Wine and Food Tour

Nice walk about near Rossio Sq.
May 02, 2023
Great tour guide. About 15 people on the tour. I would have preferred less than 10. We drank a sherry, port, a white wine (vinho verde), a red wine, a beer, and a ginjinha if memory serves me correctly. And had some food with each except the ginjinha. We had trouble getting back to the cruise terminal. 2 different taxi drivers refused to drive us from Rossio Square to the terminal. Not a horrific walk but time was an issue.
Reviewer: Steve Hughes
5 Stars
Lisbon Tour
May 15, 2019
Excellent guide. Easy to find the pickup point. Dinner at end of tour was almost too much to eat after the earlier drinks and snacks.Only issue was that it rained and there was some walking in the rain between stops.
Reviewer: Ronald John Dusa
5 Stars
Really enjoyed wine and food tour in Lisbon
May 22, 2018
Our tour guide, Diago, was fun as well as informative about Lisbon. We walked from restaurant to restaurant but it was never too far. Our last stop was very close to the cruise terminal which made it handy for us to be on our ship on time! We had a very diverse group and we were all old friends by the end of this tour!
Reviewer: Eileen Blewitt
5 Stars
Impossible to beat this tour
October 18, 2017
Started on time in the right place and could have gone on forever it was sooooo good! We've done dozens of wine tours: none will beat this one for VALUE! Our guide Tiago knows his city, its food and culture, and most importantly Portuguese wine. He's not just fluent in English, he's funny in English. Our group of 8 (or 10?) got more than fine food and wonderful wine, we got adventure with many laughs among the twists and turns of Lisbon. We will do this tour again!
Reviewer: Jesse
5 Stars
Great guide & tour
October 16, 2017
Our guide Sophie did an excellent job of showing us the variety of wine and tapas in Lisbon. She provided interesting background and historical information
Reviewer: Shirley Matthew
5 Stars
Excellent tour
May 19, 2017
Our guide Tiago Neiva was excellent. Very personable and friendly with lots of information and knowledge of topic and the area. Great taste tests of food and wines, that I would normally not try. The dinner was excellent with plenty of food and wine. Unfortunately we had to get back to our ship, otherwise we would have stayed longer at the dinner. Great job Tiago!
Reviewer: Ejgil Iversen
5 Stars
Wine and Food Tour
May 19, 2017
This excursion exceeded our expectation. The guy was wonderful and very knowledgeable. We got a good sample of Lisbon!
Reviewer: Diane Simpson
5 Stars
This needs to be listed as a walking tour
January 05, 2017
This was a great tour, except for the fact that nowhere was it listed as a walking tour. Anyone with problems walking up and down steep grades would have a real problem. Our tour guide was absolutely great and could not have done a better job, but he had to deal with an irate customer who arrived late and that caused the tour to run late and some of us had to leave to get back to the ship and weren't able to enjoy the dinner at the end of the tour. You also need to know ahead of time that you will need to take a cab (5 euros each way) to get to the tour from the cruise terminal.
Reviewer: Chuck Merchant
4 Stars