Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast Combo Tour

Pompeii Amalfi Tour review
June 18, 2023
This review is going to be a very easy one in that it was excellent in every respect. The Amalfi coast traffic of course it’s something that’s less desirable but it is what it is. The driver was excellent navigating this down there and the stops that we had were wonderful. This is a part of Italy that we’d like to spend a lot more time than just a one day tour.
Reviewer: Steve S Smith
5 Stars
Wonderful Excursion
June 17, 2023
Our guide was very friendly and explained things well. We loved the town of Amalfi, where we had time to walk around and then met for lunch. The restaurant was on the water and the food was very good. Pompeii was very interesting and our guide there was very knowledgeable. We did not realize how large it was. Definitely glad we got to see it. This was one of our favourite excursions!
Reviewer: Doris Slipiec
5 Stars
Amazing tour
June 17, 2023
This was a great tour. The Amalfi coast was beautiful. I wish we would have had more time in Pompeii. Two hours was not enough time. The bus driver was wonderful, navigating all the hairpin curves.
Reviewer: Denise Bolduc
5 Stars
Exciting Tour
December 11, 2022
It was a long but enjoyable day! Driving along the Amalfi Coast was gorgeous and our visit to Pompeii was very interesting. Great guide too!
Reviewer: Sharon Hileman
5 Stars
10/10/22 Tour
November 01, 2022
The drive to Amalfi was breathtaking but very winding and curving. Do not recommend for those with motion sickness. Pompeii part of the tour was exceptional and our guide was very informative bring to life the life in Pompeii. We highly recommend for any one.
Reviewer: Daniel Chu
5 Stars
Fun tour of Amalfi.
October 21, 2022
Can thoroughly recommend this tour. Our tour guide was fun and bubbly. The driver was very skilled (terrible roads and traffic ), and entertained us with som great Italian singing. Beautiful views and adequate stops. A terrific day.
Reviewer: Heather Lavelle
5 Stars
Amalfi Coast bus ride
September 17, 2022
Scariest ride through the mountains I've ever been on! Thrilling. Would do it again! Pompeii. Second visit after 30+ years. Same o. Same o.
4 Stars
Great tour!
July 18, 2022
Highly recommend this excursion. You get to see the almafi coast and travel in an air conditioned van. Then you go to Pompeii which is a must see. It is a long tour but no worries, they get you back to the ship on time.
Reviewer: Lisa Amundson
4 Stars
Good Tour
December 31, 2019
Our pick-up was on time but a lot of time was wasted picking people up from various hotels. Sara, the guide, was knowledgeable and friendly, with good English. Pompeii ruins worth the extra 13 EUR, with special guide. Long tour but worthwhile, and great way to see the Amalfi coast.
Reviewer: Paula
4 Stars
October 21, 2019
Amazing excursion with so many beautiful sights. The bus drive alone was exciting and our driver expertly navigated some very difficult twists and turns! Our guide was very friendly and helped make our day memorable. Pompeii was so much more than what I was expecting!
Reviewer: Judy Parks
5 Stars
Great day on the Amalfi Coast
October 17, 2019
Excellent tour and much less than the cruise ship or trip advisor. This was my daughters favorite day after spending 2 weeks in Italy, France, and Spain. Very well planned out... Had a nice lunch, spent time in Amalfi and finished up in Pompeii. Great tour! Thank you!! Karen A
Reviewer: KarenA
5 Stars
Good tour
October 02, 2019
very good tour guide and patient.
Reviewer: Lisa
5 Stars
Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast
September 25, 2019
An excellent tour along this amazing coast. A very good bus driver manouvering the bus along the narrow Cliffside roads. Great stops with time to look around and A beautiful lunch in the vine covered CAFE above the sapphire Mediteran sea. Great guide, very knowledgeable. Pompeii was amazing to visit and walk around. I Recommend this tour most highly,
Reviewer: Hazel Ingram
5 Stars
Gotta see this
September 20, 2019
Although I found Pompeii to be great even in the heat the Amalfi coast was a highlight for us ove the six weeks we were on vacation. The ride to and from the coast is one of the most thrilling, spectacular and amazing coast lines I have ever been on. If you go, sit on the right side of the bus facing forward. You will get the best view and experience..
Reviewer: Johannes A Bosch
5 Stars
Pompeii and the Amalfi coast combo tour
September 04, 2019
The Amalfi coast is a must, the scenery is breathtaking. A meal was included and the restaurant location was lovely, the meal was good. we stopped off at a lemon factory/shop and had time for souvenier shopping, then a 20 mind stay near the beach. We then drove to Pompeii, which was a was ok but rushed and was hoping to see artifact's etc but there are none. The weather was extremely hot and the coach parked a fair distance from the entrance, plus there was no time to pick up any souveniers. Apart from that the trip was good.
Reviewer: Margaret Fairney
4 Stars
Amalfi Coast tour with Pompeii
August 29, 2019
This was a fabulous tour packed full with lots of sightseeing. We had a wonderful time and the scenery was just gorgeous. I have two suggestions - We would have loved more shopping time in the towns and second, I would have preferred to see the other part of Pompeii with more of the bodies in ash or Herculaneum.
Reviewer: Fern Rouleau
5 Stars
Amalfi Coast tour with Pompeii
August 29, 2019
This was a fabulous tour packed full with lots of sightseeing. We had a wonderful time and the scenery was just gorgeous. I have two suggestions - We would have loved more shopping time in the towns and second, I would have preferred to see the other part of Pompeii with more of the bodies in ash or Herculaneum. Our tour guide was wonderful and the tour driver was unbelieveable on those wicked curved roads. His 9 hour driving trip earned a big tip from us.
Reviewer: Fern Rouleau
5 Stars
Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast Combo Tour
August 28, 2019
One of my favorite excursions!!! I wasn’t sure about going with excursions outside NCL but so glad I did! There were other people from NCL so I was relieved. I definitely recommend it!
Reviewer: Lorna Guerrero
5 Stars
Amalfi coast
August 17, 2019
Was a breath taking excursion. Marco was super. He gave us information about every where we went. The lunch was delicious
Reviewer: Ellenjane Aversano
5 Stars
Amalfi Coast and Pompeii
August 10, 2019
The tour was a nice balance of sightseeing and free time. It gave us the opportunity to taste the Amalfi Coast. The group size was not too big, so it didn't seem like we were being herded. The Pompeii tour guide was excellent; he had a deep appreciation for the history of Italy. Overall, the tour was a great experience.
Reviewer: Rick Ricci
5 Stars
Long Day but worth it!
August 10, 2019
Martina our guide was excellent, her English was solid and provided plenty of information. What she lacked in personality she made up for in professionalism.Gianni our driver was amazing! Tight, twisting turns put me in mind of the Road to Hana in Maui. The lunch was excellent. Remember that both sparkling and still water are served so pay attention to the subtle difference. Pompeii was easily the highlight, such a sobering and interesting place. Could easily spend days here. I am giving it 5 stars as the following may have more to do with the port and not the tour itself. The morning is a bit chaotic at the port. It was easy to find our guide but could have been more organized. There was a long line returning to the ship causing a lengthy wait and not sure if it was the ship, port authority or simply every tour returning at the same time causing the log jam. Overall if you are thinking about it, do it, you will not regret it for a single moment.
Reviewer: Steve James
5 Stars
Tour guide Marco is great!
July 16, 2019
Fantastic view along the coast! Tour guide Marco is knowledgeable on the area and full of energy. Best excursion of entire cruise trip.
Reviewer: Chang-Jian He
5 Stars
A must do
July 03, 2019
This was an awesome tour - best one of our cruise Guide was very knowledgeable and fun I would recommend to all
Reviewer: DM
5 Stars
Mixed emotions
June 09, 2019
Our bus malfunctioned on the way down from the Amalfi coast. The potential accident was avoided only because of the great driver's skills on the busy, narrow and winding road. This made us to conclude that would have been better off vising the breathtaking Amalfi coast from the water, rather than land. Pompeii is mind-blowing.
4 Stars
My favorite tour of our cruise!
June 04, 2019
We had a great experience on this tour with Marco and Nancy, our overall tour guide and our historical tour guide at Pompeii. I have never seen such beautiful and interesting places, and it was great to learn the history and culture behind them. They were both extremely friendly and knowledgeable. While I would have loved to spend more time at each place, this was a great way to see them in the day that we had at the Naples port. Highly recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Amanda Klein
5 Stars
Pompeii terrific, would skip Amalfi coast
June 01, 2019
Pompeii was after a long drive on the coast, but really saved the day. Our guide was so knowledgeable and helpful. There was so much to see and explain. I felt we got a real feeling for the city. Wish I had only done the Pompeii tour. The Amalfi Coast is very long and quite winding and sitting in the back of a van was not comfortable. While the views were beautiful, we were seeing them as we sped around curves. Our guide was not very informative. Lunch was okay, but wished Guide had sat with the group. Limonada stop a waste of time.
Reviewer: Barb Singer
3 Stars
Pompeii & Amalfi Coast
May 30, 2019
Great trip - very informative. Long day but worth it
Reviewer: Sue & Colin Peterson
5 Stars
Best Excursion of the trip
February 20, 2019
Having cruised for many years, the Amalfi/Pompeii trip was one of the best of all time. Although a long day, the sights were amazing and the host was wonderful. I would highly recommend.
Reviewer: Joe Kozak
5 Stars
What a View!
November 09, 2018
This, was by far, the best excursion of our cruise. Our guide, Marco, was knowledgeable, friendly and entertaining. I wholeheartedly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: George Howard
5 Stars
Amalfi Coast and Pomeii
November 09, 2018
This tour was the best tour of our cruise. The scenery, the history and the absolute serenity will blow your mind. But on top of all that, we got the best tour guide in the world on this tour. Marco made our trip, his knowledge, his personality and of course he is easy on the eyes!! I highly recommend not passing up this beautiful day, it defined Italy for me.
Reviewer: Judy Lagana
5 Stars
Can't wait to go back
October 26, 2018
This was one of the best tours of our honeymoon! The Amalfi Coast was breathtaking and we had many opportunities to take plenty of pictures. We went to a Lemoncello factory and to a charming restaurant right on the coast that served a traditional Italian meal for lunch. Our bus driver was a true professional! He navigated the narrow streets with ease. Our visit to Pompeii was incredible. The guide there did a great job despite the time constraints. He was very knowledgeable and everyone was able to get many great pictures of the ruins. My wife and I can't wait to return to Italy and especially to the Amalfi Coast.
Reviewer: Jason Billops
5 Stars
Great tour
September 27, 2018
This was my favorite tour! Although I wish we would have had more time in Amalfi. The drive to the Amalfi coast was beautiful. Our tour guide Marco, was great. He was knowledgeable and provided us with good overviews and fun facts of the the places we drove by. Pompeii is also a must see. Lunch was delicious.
Reviewer: Dolores
5 Stars
Very long day!
September 17, 2018
Started late!!! It was a very long day but understandably so, because of the distance and the narrow, two lane, mountain roads. Had to rush through Pompeii and could not always keep up with our guide. We had audio but it was not very good.
Reviewer: Sonia Dale
4 Stars
Nothing like the Amafi Coast!
September 04, 2018
This was my favorite port of all! There’s nothing as beautiful as the Amafi Coast. It was absolutely amazing and breathtaking! We enjoyed the Lemon Cello Factory and tasting. The lunch with views was incredible. The shopping stop was great. Pompeii was beyond spectacular and this stop far exceeded pour expectations.
Reviewer: Rhonda
5 Stars
Fantastic Naples Excursion 6/12/18
August 06, 2018
Exclusive Pompeii and Amalie Coast Tour was totally worth it. Our tour guide is very knowledgeable and thoughtful lady. She gave us a worthy ancient history on Pompeii, took us to local restaurant and we had pizza, it was delicious. Amalfi Drive was beautiful, she managed time to arrange boat ride of the Amalfi Coast, it was breathtaking with mountain and ocean view. Fantastic excursion, highlight of our cruise. Highly recommend!
Reviewer: Judy Lin
5 Stars
Highlight of our Cruise
July 02, 2018
While we stopped at many locations while on our cruise, this was the unexpected highlight. Our host was informative, funny and took great photographs for us while at several sights.
Reviewer: Joe
5 Stars
Wonderful day!
July 02, 2018
What a fantastic excursion. I would have given 5 stars but we were delayed because some were given a different time at the meeting place (some 8am and some 8:30) so we ended up waiting 30 mins. The bus was comfortable & air conditioned. Our guide was funny and entertaining. Our first stop was Sorrento to the lemocello factory. We had about 20 mins there to sample and buy but fantastic views from the area. Then off to lunch at a cluff side resturant which gave us homemade pasta, salad and dessert. So good! If you want wine you can just pay the restaurant. Then off to Amalfi. Because of traffic we only had 45 mins to walk around..not enough but gave us a good view of the coast. Back onto the bus and drove to Pompeii for our tour. Likely 1.5 hours. We were very close to the cut off time to getting back on the boat but they did it. The cruise lines need more time on this island. So basically we did it all from 8:30 - 5:30. My family had a great time and would highly recommend.
Reviewer: Andrea Garfagnini
4 Stars
Muy interesante
June 04, 2018
El tour estuvo espectacular; la guia muy bien informada a cerca de todo el lugar; lastima que tuvimos un dia muy nublado y con lluvia lo cual fue causa de que la excursión no fuera mejor; pero la guia y el personal de apoyo que ella tenia hicieron todo lo posible para que nos sintieramos muy bien. La comida fue muy buena tambien. Muchas Gracias
Reviewer: Nubia Rios
5 Stars
Tour was ok
May 26, 2018
The tour was great but they want you to waist time at Pompeii at a Cameo store? Then the second guide takes you in and they should of told you a lot of the stuff on the bus so you didn't waist time before you went in. We left the group so we could see as much as we could.
Reviewer: Dnorthrup
4 Stars
Heaven on earth they say
May 21, 2018
We really enjoyed this excursion. Francesca (aka Kiki) was very fun and knowledgeable. Kudos to The driver too. I could never manuever through those roads. The departure was a big disorganized but that was no fault of hers. We waited 30 minutes for people who apparently didn't know how to arrive in time. Irritating since that's MY excursion time they are abusing.
Reviewer: Heidi
5 Stars
Amalfi coast and Pompeii
May 21, 2018
The guide for the amalfi tour did not appear to be as experienced as some on previous trips. Was unable to answer some questions and English not very fluent. Po pie guide excellent
Reviewer: Diane Thornhill
4 Stars
Totally worth it
May 14, 2018
Marco was great very knowledgeable and informative. Amalfi and Pompeii were totally worth it. Such beautiful sights. I would have liked more time in Amalfi but we lost time in the beginning waiting for people who were late. Our driver was amazing, the roads are tight and the fact he could navigate so easily was impressive. Loved the restaurant we stopped at for lunch the view was breath taking. Wear your walking shoes. Absolutely worth the money.
Reviewer: Kevin Baughman
4 Stars
World Tour excursion
May 14, 2018
This was a fantastic day!!!! In fact World Tours was the only good shore excursion!!! Just magical!!! I personally would have liked to start off in Pompeii so we could have had more time to look around on our own and do more shopping----wonderful tour guide and bus driver!!!
Reviewer: Janice Faubert
5 Stars
Outstanding tour
November 07, 2017
Tour was fast pace and very informative. The coast part of the tour was exceptional with the tour host and driver very safe and conscious of the needs of the passengers.Got more than our money"s worth!
Reviewer: Chet Simcoe
5 Stars
November 03, 2017
Laura was excellant!!!! This was the best tour of the trip!! Loved it!! Especially the stop at the italian restaurant for lunch.
Reviewer: GinaMarie Locoparra
5 Stars
Fun and enjoyable tour
October 31, 2017
We enjoyed this excursion. Marco, our guide, was terrific. We had enough time at every stop. Marco was informative and entertaining. Our driver was excellent and quite familiar handling the roads of the Amalfi coast. Our guide at Pompeii was also informative. More time could be spent at Pompeii but it was enough considering that we had a very full day prior to arriving at Pompeii. We highly recommend thus excursion (especially Marco, out guide.)
Reviewer: Anna
5 Stars
Pompeii, must see
October 05, 2017
This tour was very well planed and worth the price. Pompeii was the highlight of the day, and the tour guide we had was excellent. The Amalfi Coast was beautiful, and though it was only a bus trip trough the area, the sites were amazing and there were appropriate stops. On the down side, our tour guide was either not all that knowledgeable or was not that interested in describing the area.
Reviewer: Kenneth Olson
5 Stars
Pompeii and Amalfi Coast
October 02, 2017
The was a very good excursion. Our driver did an excellent job driving the Amalfi Coast. Our guide was very good and we really enjoyed the lunch and seeing Pompeii.
Reviewer: Karen S. Gubesch
5 Stars
tour guides
August 04, 2017
This was a worthwhile tour that encompassed beautiful views, history, information and local color; I would suggest that the tour guides should begin speaking immediately upon bus departure as we felt we could have been filled in as we went along
Reviewer: georgette king
4 Stars
Great Excursion
July 10, 2017
Action packed with GREAT guide. The tour was well planned. Lunch was great. Guide at Pompeii was very knowledgeable.
Reviewer: Susan
5 Stars
Excellent value
July 07, 2017
Driver and guide were great. Guide at Pompeii was great as well. Included lunch was pretty good. We did optional boat tour. We thought it was worth the little extra. So overall a great value @120.
Reviewer: Randall Haigh
5 Stars
Best excursion on our vacation
June 20, 2017
Jasmine went above and beyond to give us a wonderful and unique experience. We had Mauro as our driver and he was exceptional navigating our big comfy bus on the winding roads (not one person got sick). We felt like we got a local perspective and had a chance to add an extra 20 min boat ride during free time in Amalfi (per Jasmine's recommendation) for $13pp. It was a unique experience to see some of the stars' homes, hotels and other landmarks from the water. HIGHLY recommended and if you get Jasmine, you're in for an even bigger treat!
Reviewer: Kevin & Karyn Carroll
5 Stars
Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast Combo Tour
June 19, 2017
The tour guide was excellent and had a thorough knowledge of the history and general information. The lunch at the Sorrento restaurant which is included in the tour was delicious! Highly recommend this tour. Their was a delay in the tour starting time.
Reviewer: sarasu
5 Stars
Great tour!!
May 20, 2017
Our tour guide Jasmine was very knowledgeable and friendly. She provided an excellent tour of both attractions. She even managed time well enough to arrange a boat ride of the amalfi coast, and gave us time to roam around Amalfi. the group was just the right size for a personal touch.
Reviewer: Swathi Weaver
5 Stars
Great Value
May 19, 2017
Took this tour 4/25. Fabulous sites and well guided. Lunch was also great with fantastic views over looking the Ocean and Amalfi. Only real negative was the van was over crowded 16 in a 12 passenger van
Reviewer: Doug
5 Stars
Beauty and history
December 03, 2016
Amalfi coast was breathtaking with the mountain and ocean views. Pompeii was amazing and the tour guides's excellent narrative made it very interesting. Well worth the money.
Reviewer: RT
5 Stars
OMGosh!! Excellent and memorable Naples Excursion!
October 03, 2016
This tour was one of the highlights of our trip - the Amalfi Coast is breathtaking, the included coastal cafÈ lunch was excellent and the tour guide and our driver were awesome! Visiting the historical ruins of Pompeii with a knowledgeable tour guide made this a very worthwhile visit. We highly recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Debby Olson
5 Stars
Wonderful way to spend the day!
September 28, 2016
We booked this tour rather than use our cruise ship excursion, and we are so glad we did! It was a small personalized group, we had a great tour guide, and they got us back to our ship in time. I've heard comments that the Amalfi Coast is better than the Isle of Capri, and I can see why! Breathtaking scenery! Pompeii is a must see, as well.
Reviewer: Joni Walker
5 Stars
June 08, 2016
We took a cruise and this excursion was the best one we took. It was a beautiful setting and our guide was top of the line!!!! She made the trip fun and we will always remember it!
Reviewer: Vicki&Bill
5 Stars