013
Great tour guide. He was very knowledgeable and helpful and fun to tour with. He had fun with the group and made the trip enjoyable for all who joined him.
Reviewer: Don't remember guide's name
5 Stars
Don't miss this tour!
September 15, 2013
Our guide was very informative and seemed to have a second sense about timing, so despite the crowds, I have some very good pictures. He gave us some very good information on Turkey in general on the bus ride there.
Reviewer: Pete
4 Stars
very educational fantastic guide
August 28, 2013
we loved it, the guide who is an archeologist, was the perfect person for this excursion. Our only complaint, is that chinese people who do not understand a world of english is a problem when the young crowd just don't listen and speaks at the same time of the guide. But other than that that was very educational.
Reviewer: mother and daughter travellers
5 Stars
August 27, 2013
Wonderful tour!! Very knowledgable guide. Very interesting
Reviewer: Gail from usa
5 Stars
Ancient excavations are real!
July 17, 2013
This was an incredible experience - Arcadian Way walk with a real city that's been excavated. Temples, theaters, and everyday living arrangements from long ago. Unfortunately, our English guide had little/no information. We got our information from the English boards posted around the site and from listening in with other English guides from other tours.
Reviewer: kp
4 Stars
Exciting Trip
July 10, 2013
Great Guider
Reviewer: SL
5 Stars
The highlight of our vacation
June 06, 2013
We hope to return, to spend more time.
Reviewer: Curious travellers
4 Stars
Exceptional Quality and Value
June 05, 2013
Our guide (Emre, I think)was exceptional: knowledgeable, humorous, sensitive to the interests and needs of the group. I rate him a 10 out of 10.
Reviewer: Cal Bear Traveler
5 Stars
Historical Ancient Ruins
May 31, 2013
Seeing and standing Where Apostle Paul preached Christianity for the first time was amazing. To walk in footsteps of ancient times was very neat.
Reviewer: Sandy
5 Stars
Knowledgible guide/good presentation
December 11, 2012
Will recommend it to friends
Reviewer: Bud
4 Stars
Above all expectations!
December 05, 2012
N/A...Tour only
Reviewer: B.J.
5 Stars
A Tour not to be missed
December 03, 2012
Our guide was the best ever--passionate about his country and his area, very knowledgeable about Ephesus, its history and structures, very interesting with lots of stories about what we were seeing. Everyone in our group was hanging on his words, as we didn't want to miss anything he had to say. This was the best tour we had on this trip. Don't miss it.
Reviewer: Betty
5 Stars
A well organised and enjoyable excursion
November 19, 2012
A professionally organised excursion with venue entry tickets provided and a very knowledgeable and entertaining guide.
Reviewer: Stef
5 Stars
Our Ephesus experience was great.
November 19, 2012
Great tour
Reviewer: Donald & Jeannine
5 Stars
November 19, 2012
Best tour we took
Reviewer: tommy
5 Stars
Ephesus brings the Bible to life
October 30, 2012
The drive to Ephesus was breathtaking. I was so impressed with the vegetation along the bus route. Stores were well priced and friendly. Ephesus was a highlight of my mediteraian cruise.
Reviewer: World Traveler
5 Stars
You must see the ruins of Ephesus!
October 18, 2012
This tour of the ancient ruins of the city of Ephesus was incredible. Our tour guide Emre was exceptional and very friendly. He made our tour both educational and fun, he was so kind to help some of our group get situated when they couldn't walk any further. He truly cared and it showed. I would recommend this wonderful tour guide to anyone, he was great. I so enjoyed our time there!
Reviewer: Cindy Lou
5 Stars
Very Interesting
October 02, 2012
This was a very interesting tour and well worth the money.
Reviewer: Nick
4 Stars
Wonderful Tour
September 19, 2012
This was a great way to tour Ephesus - having such a small group made it much easier to get away from the many large tour groups. The tour guide was very knowledgeable, the bus was comfortable and clean, and even the carpet demonstration at the end was interesting and not a hard sell.
Reviewer: Em
5 Stars
August 31, 2012
Very professional. George was a GREAT guide -- funny, knowledgeable, friendly, easy to understand. We had a great time and would definitely book another excursion through Shore Excursions
Reviewer: Mitch
5 Stars
Excellent Value, Very Informative
August 26, 2012
Very punctual and informative.
Reviewer: A. Di. P.
5 Stars
August 23, 2012
great guide
Reviewer: Laura
4 Stars
Great tour
August 23, 2012
Overall a very exciting, educational tour.
Reviewer: Bob
5 Stars
What a surprise!
August 19, 2012
Our tour guide George was very good and informative
Reviewer: D.H.
5 Stars
Loved Ephesus!
August 07, 2012
What a wonderful experience. Great guide. Buses were nice. Very hot day. The 3-4 hr length of time was just enough in the heat.
Reviewer: Shari
4 Stars
Amazing Greko/Roman city rediscovered!
July 26, 2012
Ephesus should be one of the 7 wonders of the world! I'd never heard about it before & it seems not too many people are aware of it. It has to be one of the best Greko/ROman city's ever discovered. It was abandoned when the harbour silted up & soon after buried by landslides / earthquakes & lay undisturbed for thousands of years until it was re-discovered in the late 1800's. Since then only 10% has been unearthed & it is absolutley stunning. The technology of the ancients is really amazing, they had indoor kitchens & bathrooms with running water! The western world only got that in the last few hundred years! It's really worth a look, you will be blown away. The Coach was very new & airconditioned, Our Guide (John) was fantastic! He spoke fluent English & was very Knowledgable. He told us that Turkey is not European or Arabic but is actualy part of Asia Minor. It is one of the most fertile county's in Europe & is not full of deserts & camels. It's a very modern country & is in good economic health. We really enjoyed this place. AT the end you will see an amzing hand made carpet display, well worth a look, but I would suggest you make a run for the hills at the end or you might feel pressured into buying a VERY expensive rug. Enjoy the free time shopping at the end (you will have to haggle) & then a short stroll back to the port (if you are on a cruise). This trip was well worth the money & was a lot cheaper than trips offered by our cruise line. I would highly recommend it!
Reviewer: The Aussie Travelers
5 Stars
AMAZING Ephesus!
July 12, 2012
This tour was fantastic! Our tour guide was really great and very knowledgeable. He also related well to his tour group and made us feel comfortable. It was also nice because it was a smaller tour group - about 20 people, as opposed to the HUGE tours offered by the ship. The tour was very convenient and at the end they drop you off right at the port and a huge market. Our guide was very helpful in helping us find a place for lunch and where to go shopping since we had a little free time before we had to get back on the ship. One note about Ephesus: it's HOT and there is little shade, so bring water and dress cool.
Reviewer: Aimee
5 Stars
Once in a Lifetime - Must See
July 05, 2012
Guide was helpful but to many stops at places to buy from his friends. Can be a slightly challenging walk but well worth the effort.
Reviewer: Don
4 Stars
A Great Three in One Excursion Package
June 28, 2012
The guide was a history professor and gave us so much informaiton on the history and present day facts of Turkey plus the life in Ephesus....a wonderful excursion of me and my 12 and 14 year old grandsons. The guide paced himself and us beautifully.
Reviewer: sharna
5 Stars
Fantastic experience!
June 14, 2012
Great value for the money
Reviewer: Mom and daughter
5 Stars
June 05, 2012
Breathtaking!!! Absolutely beautiful
Reviewer: Bonnie
5 Stars
Great Tour
May 30, 2012
It was exactly what we wanted and more. Very in depth and interesting.
Reviewer: SG Traveler
4 Stars