Pisa At Your Leisure

Explore Pisa
November 20, 2023
This was a great way to take in Pisa at your own pace. You will catch a bus to Pisa, then a very clear map is provided with walking paths and historical information about the landmarks. It's nice to be able to roam and see everything. The bus brought us back to the cruise port but there must have been some confusion as we seemed to go around a bit but that could have been the other passengers causing the confusion.
Reviewer: Andrea
4 Stars
August 02, 2019
Would like to have known about the walking ahead of time.
Reviewer: Leilani Palmer
4 Stars
Very good
June 09, 2019
It was excellent excursion.
5 Stars
Pisa At Your Leisure
October 24, 2018
A must see.
Reviewer: Audrey
5 Stars
October 19, 2017
One of my favorite sights! Thank you BJ's
Reviewer: Victor A Ceglie
5 Stars
really just a transfer
July 07, 2017
this excursion is really just a transfer to Pisa. We also had to buy a shuttle transfer ticket from the ship to the city to meet up with our coach. After arriving in town, there were several people with signs for different excursions, it was easy to find ours. We had to wait for the bus, but once it arrived it was an air conditioned and comfortable ride. Getting off the bus- look for the pedestrian walkway signs. It took about 15 minutes to walk to the tower. The "salesmen" are relentless here, but there is some good souvenir shopping just outside the tower. It would have been easy to arrange this transfer on the day, there were staff members selling transfers and tours at the cruise terminal, but it was nice to have it pre arranged and just hop on. don't forget to print your ticket!
Reviewer: Martha A
4 Stars
Pisa at your Leisure
June 29, 2017
The bus trip to Pisa was comfortable with interesting commentary.We had a 10 minute walk from where the bus parked to the location. We had little over two hours to take in the Leaning Tower and Cathedral, this was ample. There were lines of interesting market stalls, plus ample cafes with great food and drinks. Rest rooms were hard to find, used one at a cafe - that's ok as long as you make a purchase. All-in-all it was a wonderful day, would most certainly recommend.
Reviewer: Alan Laskey
5 Stars
Pisa Bus Transportation
June 27, 2017
Bus company was a bit hectic but actual transportation was satisfactory.
Reviewer: Paul Rice / RubyHidalgo
3 Stars
January 02, 2017
Plenty of free time to sight see and shop. The trip was very comfortable and one time.
Reviewer: Jeanne Williams
5 Stars
Pisa was awesome
December 29, 2016
The trip from Livorno tp Pisa was so delightful; they even had wi-fi on the coach! I had been to the Leaning Tower 38 years ago and it was very sweet to return.
Reviewer: Diana Knowlton
5 Stars
Good experience
May 26, 2016
Had a wonderful time
Reviewer: Pat
4 Stars