Journey to Pompeii

Fascinating Ruins!
July 10, 2023
This was very different from our previous visit to Pompeii 12 years ago. More streets were closed to foot traffic, especially most of Brothels. Although the one we saw had incredibly preserved murals of “activities”! Our guide was very informative and available to answer questions during tour. Definitely recommend going with a small group, much easier to hear guide explain points of interest and small details.
Reviewer: Penny Frazier
4 Stars
View of Pompei
October 19, 2022
Very interesting tour! Unfortunately the bus was late due to traffic but the guide made sure we could envoy the tour.
Reviewer: Sylvie
4 Stars
So much history!
August 22, 2022
This was an excellent tour. Our guide was knowledgeable and knew how to move us well through the ruins. Highly recommend!!
Reviewer: Mary Kiernan
5 Stars
Journey to Pompeii
October 22, 2019
Francesca was an excellent guide who brought this ancient city back to life for us. Although very soft spoken at first, when asked to speak up she did so and then I was able to thoroughly enjoy my tour. She did a good job of trying to keep a large group together. We had adequate time to shop for souvenirs and public washrooms were pointed out to us. Overall a very enjoyable tour!
Reviewer: Jane Chiew
5 Stars
Journey to Pompeii
October 18, 2019
Wonderful guide! She was always right on top of things and super knowledgeable!
Reviewer: Joseph senna
5 Stars
Pompeii Tour
October 11, 2019
Tour was a great way to see the highlights of Pompeii, something that was on my bucket list! Was well worth it!
Reviewer: Jack
5 Stars
Loved it
September 10, 2019
The guide was super. Enjoyed her a lot, loved the trip up to Pompeii, large group and she took care of everybody. Will use you guys again.
Reviewer: Anthony Hoover
5 Stars
Worth the wait
August 30, 2019
It took awhile to get going as our bus was picking up people from another ship and then came to our dock. I feel we waited too long - standing in hot, humid weather. Once we got inside Pompeii, our guide, Francesca, was very informative and took us on a efficient walking tour. I was glad we only did the half day tour.
Reviewer: Liisa Stevens
4 Stars
August 14, 2019
There were 5 other cruise ships in at the same time.It appeared as if all the passengers had arrived at once, which somewhat spoiled the whole visit. You could not move for other visitors , and conflicting voices of the guides all around us made it difficult to concentrate. With so many people it was difficult to look at the place properly. I had attended a course on the city, I knew, understood the background and could recognise many of the places, buildings, and architecture. Without this prior knowledge it would have been a bit pointless. This was not the fault of the guide who was very good, knowledgeable and tried to keep us all together, an almost impossible task in this situation. It was too crowded to go into the museum, so we missed out on this. I would like to go back when it was less crowded.. Perhaps the authorities should have staggered the crowds entering to make it more pleasant for everyone.
Reviewer: Barbara Greenstreet
3 Stars
Visit to Pompeii
August 09, 2019
We were taken to the site and had a small group with was a good start, We had a very young female guide who did a good job with the information she gave and keeping us together and moving as a group. It was hot and she did her best to provide shade when possible and answered all questions. It was crowded but we only waited a short time to move to the next site and we had a good tour.
Reviewer: Theresa Lacianca
4 Stars
Guided tour of Pompelli
July 18, 2019
Lady tour guide was excellent and provided plenty historic data . Time allotted was enough and proper. Walking tour required medium effort.
Reviewer: Dipak Bhagat
5 Stars
Friendly Guide - Great Tour
June 09, 2019
Super knowledgeable tour guide. Some of the other guests in our group were pretty mean to our guide - and she remained super friendly despite that.
Reviewer: Yvonne Gibbons (Noseworthy)
5 Stars
May 17, 2019
Enjoyed the tour but it was too long with not enough breaks
Reviewer: Frank F Miles
4 Stars
Absolutely Fantastic Place!
May 07, 2019
You really do get a feel for life in 79AD. We saw the houses of the rich along with the brothels and everything inbetween. The site is NOT wheelchair friendly as you are constantly going up a step or 2 or down. I have a bad knee and did fine. The exit is all steps but they do have handrails. TIP: If you use the free restrooms on top, bring your own toilet paper (it was empty). I am so glad that I took this excursion. March is the perfect time (not too hot or humid) but in the summer bring LOTS of water. I bought a book about the site from one of the vendors for 12 Euros. Don't miss this one!
Reviewer: Marcine Lohman
5 Stars
Great Experience
December 02, 2018
Our guide met us at the Cruise Terminal (outside) in Naples and we proceeded by a small bus to Pompeii. Our guide was knowledgeable and very patient. She answered all questions and kept us on schedule. We returned to our ship on time as advertised. "Francy" was delightful! I would use this service again.
Reviewer: Paul Blaney
5 Stars
Great tour
November 22, 2018
Our tour guide was great and really new the history and information about Pompeii. Our cruise was late and they rescheduled the tour for later in the day.
Reviewer: Kelly Clapham
4 Stars
Wonderful tour!
October 31, 2018
Our tour guide, Livio, was fabulous. He brought the city and history of Pompeii to life for everyone. He was funny and shared a great deal of knowledge. Thank you for a wonderful morning.
Reviewer: Randi
5 Stars
Pompeii - this place us in ruins
October 30, 2018
Our guide was amazing - he could walk backwards and talk at the same time. Beautiful fall weather but still quite crowded. Visits during the summer months may be difficult to maneuver. Must be able to walk uneven pavers. 1/2 day tour was perfect for us but there is still so much history to uncover in fhis buried city.
Reviewer: Cr
5 Stars
Excellent tour to Pompeii!
October 29, 2018
Great tour. Convenient for those traveling by cruise ship. Tour guide was very knowledgeable and spoke English very well. Pompeii was much more expansive than I had imagined and very well preserved. Our guide allowed some time for buying refreshments and souvenirs after the tour. Great way to spend a half day when visiting Naples.
Reviewer: Kathy Green
5 Stars
October 03, 2018
Wonderful Tour. Excellent Excursion! Note: There is a lot of walking for this tour.
Reviewer: Janet Grange
4 Stars
I enjoyed this trip
September 17, 2018
The early morning tour to Pompeii with our tour guide was a very informative and interesting experience. Our professional tour guide introduced us to the beautiful region and provided interesting facts. The group was fairly large but yet our tour guide was patience and helpful. We were given headset to use and that gave us a vision of the life of Pompeii and the reality of the ruins. I truly enjoyed Pompeii.
Reviewer: Rosita Prescod
5 Stars
Walking through the past
September 10, 2018
It was fascinating to walk through the remains of Pompei and to understand the extent of the civilization at the time before the catastrophe. There were so many insights into even the daily life of the citizens. The guide was excellent despite the difficulties of managing the tour with so many other people at the site.
Reviewer: Veronica Baig
4 Stars
Great Excursion
August 20, 2018
We really enjoyed this excursion to Pompei. Amazing site. Definitely worth the trip. We learned so much. Our tour guide was really good. Lots of walking on stones. It was very hot. We appreciated the complimentary water the tour gave us. Would recommend.
Reviewer: J. L. A.
5 Stars
A Journey Through Time In Pompeii
August 06, 2018
This was an excellent excursion, and I learned a lot about the history of Pompeii. It's amazing that so much is still intact.
Reviewer: Katherine Davis
5 Stars
Pompeii, Naples
July 02, 2018
This tour was our first port adventure. We had a bit of delay disembarking our cruise ship. When we got to the meeting place, the van just left. There was a total of 7 people from the same cruise ship who were left behind. Good thing there was a kind taxi driver who helped us and found a driver from same excursion company. He loaded us in his van, made some phone calls and then we were transferred to the van that would take us to Pompeii. Pompeii is a very interesting place. Culture and history is very evident in the ruins. Our tour guide is very knowledgeable. She gave us a lot of information about the place. Fun facts and tiny details. The weather was crazy that day. It was hot at first then it rained and sun came up again and rained again. But tourists didn't mind. The place was amazing. The tour entails a lot of walking so be sure to wear comfortable sturdy shoes.
Reviewer: Lyline Medeiros
4 Stars
Journey to Pompeii
July 02, 2018
We really enjoyed the tour. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and easy to understand. The tour did not include the entry fee to the ruins so I believe it would be better to do that in the future so the guide did not have to collect money and go to a special location to purchase tickets.
Reviewer: Dianne Taylor
5 Stars
Journey to Pompeii
June 25, 2018
Overall tour was thorough, detailed and you get value for your money. We had a bit of difficulty understanding the tour guide sometimes because of her accent but she patiently explained herself when needed. The whole tour was 4 1/2 hrs but the actual time spent walking around the site was approximately 2 hrs. We got a good taste of what life was like during those ancient times. The weather was quite warm and the cobblestone was uneven making walking a bit tricky at times.
Reviewer: Warren Jung
4 Stars
Good tour
October 02, 2017
Informative tour guide.
Reviewer: Aimee
4 Stars
Really worth going
July 15, 2017
We had the best guide!! Bring umbrella for shade. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, ground is not even in several places. We are all connected to headphones so you don't miss a thing. The tour is about 2 full hours not including the drive to get there and wait to get hooked up. Enjoyed the Cameo store where we waited for our guide. Great demo on how they make jewellery from a seashell. The history on Pompeii was fascinating with excellent explanation on how things were. Really worth seeing to appreciate our life even more. They give you 1 bottle of water. Make sure you bring some too.
Reviewer: Arlene
5 Stars
loved it!
July 07, 2017
Once off the ship, It was a bit chaotic, but we found It was easy to find our guide, you just had to look for the signs! We rode in a comfortable bus, and were even given a hat and a bottle of water. Once we arrived in Pompeii, we joined a larger group and followed the tour guide with audio sets. There was plenty of time for pictures and exploring. We really enjoyed it! Our guide, Laura was friendly and even offered help finding pizza once back in Naples.
Reviewer: Martha A
5 Stars
Pompei tour
December 25, 2016
The organisation was good and the tour left on time in a clean and comfortable vehicle. The guide at Pompei was knowledgable and friendly. The tour was good value and well worth the effort
Reviewer: Geoff Tinker
5 Stars
Pompeii Tour
December 06, 2016
This was very well done, with an excellent tour guide.
Reviewer: Michael Stafford
5 Stars
Journey to Pompeii
December 01, 2016
Our excursion day trip to Pompeii was amazing. Way more than I expected, due mainly to our wonderful guide, Miguel. He was so interested that we see everything at Pompeii and enjoy it as much as he does! Had a great, memorable day - exhausting but wonderful!
Reviewer: Mary A Multari
5 Stars
Great Excursion
November 10, 2016
Just enough time in Pompeii
Reviewer: Vic Z
5 Stars
Unique insight to yesteryear
June 02, 2016
Pompeii is one of those very unique places in the entire world. The preservation and remains of the city make it appear like everybody just got up to leave the day of destruction and never came back. And of course thats what happened. It was fascinating insight into a time that looks surprisingly like today. I would have liked to look around a bit longer, but part of the trip involved the option of driving down to Amalfi, which we chose not to do due to the curvy roads. Would definitely do this again.
Reviewer: Bluuangel
5 Stars
Excellent excursion
May 26, 2016
Great experience
Reviewer: Pat
4 Stars
I would buy this excursion again
May 26, 2016
Wonderful experience
Reviewer: Pat
4 Stars