Private Sirince & Regional Tastes

Very Interesting
November 02, 2023
This tour has some interesting stops and some delicious food. I didn’t care for all of the food but there was still more than enough to eat. Sincere was interesting.
Reviewer: Ruth
4 Stars
Excellent in every respect
June 27, 2023
We were so fortunate to have a guide who knows so much about local history, archaeology, and architecture! My husband was in heaven talking to him about the area and its significance while I relaxed in the luxury minibus the company provided despite the fact that it was just my husband and me taking the tour. We felt that we got an insider tour into various parts of the village, and the restaurant they took us to was delicious, and the experience there was first class. Side note, we had bought some jewelry in one of the shops they had taken us to in a village, and the shopkeeper forgot to put one of the bracelets in the bag. Unfortunately, we didn’t figure it out until we got back on the ship. Cadence contacted the guide who went back and talked to the shopkeeper when they opened the next day. So kind!
Reviewer: Melissa Attar
5 Stars