Exclusive Mykonos Old and New

Good tour and information
December 10, 2023
We enjoyed Amaryllis our tour guide. She was informative. We enjoyed stopping at the Beach and the monastery but felt the tasting stop was a little too long.
Reviewer: Sherry J Hawkesworth
4 Stars
My Favorite Port
November 29, 2023
A great walking tour of the old city and the new. Post card pictures. Our guide was amazing.
Reviewer: Adam
5 Stars
Great tour and our favorite stop!
November 26, 2023
What a great way to get around and see the beautiful gems of Mykonos. This trip was great and so was the guide! Good for a smaller group to be away from the large ship tours!
Reviewer: Mia
5 Stars
November 20, 2023
Our guide was friendly and informative. The walk around the old town was excellent.
Reviewer: Janice Lucas
5 Stars
November 16, 2023
Really interesting and surprisingly authentic
Reviewer: Vera Louise Parent; Edgar Parent
4 Stars
November 07, 2023
Very good
Reviewer: Chris beck
5 Stars
Really great tour
November 07, 2023
This excursion was so better than expected and I highly recommend it! This comprehensive tour with an excellent guide first drove us to a hilltop part of the island where residents of Mykonos live. We visited an ancient, still active church then went to a restaurant for an included donut type snack and Greek coffee. After driving around for a bit more we were dropped off near the port where our guide then walked us through the meandering, narrow streets of the more touristy part of Mykonos after which the tour concluded. One could certainly walk this part of town on their own but it was very special to see more of the island and where/how the locals live. Just a note for those with mobility issues. There is considerable walking on some very steep streets with very uneven cobblestones. All guides move at a fairly rapid pace in order to show as much as possible.
Reviewer: Ellice L Lovelady
5 Stars
Great excursion on Mykonos
November 07, 2023
Perfect length cruise port shore excursion. We were met right outside the port gate & were transported around the island showing us a mix of new and old Mykonos! There are a lot of cats on this island and there are feeding stations in some areas. I wish I had brought something from breakfast to feed the ones by the beach! Loved the Little Venice area! Had a great lunch at the Meatropolitan restaurant! End point was super close to port for a quick walk back!
Reviewer: Terry Stillwell
5 Stars
November 07, 2023
Very interesting tour
Reviewer: Nicholas Angiolillo.lil
5 Stars
Recommended tour
November 05, 2023
This tour featured a comfortable, climate controlled bus, an English speaking tour guide, and everything went at a manageable pace. The tour began at our cruise port. Our tour guide was friendly. We stopped off at a cafe in Ano Mera for local loukoumades. Our tour also included a stop off at a very ornate monestary. After the bus tour, the walking tour started. It took us around town, past all sorts of small shops and local eateries. Our tour ended in front of the Sea Bus stop at the old port.
Reviewer: Audrey Hall
5 Stars
Highly Recommend
November 04, 2023
The tour guide was very good and helpful.
Reviewer: Ray and Kim
5 Stars
Rocky island with some interesting sights
November 04, 2023
We had a terrific woman as our guide, whose name I didn't write down for my notes, but she was friendly, warm, and very knowledgable about her history of the island. We went first for a tasty treat of coffee and dessert. Then across the way from the restaurant, we went to a beautiful church. Afterwards, we were taken to the beach, and we were able to spend about 15 minutes there enjoying the view and taking photos of the area. There didn't seem to be too much to see on the island, but it was a nice day and you did get to see parts of the tourist section of restaurants and shops when we were escorted back to the water taxi/boat for our return.
Reviewer: Robert Gold
4 Stars
Excellent Tour
November 03, 2023
The tour guide was knowledgeable and communicated well. She kept things moving and we had a wonderful time.
Reviewer: Roy Arbeit
5 Stars
October 30, 2023
Our tour guide was from Mykonos, and was so knowledgeable of the history and the local culture. She was personable and seemed to enjoy her job!
Reviewer: Brenda Warner
5 Stars
October 29, 2023
Lovely tour saw the both sides of Mykonos Very informative.
Reviewer: Ed and Brenda Boone
4 Stars
October 28, 2023
Lots of walking but nice trip.
Reviewer: Marian Askegren
4 Stars
October 26, 2023
Great tour . Enjoyed the escorts information especially at the old village.
Reviewer: Ed Stapley
4 Stars
October 23, 2023
Good Gide… good tour.
Reviewer: Anna & Tony Malara
4 Stars
October 22, 2023
The excursion voucher’s directions were clear. The walking tour was well guided. I would recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Jon Harvill
5 Stars
Mykonos old and new
October 20, 2023
Our tour guide was very nice and very informative. She took us for some local dessert and drinks. It was delicious. It was a fun excursion.
Reviewer: Diana Ordonez
5 Stars
Oh the views!!!
October 17, 2023
We were absolutely mesmerized as soon as we stepped off our tender! What a magnificent city and the crisp white and blue colors were breathtaking for sure! We so enjoyed the sights and loved eating at one of the restaurants in "Little Venice" (Katerina's). We would highly recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: Belinda Buras
5 Stars
so good!
October 17, 2023
We had a wonderful excursion on Mykonos a few weeks ago. Our guide, Roxanna, was very knowledgeable and made the beautiful island even more beautiful. I was fascinated by her talk about the irreconcilable difference between the Eastern Orthodox Church and Catholicism. It was incredibly crowded when we were there but Roxanna navigated it adroitly and after the tour gave us excellent advice for where to go and what to do before returning to our ship. Highly recommended!
Reviewer: Ramona Jones
5 Stars
Great excursion and guide!
October 14, 2023
Amazing and very informative excursion. Guide was excellent. Great way to experience the entire island of Mykonos.
Reviewer: Todd Jones
5 Stars
Beautiful waters
October 09, 2023
Tour was perfect time and saw many places with a special treat of Greek donuts and Greek coffee. Definitely would recomment.
Reviewer: Risa Rosenthal
5 Stars
Referred some great food !
October 07, 2023
This tour was fun but the tour guide being from there gave us some great information on how to enjoy our free time also !
Reviewer: Teresa Holland
5 Stars
October 02, 2023
Nicely handled walk-around. Friendly guide.
Reviewer: Mark H Mirkin
4 Stars
Great experience in Mykonos
October 01, 2023
We had the best guide of all our excursions here in Mykonos. Her name was Amaryllis. She was licensed and exceptional. She gave us so much information. We got to taste Greek donuts and tea. Saw a beautiful monastery and of course the town and windmills. She spoke excellent English so we could understand everything she was telling us unlike some of our other experiences. Loved this island and our excursion experience!
Reviewer: Kathy Zant
5 Stars
Outstanding tour
October 01, 2023
Full of rich history and interesting facts.
Reviewer: Darlene Dierkes
5 Stars
September 29, 2023
Amaryllis, our tour guide was phenomenal. She spoke eloquently about her home island and made the entire day a delight. We found Mykonos to be beautiful and charming. The food was also superior and the town shopping was charming. This was one of our favorite stops on our entire trip.
Reviewer: Jonathan Pollack
5 Stars
Knowledgeable guide
September 28, 2023
We had an excellent guide actually a native to the island. She did a great job informing us, allowing just enough free time and surprised us with a treat at a local restaurant. Very enjoyable tour.
Reviewer: Maria Shamburger
5 Stars
Mykonos Old and New
September 28, 2023
This tour was fabulous, in every way! I would highly recommend!
Reviewer: Dolly BLACKWOOD
5 Stars
Mykonos was the highlight of Greece stops
September 26, 2023
Mykonos was a breath of fresh air after the ordeal of Santorini. Tour guide was excellent and highly recommend this relaxing tour through the town.
Reviewer: Mario Perciballi
5 Stars
September 22, 2023
Mykonos was just as I remembered it, beautiful, breathtaking views, so white and clean. Our guide was excellent, explaining the history of the city and it's people.
Reviewer: Valerie
5 Stars
A great tour if you want to see a few parts of the
August 29, 2023
This tour was well organized. We went to a monastery and the tour guide was informative along the way. We stopped for a nice typical Greek. We briefly went to a beach and then through the town where we spotted some sites that we would be able to return to when we had free time We went to all of the iconic spots that are in Mykonos. We went to the windmills and walked along the beautiful shops and restaurants near Little Venice. We had time to eat and consider going to the beach because the tour ended near the site where you could easily walk to a very popular beach. This is an excellent excursion for someone who is visiting for one day
Reviewer: Caroline V Gary
5 Stars
Mykonos tour
August 21, 2023
Very interesting and very enjoyable
Reviewer: Fran Golden
5 Stars
Perfect Day!
August 17, 2023
Our tour was great. We were picked up right at the dock and joined 2 other ships passengers. It was no more than about 20 people compared to the ship's 50 person bus. We toured the island and sampled a few coffees. The pace of the tour was great with bus and walking to old town.
Reviewer: Sean Gouge
5 Stars
Amazing Tour of Beautiful Mykonos!
August 05, 2023
Our tour guide was very knowledgeable, professional and provided a very memorable tour of beautiful Mykonos. Highly recommend!
Reviewer: Tracy
5 Stars
Mykonos is a must see
July 20, 2023
This was probably our favorite stop on the Italy/Greece Cruise. The bus picked us up at the ship and drove us around to different portions of the island. We made a brief stop at a beach, a small town, visited a Monastery and then went to Mikonos. Our tour guide then took us on a walking tour of the Mikonos. We visited a number of different sites, including the windmills. The final stop was in the port area, where our tour guide gave us boat tickets to return to our ships. We were then left to stroll and eat in Mikonos for a few hours. Even with 4 cruise ships in port that day, it was a nice way to see Mykonos.
Reviewer: Christopher Nevill
5 Stars
Mykonos tour
July 11, 2023
Tour began with a bit of chaos as people were unsure of the procedure for checking in. There were at least three buses for this tour. Our guide was knowledgeable and personable. Enjoyed learning about the island. It was a great day!
Reviewer: Reva Capellari
5 Stars
Great variety, knowledge, and timing
July 08, 2023
This was a great excursion. Checking in with the company was a bit hectic because it was so crowded. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and taught us a lot about the island. We enjoyed that the excursion was part bus transportation and part walking tour. We saw small villages, churches, look out points, historical points, and the shopping area. Best of all we it was well timed and we never felt rushed. Teens and adults alike enjoyed it.
Reviewer: Rachel Seifer
5 Stars
Excellent sampling of the island!
July 03, 2023
Our guide did an excellent job of taking us through Mykonos, an island that she has known and loved since she was 6-years-old. She provided great insight and context as we navigated the beaches, towns, and the monastery. My wife and 10-year-old daughter also thoroughly enjoyed their time. Highly recommend this one!
Reviewer: Ian
5 Stars
Fun and informative
June 30, 2023
So glad we had these fine folks taking care of us.
5 Stars
Excellent History lesson with tour
June 27, 2023
Layla was our tour guide on Mykonos Old and New. She spent the time to educate us on the Greek Orthodox Church history and the island of Mykonos. Highly recommend her.
Reviewer: Bendel Rushing
5 Stars
Worth it!
June 25, 2023
It’s a great place like santorini. We did alot of walking and still enough free time after. Our tour guide was excellent! Highly recommended!
Reviewer: Peachie Martin
5 Stars
Beautiful city, lots of history.
June 16, 2023
Beautiful, clean city. The windmills were fabulous.
Reviewer: Carol L Martin
4 Stars
Loved this Tour
June 10, 2023
Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and informative on the entire tour. Our visit to the monastery and stop for Greek donuts and frappe was a nice addition. The trip into town was very good and we were able to stay and shop and have lunch and take the Sea Bus back to the ship.
Reviewer: Cathy Chapman
5 Stars
Great tour
June 09, 2023
It was a crazy day as 7 ships docked but our tour director did a fabulous job making the tour meaningful and fun. Even recommended a great place for an early dinner
Reviewer: Terrie Winkates
5 Stars
Enjoy the Greek Islands
June 08, 2023
There are so many things to see in the Greek Islands. Villages have been inhabited in this region for millenia and they exude this cultural heritage. You seem to breathe in the history. The beaches alone are worth staying at to look out into the Mediterranean. The day could be spent here, but don't miss the villages of Ano Mera and Chora. Another highlight of the visit is the Christian church in Chora, with elaborate gilded carvings inside and bas-relief stone carvings outside.
Reviewer: Steve McInnis
5 Stars
Great Introduction to Mykonos
May 01, 2023
This is an excellent introduction to the beautiful island of Mykonos. We enjoyed the highlights of the islands and the stop for the sweets sampler. Our guide was very knowledgeable and friendly.
Reviewer: Phil N
5 Stars
Mykonos- Monastery, Beaches, and Windmills!
April 02, 2023
Once ported in Mykonos, we met our SEG guide who took us to dip our toes at Kalifatis Beach, providing his knowledge of the history & importance of this isle along the way. Heading next to Ano Mera in the central part, we toured the beautiful Monastery of Panagia Tourliani, the only Catholic Church on isle, and took a refreshing snack break. We continued back to Mykonos with a walking tour of the harbor, and its sites, shops, and restaurants. Given the wide range of our group’s ages, our patient guide took us through the winding pedestrian-only streets to visit historical sites like the Church of Panagia Paraportiani & the Mykonos Windmills. This harbor town was packed with shops galore, mostly accessible on foot! So much to explore but, fortunately, our guide left us with suggestions to finish our day before heading back to our ship. This tour had lots of walking mostly moderate given the occasional uneven pathways! Definitely, a nice introduction to this lovely popular isle!
Reviewer: Jim Flores
5 Stars
Exclusive Mykonos old and new
December 15, 2022
Although I was worried we were going to like Mykonos, our guide was so informative. Feel in love with Mykonos. We have a daughter with special needs that walks a little slower and our guide was awesome so we could keep up. Would definitely go back.
Reviewer: Jeanette Ouellette
5 Stars
Mykonos Old & New
November 04, 2022
Our Tour guide Liela was amazing. She was great, personable and funny to tell us history and beaches along the way. Totally had a great time with her. She is amazing! Mykonos is lovely, beautiful town to visit for sure. I'm still dreaming about this place and the food & views was amazing!!! Thank you for the lovely memories!
Reviewer: Ruby M Aquino
5 Stars
Worth it!
October 28, 2022
Great guide, lots of interesting things to see.
Reviewer: Kip
5 Stars
Exclusive Mykonos Old and New
October 25, 2022
This Tour was both interesting and enjoyable, thanks to our Tour guide Maria, who was patiently waiting for us as we got out of the tender. We were told about the history of the area and were able to tour a Museum. We were guided through the narrow streets with buildings that have been standing for over five hundred years, but were well preserved. I loved the architecture. We sampled some Greek fare as well. The tour of Mykonos was my favourite of the Greek places that l visited. Maria clearly enjoys her job. She made the trip worth it.
Reviewer: Theresa Yorke Metzger
4 Stars
Excellent Guide
October 20, 2022
We were fortunate to have good weather andcenjoyed the tour
Reviewer: Gail Palko
5 Stars
Beautiful Mykonos
October 19, 2022
We found Mykonos to be an absolutely beautiful oceanside village. The houses, the colors, the foods, the history was all beautiful. I could not stop taking pictures. We visited the windmills too and enjoyed seeing the donkeys
Reviewer: Lisa Scimeca
4 Stars
October 16, 2022
Our tour guide was very informative and friendly. We all had a great time and learned a lot of new information.
Reviewer: Ralph Williams
5 Stars
October 14, 2022
Our tour guide for this adventure was amazing. She knew the history of Mykonos and was captivating in her explanations of all the sights we were seeing. Would highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Kiima
5 Stars
Great mix of old and new parts of Mykonos
October 03, 2022
The guide said we were his largest group yet! But he did give us a great tour despite the challenge.
Reviewer: Jill
4 Stars
Mykonos old and new
September 28, 2022
Very well paced and informative
Reviewer: Hezzel Jacobsen
5 Stars
Great Excursion
September 23, 2022
Guide was extremely knowledgeable and pleasant! Tour was well organized and very enjoyable!!!
Reviewer: Debby Richmond
5 Stars
Best way to see the old and new Mykonos
September 10, 2022
An amazing tour with lots of stops to enjoy homemade coffee and pastry, we got to see and learn various historical places, our tour guide was so lovely, smart and friendly--she really made our day in Mykonos amazing.
Reviewer: Michelle Kennedy
5 Stars
Exclusive Mykonos Old and New
August 30, 2022
Our group ended up being very small—just my husband and myself and one other couple. I really appreciated that the tour wasn’t cancelled due to the small number. Our guide was excellent, a native of Mykonos who still lives on the island, and she was so knowledgeable about the island’s history and lore. I was not very familiar with Mykonos; I learned so much about this beautiful island. One thing I really appreciated was how our guide gave us so much insight into how the Mykonians have always adapted to the often harsh environment and growing conditions of the island and how they built their towns and streets to offer the best protection they could to the towns’ inhabitants, especially when most of the men were away at sea, and how they built windmills to take advantage of the strong winds to grind grain into flour. It was fascinating! We also enjoyed the small shops and cafes, and the delicious food. Loved this beautiful Aegean gem!
Reviewer: Debbie Holt
5 Stars
Great Tour!
June 28, 2022
The tour is great, and Mykonos is so beautiful. Some wonderful spots we saw and all in good time. The only thing I will say is if you are offered your ferry ticket take it, even if you are staying with the group, then you have more flexibility to leave when you want and maybe have lunch on the water near the wind mills! AMAZING!
Reviewer: Kelly Reid
4 Stars
Marvelous Mykonos
June 27, 2022
It was so good to see more of the island than the port. We had a guide that was sensitive to the pace of the group and shared interesting information about the island. It was a great tour & we would highly recommend it!
Reviewer: Michael P Williams
5 Stars
June 22, 2022
Great guide great stops, mykonos was gorgeous.
Reviewer: ivan cadigan
5 Stars
Review of Mykonos Tour
June 21, 2022
We had a thorough and enjoyable tour of Mykonos. Our guide was excellent. She knew her history and provided interesting information throughout the tour. We (son and I) were very happy we had booked this tour.
Reviewer: Janice Crum
5 Stars
May 27, 2022
The representative was very informative and the whole excursions was interesting.
Reviewer: Malcolm Fisher
4 Stars
Great experience
November 14, 2019
Perfect blend of interesting information and key sites if you don't have a lot of time. I really appreciated our tour guides knowledge and experience.
Reviewer: David M Gibson
5 Stars
Mykonos Visit
November 12, 2019
Enjoyable tour. Not a fan of bus tour, but guide was Knowledgeable and personable.
Reviewer: Lance and Candy E Gidcumb
4 Stars
Enjoyed every minute!
November 05, 2019
The tour was really wonderful. The size of the group was about 25 people. We could easily hear our guide who was well informed. After the tour ended, we spent time shopping in the narrow streets and we ate in a non-touristy restaurant recommended by our tour guide...excellent!
Reviewer: Debbie
5 Stars
October 24, 2019
lovely town. great time walking around, time on own also
Reviewer: pamela r fallo
5 Stars
October 21, 2019
Very good and knowledgeable guide.
Reviewer: Sherry Waters
5 Stars
Excellent tour
October 14, 2019
Excellent tour and the guide was very knowledgeable.
Reviewer: Sheila Colledge
5 Stars
October 10, 2019
This was a delightful tour. The old part was everything I had imagined as Greece. The tour guide was exceptional in her knowledge. Would do it again.
Reviewer: Lynne
5 Stars
October 05, 2019
Very good, thoroughly enjoyed the tour
Reviewer: Beverley Arnold
5 Stars
September 17, 2019
We were met promptly at our directed meeting point and enjoyed a full day of sight seeing. Our guide was friendly and knowledgeable. We enjoyed the beach, windmills, and tour of old and new Myskonos. This was our first experience with Shore Excursions and they met all our expectations.
Reviewer: JEAN
5 Stars
September 15, 2019
This was a very interesting tour of a beautiful island even tho there were throngs of people walking on very narrow winding steep streets! Lovely to see this whole island and all the restaurants on the waterfront!
Reviewer: Pat Swanson
5 Stars
September 09, 2019
Enjoyed this tour very much
Reviewer: Norman Corbin
4 Stars
Mykanos Old and New
August 29, 2019
A wonderful tour with a passionate and very informative local as our tour guide. Well worthwhile.
Reviewer: Rick Nolan
5 Stars
Very cute town
August 17, 2019
Our guide was excellent. She was very informative and entertaining. It was easy to stay engaged. She first took us in the old town before it was crowded. Which was great because we can take better pictures that way. We got to see the old windmills too. Then we had a nice surprise and went into an outdoor theater and had a treat. Which was very relaxing and peaceful. Then we took a bus tour to the other side of the island to dip our toes in the Aegianic Sea. Very nice tour, one of the best. Also the bus had plenty of air conditioning.
Reviewer: Michele R Burgess
5 Stars
August 11, 2019
Great tour guide...all groups with shore excursions, in my experience, had @ 20 people...very knowledgeable with detailed explanations of island...., really enjoyed this tour... ,
Reviewer: Gene
5 Stars
July 29, 2019
Our tour guide had much information to share. Knew her way around very well! We saw more than I ever expected.
Reviewer: Diane M Pierce
5 Stars
Fantastic Tour
July 15, 2019
Our tour guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. This tour allowed us to see many of the island's beautiful sites without feeling rushed. Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Tina Rios
5 Stars
Loved everything about this tour!
July 08, 2019
Great tour! Fast moving but got to see all of the main sites in Mykonos. The tour guide was really good and easy to understand. It was hot, and she made sure to have us under that shade and not in direct sun. Our guide was really versed on all of the history of Mykonos and was very pleasant to be around. Would definitely recommend for families.
Reviewer: S. Ngim
5 Stars
Exclusive Mykonos Old and New
July 01, 2019
This was not a great tour. Felt that the guide just wanted to get the tour over with. He would walk ahead and then ask if we were all there I would assume that was his job to know how many were in his group. Just not really worth the momey
3 Stars
June 30, 2019
Excellent..don't change anything!
Reviewer: ROBERT d volpe
5 Stars
Mykonos, a beautiful island
June 24, 2019
Booking a tour off the cruise ship affords you the opportunity to travel optimally in a small group. We travelled from small town to beach to tourist center old Mykonos. Our guide helped us to navigate the back streets of old Mykonos to be able to see all the Mykonos highlights as well as deal with the crowds. The tour provided an overall experience of life on the island.
Reviewer: Kristine
5 Stars
Review of Mykonos Excursion
June 22, 2019
Mykonos itself was fascinating. I think our tour guide was very knowledgeable and organized our tour successfully. I would do this again!
Reviewer: Ned Narang
4 Stars
Good way to see the island
June 21, 2019
Got to see much of the island in just a few hours. Excellent tour guide.
Reviewer: Frank A Prince
5 Stars
harriett swope
June 20, 2019
the city of Mykonos is beautiful and our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and fun.
Reviewer: harriett swope
5 Stars
A great day!
June 19, 2019
We met on the pier and were broken into groups of 25 each. Our tour guide really knew the area and the locals working, and did a great job showing us around. I would highly recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Joan Jung
5 Stars
June 18, 2019
Our tour guide Ana was very knowledgeable about the history of Mykonos. We toured a 15th century Greek Monastery in Ana Mera, had typical fried Greek pastry and ice coffee. The toured stopped at a beach before heading to Little Venice in old Mykonos. Overall the tour was good.
Reviewer: Patricia Saiya
4 Stars
Great day in Mykonos
June 17, 2019
A really great tour. Our guide was a wealth of information. We had sufficient free time at each stop to wander and see all there was to offer
Reviewer: Carole
5 Stars
Mykonos Old and New
June 15, 2019
First of all Mykonos is amazingly beautiful... our tour guide was punctual and waiting for us as we get off our transfer. She was knowledgeable about the history of the places we went to, patiently waiting for us as we took pictures and made sure we were all together as she explains the history of each site. I will definitely use Shore excursions again. Thank you
Reviewer: Nadira Senwasane
5 Stars
Needed for a first visit
May 26, 2019
Great excursion for a first time visit... otherwise you can do the island on your own and enjoy more time shopping or swimming. We still got enough time though to sit down by the water and enjoy a long fresh seafood diner.The tour guide was knowledgeable and welcoming. We felt touring with a friend. Very professional and down to earth.
5 Stars
Great Adventure
February 16, 2019
Enjoyed our visit.
Reviewer: William L and Paige C Horn
5 Stars
December 07, 2018
It ended being one of our best islands to visit on our Cruise Journey and it was in part because of the excursion. The guide was excellent in interacting with the people and very well organized.
Reviewer: Natasha
5 Stars
Lovely day in Mykonos
November 14, 2018
This popular destination is filled with narrow streets designed to confuse pirates. Our tour included wondering through some of the these back streets lined with great shops. Tour guide was pleasant and offered lots of history of Mykonos. Worth our time.
Reviewer: Judy Brauchy
4 Stars
Great tour
October 20, 2018
Our guide, Athena, was wonderful. It was fun to tour the small museum, walk the town, and taste the coffe and orange pie! The drive to the monastery gave you a feel of the island the inside the church was beautiful! There was a run across the island the day we visited which was fun but kept us from shopping as much as we’d like. A lot of walking but not too strenuous.
Reviewer: Deborah
5 Stars
Windy and Wonderful
October 08, 2018
Mykonos is enchanting! This tour is a sampling of the island...beach, village life, history, harbor town and more. Our local guide was engaging, hospitable and a delight. For this tour, hold your hat, and a dress is not recommended for this windy island. Be sure to eat with the locals at Captains near Little Venice before you leave. We tried several items on the menu...all of it was amazing.
Reviewer: HKL
5 Stars
Excellent Excursion
October 06, 2018
This was my first excursion with this company. I was not disappointed. The Guide was excellent and knowledgeable. I felt the excursion was thorough and I saw every aspect of the island. It probably was my favorite excursion of my trip.
Reviewer: Denise A Ross
5 Stars
Excellent guide
October 03, 2018
Had a very good guide. We walked through the whole town. We got stuck in unexpected traffic but the guide made sure we got back to the ship in time.
Reviewer: Robin Scott
5 Stars
Exquisite Beaches and shopping galore!
September 04, 2018
Mykonos was one of my favorite ports. Tour guide was great and showed us all the highlights of this Greek island. Lots of churches and great souvenir shopping. The stop for coffee and dessert was a treat!
Reviewer: Rhonda
5 Stars
Excellent tour
August 20, 2018
They picked us up from the ship and we went to Oia, and took us to the most beautiful views. We visited churches, ate real Backlava and was able to spend time in town shopping. There is alot of walking so wear comfortable shoes, and if you go in the summertime drink lots of water it is hot. But the tour is wonderful and I would recommend it again
Reviewer: Larinda Brown
5 Stars
Magical Mykonos
August 20, 2018
Our tour guide was great! She provided lots of details about the area. I must go back to Mykonos for a longer stay.
Reviewer: Arrienne Hudnall
5 Stars
Beautiful Views
August 20, 2018
We were on this tour on a day that was extremely hot and humid so it detracted from the tour itself. There was quite a bit of walking in getting to and going thru old town. Our guide was very informative and we learned a lot about the area. The later drive thru the country side was beautiful. We recommend this tour and hope you have nicer weather to enjoy it.
Reviewer: Mel & Sherry
4 Stars
Worth It
August 06, 2018
This was a little bit more than your typical bus tour. There was a good amount of walking through town and a museum. Tour guide was pleasant and thorough. Worth it.
Reviewer: Timothy Steele
5 Stars
Mykonos old and new
July 30, 2018
We boarded a motor coach which took us to Ano Mera church and had some complimentary cold Greek coffee and loukoumades at a little cafe. Then we stopped at a beach for 20 minutes on our way to new Mykonos town. In Mykonos our guide walked us through the streets and explained some sites. We went into a tiny nautical museum which also helped cool us off and get out of the sun. We then had some time to ourselves where we had lunch and shopped for a bit before boarding our water bus back to our ship.
Reviewer: Joanne
4 Stars
Mikonos Old and New
July 23, 2018
Good tour, knowledgeable and professional guide
5 Stars
Great island overview
May 27, 2018
Bus modern and included water, tour guide friendly and knowledgeable! Groups smaller than cruise groups. Stops included scenic kalafati beach, Monostery tour and bonus frappe and dessert stop plus bottle water in Ano Mera (yummy) Then a walking tour of old port area where you walk to windmills. After you could shop or eat on your own (uzzo stop for us across water from windmills in old captains house). Then take free bus shuttle back to ship. Each bus shuttle has ships name in the window. Safe clean worth it!
Reviewer: marti
5 Stars
Fabulous tour
May 27, 2018
Mykonos is a wonderful small island and with each stop, we loved it more. Our guide was one of the best we had during our 3-week trip through Europe. She was knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive to all of our group members. She recommended Captain's for lunch and it was outstanding!
Reviewer: Earl
5 Stars
Excellent Tour with lots of variety and info
May 07, 2018
I really liked the variety that came with this tour as we ranged from cultural and historical pieces to newer information about current Greeks who live on the island and its economy. While the visit to the beach was a bit quick, the drive did give us the chance to see (and hear) more about the entire island. There were also about 4 other buses at this stop so it was a bit crowded. A stop for local snacks in a nearby cafe was a nice break before walking around and learning more. The windmills were a must, but it was the trip there that was equally great because of the little nooks and info tidbits that were shared around every corner of the walk. Excellent tour all the way around!
Reviewer: Pat H
5 Stars
Great Tour Guide
December 11, 2017
Very informative and knowledgeable on the history of the island. Plenty of time for local eating and visiting shops. Highly recommend Shore Excursions for getting to know the islands.
Reviewer: Sylvia Villarreal
5 Stars
Great Experience
December 02, 2017
Our guide was very experienced and knowledgeable . She lead us through Mykonos at a nice pace, ensuring we had time at each stop on the walking tour. After that it was onto the bus for Ano Mera Monastery and Town Square and finally a relaxing stop at the Kalafatis beach. So glad we booked it and highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: mhartmann
5 Stars
Excellent tour
December 01, 2017
I have nothing negative to say about this tour. It was a smaller group, the guide was fantastic and spoke very well of the history of Mykonos and even added a touch of humor from time to time. The time spent at all the points of interest was sufficient as was free time at the end of the tour. Getting back to the ship on time was not an issue in any way. There was plenty of time for everything. I highly recommend this tour for a first timer to Mykonos.
Reviewer: Barry Dennington
5 Stars
Great Tour!!
November 28, 2017
This was a great tour! Informative tour guide, interesting sites, easy walking. I highly recommend this tour!
5 Stars
Magical Mykonos
November 09, 2017
Having been to Mykonos several years ago and just walking around on our own, my travel companions decided to book a shore excursion this time. What a great idea that turned out to be! Our guide was very friendly and knowledgeable and our group was small so we had no trouble hearing her. The “Old and New” tour included seeing just about every part of this beautiful island. We were able to get away from the crowded areas, which was also quite nice. The pace was excellent for young and old.
Reviewer: Jan Menefee
5 Stars
the best tour
November 09, 2017
I loved the mykonos old and new tour. It was educational and historic.we had ample time to spend on our own and a coffee break. Would do it again.
Reviewer: Foster Paul
5 Stars
Excellent Tour Guide for an excellent tour
November 01, 2017
Very informative tour. We were able to learn and see a lot of Mykonos in a very short time. Our guide was very well informed and was very willing to share about her island. She was easy to understand, very approachable when we had questions and very patient with the group. I would definitely recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Janice Mumpower
5 Stars
A favorite destination
October 31, 2017
Mykonos is by far my favor Greek Island. Small, not crowded, Our guide was so knowledgeable. the monastery and the tiny cafe where we were given a traditional Mykonos treat and coffee was definitely a highlight. The honey from Mykonos has a wonderful flavor. Small groups are the best and I want to go back.
Reviewer: Audrey B
5 Stars
Enjoyed Mykonos but it was windy and chilly
October 31, 2017
Enjoyed this tour. However, it was a windy and chilly day. Our tour guide was good and she loves Mykonos.
Reviewer: Anna
4 Stars
Mykonos tour
October 26, 2017
Reviewer: Jean-Roch Thiffault
5 Stars
October 18, 2017
This tour was a 10 on a scale of 1-10. The guide was prompt, respectful, knowledgable and fun! Fantastic tour!!
Reviewer: Karen Pace
5 Stars
Fast and furious
September 28, 2017
The guide put a lot of work into her whole tour and showed us a lot of local color. Mykonos was a town that looked just like I expected Greece to look. The guide moved really fast it was difficult to keep up and to view the sights along the way
Reviewer: James Eldridge
4 Stars
September 27, 2017
Excellent guide excellent tour
Reviewer: Barbara Ann Harkleroad
5 Stars
Mykonos Tour
September 18, 2017
I loved the tour of Mykonos. Our guide was awesome. I do wish I could remember her name. She was very knowledgeable and she took her time and explained every sight. Although our time was limited, I didn't feel rushed. I would visit Mykonos again.
Reviewer: Alice
5 Stars
Nice tour
September 14, 2017
We had a guided walking tour around the town right next to the cruise dock. We spent the morning walking with a break for free ice coffee and cake. Loved that ice coffee. We docked a tour bus and headed out of town. We stopped at a beach for a walk, and we then were driven to an small and old church, which was very old and extremely ornate, very nice.
Reviewer: Wiki
4 Stars
September 13, 2017
Reviewer: Warren Frederick
5 Stars
July 29, 2017
Very interesting - guide was well-informed and shared his enthusiasm! Need to come back and really explore!
Reviewer: Pauline Cooper
5 Stars
Mykonos adventure
July 22, 2017
This Mykonos tour was great! It showed historical sights as well as a lot of the island scenery, the classic windmills, "little Venice", a little time on a beach, a beautiful monastery, with sill plenty of time to explore and shop afterwards. Our tour guide, Anthony, did a great job!! Especially considering there were some people in our group that didn't listen to his instructions and wanted to do their own thing, which was very inconsiderate to the rest of the tour group. But he handled the situation great and we still got to see everything.
Reviewer: Callen Farr
5 Stars
Well guided tour
July 10, 2017
Lots of history really neat tour with great guide.
Reviewer: Ron & Donna O'Genski
5 Stars
Excellent tour and tour guide
July 01, 2017
I wish I could remember our tour guide's name but he was very good and very knowledgeable. The tour was very informative. Great locations along the way. We really enjoyed the stop for the honey fritters and iced coffee. Plenty of great scenery for photos.
Reviewer: Gary
5 Stars
GREAT tour guide MADE this a GREAT tour!
June 26, 2017
Our tour guide (Amaryllis) grew up in Mykonos and was able to share things only a local would. Also, her lovely disposition, knowledge and small size made this our favorite excursion!
Reviewer: Carol
5 Stars
Fabulous tour. knowledgeably done
June 14, 2017
Nani Pantelogou was our guide and she was wonderful -in her command of English, breadth of knowledge and her concern for her group. We got a feeling for Mykonos and enjoyed ourselves!
Reviewer: ElizabethZ
5 Stars
Mykonos Old and New
May 22, 2017
This was a fantastic tour by a very knowledgeable, educated woman named Ariadni Voulgaris, who also has a great sense of humor. She is a native of Mykonos and shared with us the history of the island, toured us through the intricate passageways of the port city and took us in a van all over the island. All 8 of us traveling together thought it was excellent. I highly recommend this one.
Reviewer: Tom Dolan
5 Stars
Greece highlight
May 12, 2017
We had a perfect excursion and would recommend this to anyone wanting a true taste of this beautiful island. Our guide, Antonis, was a wealth of information and history, and the visit to the oldest bakery was a lovely touch. All in all everyone was extremely pleased with the tour.
Reviewer: Donald & Barbara Anderson
5 Stars
December 31, 2016
Great guide.
Reviewer: Aspol
5 Stars
Mykonos Old and New
December 28, 2016
Tour guide was on time, very caring and did a good job at keeping the group together. She gave us lots of interesting cultural information. Enjoyed the stop at the folkloric museum.
Reviewer: My Van-Dinh
5 Stars
Enthusiastic knowledgeable guide...
December 26, 2016
...took us on a fun tour. Saw the sights, met a lot of wonderful people. Plenty of one to explore the port.
Reviewer: Rell Woodward
5 Stars
White all over
December 20, 2016
Our guide is a local teacher and new all the history. The bus ride was fine, stopping by all the sites. The museum/house was very interesting. Wear walking shoes in case you decide to walk down the steps and not take the cable car. The island is beautiful and you have plenty of browsing time within the tour.
Reviewer: Louis
5 Stars
Excellent tour
December 19, 2016
You have to love the English speaking with German accent guide. She was sweet, attentive and very friendly ... made all the difference. She took her time on explaining and showing, and made a very successful surprise stop (to a local museum not included in the original tour) that delighted everyone. Her name ... Oh I feel so ashamed I can't remember (but she grew up in Germany!)
Reviewer: Olivia Kosakoff
5 Stars
December 15, 2016
The guide was very knowledgeable and provided an opportunity to see what was there to be seen.
Reviewer: Bill Molloy
4 Stars
Mykonos excellent
December 13, 2016
Our guide lived on the island and taught at a school. The island was beautiful and seeing the windmills, museum, church and all the ""white"" houses made us enjoy all the history very much.
Reviewer: Louis Suarez
5 Stars
December 09, 2016
Merrilee was an excellent tour guide, very interesting to learn about the history of the island. We would have gotten lost in town without her leading the group. I don't think we could have found the windmills without her. While walking through Little Venice we happened upon the famous island pelican. Tour included a light, local snack at one of the cafes. It was delicious.
Reviewer: Greece Cruise
5 Stars
Exclusive Mykonos Old and New
December 08, 2016
Excellent guide and walking tour. Saw all of Mykonos. Well worth the money
Reviewer: Pat
5 Stars
Exclusive Mykonos Old and New
December 06, 2016
Very good tour of some key places in Mykonos. Perhaps a little too much time spent in the little house museum
Reviewer: Rick
4 Stars
December 06, 2016
This was my favorite part of our trip. Beautiful island Very knowledgeable tour guide. She was outstanding. One issue the guide should be aware of. She gave us tickets for the shuttle boat back to the cruise ship. She set up everything perfectly. But when we got on the boat the boat driver said we didn't have the correct ticket and asked for more money. He did this to two or three people. He was playing on our urgency that we we wouldn't make our connection because it was our last option to get back to the ship. I don't want this to reflect on our guide because she was magnificent. This guy was a first class jerk and she should know about it.
Reviewer: Alan Thomas
5 Stars
Beautiful Mykonos
November 27, 2016
What can I say about how incredibly beautiful Mykonos was. We got to see some of the hidden gems on this tour that made it so special. Our tour guide was so great, very passionate and knowledgeable about Greece. Highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Pauline Zarlenga
5 Stars
November 16, 2016
Great value for price. Guide easy to find on shore. Efficient and enthusiastic! Variety of things to do and see.
Reviewer: Theresa Kelly
5 Stars
Mykonos Old and New
November 01, 2016
Great excursion. Very knowledgable guide who shared a lot of history and local information.
Reviewer: Jan Wallace
5 Stars
November 01, 2016
Loved this part of the trip. The tour was excellent.
Reviewer: Anonymous
5 Stars
October 07, 2016
Excellent, knowledgeable.
Reviewer: Louise Hedley
5 Stars
Loved Mykonos
October 07, 2016
We loved Mykonos. It was a very special place and this tour really made it better. When you are in a crise and have limited time, this is the way to see an area. The tour guide was excellent and showed us all the highlights.
Reviewer: Susan Summers
5 Stars
A great time
August 24, 2016
We really enjoyed our time in Mykonos. It was a nice balance of free time and guided tour.
Reviewer: Lauren Butler
4 Stars
August 08, 2016
Very nice. Lady was very nice also The stop for a drink and pastry was thoughtful.
Reviewer: Kathleen Eppler
5 Stars
July 24, 2016
It was nice place to visit but very similar to Santorini. I suggest to chsnge this island for something else.
Reviewer: Paul Angel
4 Stars
June 11, 2016
Loved it, guide was very knowledgeable and showed us as much as possible and educated us with the history of Mykonos.
Reviewer: Nita
5 Stars
Small Group Tour a MUST!
June 03, 2016
Mykonos is so very beautiful and the food divine! Because we were in a small group we were able to visit a small local museum that the larger ship tours missed. The narrow streets and history lessons made our small group tour so very personal. Shore Excursions is highly recommended if you want to really EXPERIENCE Mykonos in the short time allowed from the cruise ship. We also visited a small Greek Orthodox church. As it was the week following Easter, the Holy of Holies was open. It was a privelege I will never forget. Excellent, excellent tour guide and experience!
Reviewer: CJ
5 Stars
Relaxing, beautiful and fun!
June 03, 2016
Great guide, great bus and driver, and a beautiful island. Shore Excursions is the ONLY company that has true explanations and advertising for it's excursions ~ well done!
Reviewer: Doug & Nina
5 Stars
Great way to see & experience the island!
May 30, 2016
Nice combination of walking & Bus tour of Old Mykonos town, including historical facts & landmarks, maritime home/museum visit & nice citrus dessert +beverage after walking. Bus is new, ample space & clean windows & comfortable ride with two stops at major sites.
Reviewer: Jon in Fla.
4 Stars
We enjoyed this excursion.
May 28, 2016
Was very scenic and gorgeous view of water.
Reviewer: Deberoon
4 Stars
My favorite Greek port of call
February 29, 2016
Beautiful all white houses and buildings, quaint shops and restaurants by the beach with very blue waters.
Reviewer: MediterraneanCruiser
5 Stars
Very nice tour
December 10, 2015
Very nice tour that give the oportunity to know the cultural, history, religion and local customs with visits to historical and tourist sites. The tour guide was excellent with full knowledge.
Reviewer: Roberto
5 Stars
Island village life
November 26, 2015
The island is small but the guide was wonderful. He certainly knew the history and special stories about the people and places which he shared with us. There was an included visit to a restaurant where we enjoyed Greek coffee and dessert samples. Delicious! A tour of an orthodox church was included with theological explanation of the practices and traditions. This was achieved with respect for the space and the beliefs. What a treasure this guide is.
Reviewer: Canadian
5 Stars
Loved Lovely Mykonos Excursion
November 23, 2015
Mykonos can really be explored on your own, however I enjoyed getting the inside story, facts and historical information from the Guide.
Reviewer: Travelin' Nate
5 Stars
Exclusive Mykonos old and new
November 11, 2015
Lack of French-speaking guide
Reviewer: Bolabas
4 Stars
Interesting Mykonos
November 06, 2015
The island was beautiful and unique.
Reviewer: SeaPro
4 Stars
October 27, 2015
Our ship could not dock at Mykonos because of bad weather. The excursion insurance paid up for the cost of the trip that I could not take. Get their insurance!
Reviewer: Jan
5 Stars
Great time, small group
September 09, 2015
Best excursion on our ten day cruise
Reviewer: Jim
5 Stars
Lovely day
September 02, 2015
This was a really nice day to relax a bit. The tour guide expertly showed us around the area right on script, but we weren't tired out by the end of our day. We really enjoyed the local snacks we were served - with free wi-fi available - and enjoyed a more relaxing tour than working our way about Roman ruins. This was a good day to have after a couple really full days earlier in the cruise. Having purchased this as part of a six-port package, it made it an even better value. Plus, we had time after the tour to spend enjoying the local area around the port on our own.
Reviewer: cel
5 Stars
Compact tour contained the best of Mykonos
August 22, 2015
For the short time we were on the island our guide took us on a wonderful journey of the history of Mykonos. His knowledge was outstanding.
Reviewer: Greg
5 Stars
Turning Mykonos
August 08, 2015
Very nice guide
Reviewer: Woody
5 Stars
Wonderful Day!
July 10, 2015
Everything was very well organised, from the pickup at the cruise terminal through to the end. The Guide was friendly and very informative and very lovely lady. As always the tour could have been longer, but obviously it need to fit in with the cruise itinerary.
Reviewer: Nicola
5 Stars
Comprehensive itinerary
December 02, 2014
Good coverage of the island
Reviewer: Linda
4 Stars
Sicily & the Greek ilses
October 20, 2014
To let you know how we enjoyed our tours
Reviewer: Jim
5 Stars
Spectacular island and city tour
July 29, 2014
Excellent tour of the island, with stops at one of the beautiful beaches and a famous monastery/church, plus a walking tour of downtown Mykonos through the winding white-washed streets. Constantine was an excellent guide, well educated and articulate, who was personable and attentive. This tour was an excellent value.
Reviewer: Eric
5 Stars
Very Good
July 13, 2014
All round a good look at Mykonos
Reviewer: ArboricTraveller
4 Stars
June 06, 2014
We LOVED Mykonos! This island was much like Santorini with it's white washed buldings and cobblestone walkways with great little shops and cafes, but at sea level. The weather started out bad but it opened up to a beautiful, but windy day. Great tour of the island and enough time in town as we took a taxi back to port. Love it!
5 Stars
Exclusive Mykonos Old and New
October 22, 2013
It was a wonderful excursion.
Reviewer: just me
4 Stars
Neat Way to see the Island
October 21, 2013
We had an excellent guide that complemented a tour that showed the Island and how life was lived in the past and is lived today. There is lots to see and you cannot do it without some sort of tour and this one was as good or better than any of the others that we talked to other guests about.
Reviewer: eelliot
5 Stars