Best of Pisa

January 05, 2024
Pisa is a wonderful town the leaning tower and the basilica
Reviewer: Ramsey
5 Stars
Best of Pisa and Luca
November 03, 2023
Our shore excursion to Pisa and Luca was made especially enjoyable because Alexandro personally took us throughout the site instead of letting us roaming free and aimless. We had a wonderful Italian lunch together in the open piazza. A memorable experience.
Reviewer: James Ting
5 Stars
Beautiful Florence
September 03, 2022
Tour guide allowed us to upgrade and include Florence, best decision, the city is absolutely beautiful, Pisa was nice but Florence is fabulous . Great tour
Reviewer: Andrea
5 Stars
Fantastic time in Pisa
June 16, 2022
We loved every part of this tour. We were given about an hour and a half of free time to wonder the Square of Miracles and the Leaning Tower, on to a walking tour of the quieter parts of Pisa, and ended with your choice of local cafes for lunch. Our tour guide was very informative and engaging.
Reviewer: Eric
5 Stars