Windsor, Bath & Stonehenge with entry into the Roman Baths

Great Experience to Get Out of London
September 19, 2019
This is a fast paced, see it all, getting out of London tour. We have a limited amount of time in London, and this was a way to see the big sites. Know you are going to be moving about every 90 minutes, but it's a great way to see so many things. We don't tend to linger too long and we felt we had adequate time to see everything as well as visit the gift shops. The guide was amazing and so was the company. Our bus broke down, and the company had one out there quickly (think it was about 45 minutes), and we didn't miss a beat. Kudos to everyone involved. Will highly recommend this trip.
Reviewer: Karen & Michael (Texas)
5 Stars
Windsor Bath & Stonehenge
June 06, 2019
Here's a classic example of trying to fit to much into one day for those that have limited time okay just realize that you won't have much time to properly enjoy the sights. May I suggest you add another tour that offers a overnight in Bath for those that have a little more time. The guide was a older woman full of energy and funny but she to asked for a tip for herself as well as the driver poor taste in my opinion. I will not be apart of that cultural change.
Reviewer: Robert Bunyan
4 Stars
Guided tour of Windsor, Bath & Stonehenge
July 19, 2017
A complete and comprehensive tour of three of England's more popular destinations. The guide was informative and very knowledgeable. Well worth the money.
Reviewer: Bill Dildy
5 Stars