Taormina and the Blue Grotto

Taormina Blue Grotto
September 30, 2023
The perfect excursion
Reviewer: Nina Asusa-Simmons
5 Stars
Fabulous Tour!
September 17, 2023
Wonderful day with two Terrific guides, Sofia and Emanuela. During a scenic ride from Messina to Taormina, Sofia informed and amused us, speaking about the history, culture, and food of the area. Once there, Emanuela guided us to a Beautiful boat ride around the Gorgeous Naxos Bay, getting an Incredible view of Taormina (and the White Lotus Hotel) from the water. We had plenty of time for a Delicious swim in the clear blue water; such a Pleasure in the middle of the day. Sofia then toured us through the Greco Roman Theater, an Incredible archeological site with Stunning views of the mountains and sea surrounding Taormina. The tour ended with ample time to browse, shop, and snack in the charming town of Taormina. Fabulous shore excursion – organized and well-paced with Great guides and attention to detail from pick up to drop off. We Loved every minute of our day and really felt that we had experienced a taste of Sicily!
Reviewer: Aimee Levin Weiner
5 Stars
Excellent Tour and a Wonderful Day!
September 17, 2023
We experienced this excursion on 9/10/23 and had an incredible time. The ONLY downside was that our boat ride was first and there was no where to change out of our wet suits afterwards. If they could change that one thing (giving us a place to change), it would be perfect. The boat ride itself was wonderful and we had a blast swimming in the Ionian Sea. Our guide and boat driver were super friendly and informative. Taormina was charming and beautiful. We walked to the Ancient Theatre for a quick tour and then had ample free time to eat and shop before meeting back at the bus. The company was extremely organized and contacted us a couple days ahead of time with great information. Honestly, highly recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Jess
5 Stars
Taormina and the Blue Grotto
September 10, 2023
Excellent small tour, had a lovely time on a boat with only 13 tourists. We had ltos of time to swim and look at beautiful fish. We had prosecco and treats. then the trip to Taormina was beath taking. Would recommend. Bring goggle and snorkel gear if able as the fish are beautiful with very clear water.
Reviewer: Amber McDermott
5 Stars
Crystal clear water and outstanding scenery!
September 01, 2023
Driving to Taormina was absolutely beautiful and our first stop was getting on the small boat to go see the Blue Grotto. I cannot explain how blue and beautiful the water is and the same for the scenery looking back to shore from the water. We took a swim from the boat and enjoyed the crystal clear water. What a treat! We decided to forego the Greco-Roman theatre and enjoyed walking around in Taormina and browsing in the shops. Our tour guide was a very nice, humorous young lady who we thoroughly enjoyed.
Reviewer: Lawrence & Susan Edwards
5 Stars
A must do Tour
August 28, 2023
We recently took this tour when we ported at Messina and i cant say enough about this tour. The bus ride was nice and they gave us a treat to the boat and explained alot on the way. The boat tour piece was amazing and to swim in the water was magical. The tour up to Taormina was good the only complaint would be the slightly rushed feeling and the tour leader was hard to hear when walking in town. We had Sofia and Sara and they were both great. One of our best tours when in Italy.
Reviewer: paul
5 Stars
Experience a lot in 1 day
August 02, 2023
Something happened with our cruise ship docking, and we were delayed for about an hour. This really messed up the tour companies, and they were scrambling to redo groups an itineraries. Our guide was stressed. We got to Taormina and it was crowded since all of the groups were arriving at the same time. We finally got to explore, but we didn't have a lot of time because we booked the tour of the theater. You don't want to miss the theater, and we were so glad we did this part of the excursion, but it didn't leave us much time for shopping. We then went and got on the boat for the Blue Grotto tour. This was so much fun, and we loved swimming and getting to see Sicily from the water. It was nice to be away from the crowds, too. The guide took us to see part of Messina on the way back to the ship. She really was delightful and did her best during pretty chaotic circumstances. We would definitely recommend this tour, especially if the time in Taormina could be a little longer.
Reviewer: Marisa Kahley
5 Stars
July 27, 2023
Started off with about a 45 min bus ride thru the beautiful countryside. Then, up the spectacular winding road to Taormina. The town has high end shopping and restaurants. You have an option at the end of the tour to explore on your own or see the Greek theater. The theater was absolutely spectacular but it then left us no time to eat or explore. The boat ride was quite an adventure. Splashing waves and caves. We forgot our swimsuits - there is 20 min in a calm (crowded) bay to jump in and swim. A cookie and a glass of bubbly was included.
Reviewer: Jolene Walters
5 Stars
Boat Tour /blue grotto
July 26, 2023
Amazing ! Lots of fun !
Reviewer: Deb Yanisko
5 Stars
Taormina and the Blue Grottos
July 24, 2023
We enjoyed this excursion very much. Taormina is a beautiful city with fabulous places to eat, shop, and take memorable photos. We were taken by bus to the shore where about 10 of us got onto a medium sized boat and went along the coast side seeing all of the beautiful beaches, hotels and expensive yachts. We went to a few grottos, which were beautiful and my daughter was able to swim in the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean.
Reviewer: Tiffany Rumell
5 Stars
July 23, 2023
Just the perfect excursion. They provided the perfect amount of time for each segment of the excursion, we’re very organized and knowledgeable. This is a must do!
Reviewer: Lisa
5 Stars
July 09, 2023
Taormina was breathtakingly beautiful, and we took many photos to keep our memories fresh! Our tour guides were wonderful and very informative. Subsequent to our tour, we had ample time for shopping, which was another nice experience, as the merchants were friendly and welcoming. The boat ride tour to the Blue Grotto was also unforgettable, as was the gorgeous scenery. The water in and around the Blue Grotto was unbelievable, as the water was so strikingly blue it appeared to be dyed or artificial. Of course, this was simply one of our environment's true mysteries and offerings. Fortunately, our tour guides were very accommodating and knowledgeable, and made for a very enjoyable excursion. Finally, our boat's captain and his assistant were safety conscious and insightful. They explained where we were and where we were going, and their friendly personalities made this an awesome experience!
Reviewer: Craig Johns
5 Stars
Taormina and grotto
June 14, 2023
Excursion was great Taormina is beautiful Host Sara was fantastic It was not blue grotto , that is in capri
Reviewer: robert buschman
5 Stars
Wonderful tour from Messina
October 27, 2022
The scenic drive from Messina to the Blue Grotto/Taormina area was lovely. The tour of the bay and visit to the Blue Grotto exceeded my expectations - beautiful views of the hilltop towns from the bay, intriguing caves and tropical fish. Had a great time walking around Taormina and getting a few souvenirs. Would do this tour again.
Reviewer: Sherry
5 Stars
Blue Grotto
October 19, 2022
Just loved this blue grotto excursion!
Reviewer: Sylvie
5 Stars
Excellent Day Trip
October 06, 2022
Had a fantastic excursion today with Andrea (driver), Andrea and Anna (Guides) and Antonio, our captain. From the clean, comfortable bus, to the amazing boat tour in the bays of Naxos and Isola Bella. The Blue Grotto was unforgettable and the swimming/snorkelling with colourful fish was a plus. The town of Taormina was lovey and great for shopping.
Reviewer: Sherry Agriesti
5 Stars
Fantastic Adventure
September 27, 2022
Loved how our guide, Sara, was so enthusiastic and engaged. You can tell that she loves what she does. The added touch of treats and bottled water were so nice. The "captain" of the boat was also kind and generous. Swimming in the blue grotto was amazing! We will be back in June 2023 and will do this excursion again!!!
Reviewer: Carrie Caron
5 Stars
Awesome Tour!
July 28, 2022
We had an amazing time with Mariarita as our guide. Highlights were being able to jump and swim into the sea near the Blue Grotto, and getting some amazing photos in Taormina. Mariarita was very helpful in explaining everything while also being cognizant of the time to get back on the ship.
Reviewer: Andrew
5 Stars
Great Experience
July 08, 2022
Very much enjoyed the ease of transfers and the beautiful views from the water. The guide and the boat captain were great! It was a very nice day!
Reviewer: Greg Phillips
5 Stars
Don’t miss this!
June 18, 2022
We LOVED our day in Taormina. Mariarita was an awesome guide and gave us lots of history about the areas as we drove yo Taormina. Once we got to Taormina, we got on a boat with Antonio who has lived there since birth. So he had lots of interesting information to share with us. We also had time to jump off the boat and swim for a while. I can’t describe how beautiful the city is from the ocean and how beautiful the blue grotto is. Then we had 2 hours by ourselves in Taormina. It is a beautiful city with beautiful churches. I can’t say enough good things about this tour! My teenagers even enjoyed it.
Reviewer: Jessica Dowling
5 Stars
Amazing day!
June 14, 2022
My family, including our 2 teens, had an amazing time on this tour!! Mariarita was an excellent guide and explained so many things as we drove to Taormina. We had yummy snacks on the bus and delicious fruit on the boat. Seeing Taormina from the water is a sight you need to see! Antonio was our boat guide and he had so much information to share with us. He was born in Taormina and hasn’t left. We found a delicious pizza place to eat at in Taormina and found a place that fills your cannoli with what you want. Mariarita gave us the tip to go someplace where the cannolis aren’t already filled. We left happy from this tour!
Reviewer: Jessica
5 Stars
Love Love Love
June 10, 2022
We really enjoyed the boat ride to see the Blue Grotto but because of the sea we were not able to go inside, never the less we really enjoyed the ride and was giving Champagne and sweet treats and loved it. Now for Taormina ... I could stay there for days, it's a must see.
Reviewer: Beth Leonardt
5 Stars
May 2022
June 10, 2022
We were disappointed that we could not enter the Blue Grotto as mother nature was not in the mood to let us in that day. The water was a bit rough. We motored around the coast and saw the outside of the Blue Grotto and some hotels. We stopped so anyone who wanted could swim. No one in our boat chose to swim as the water was a little cold but we saw people in another boat dive in. A nice touch was the champagne and almond cookies they served while we bobbed in the water. I felt we bobbed in the water a too long as some of us started to get a little queasy. We then took the tour bus up to Taormina, a beautiful little hill town. My husband and I stopped for lunch on the square and experienced a live street musician performance during lunch. We barely had time to finish lunch before we had to run for the bus to return to the ship. My suggestion would be to reduce the time in the boat (unless you actually go into the grotto) and add more time in Taormina. Otherwise the tour was great.
Reviewer: Barbara Trottier
4 Stars