Oslo All Inclusive

Oslo All Inclusive
August 28, 2023
Was a nice ride and enjoyed the Guide and the trip to the musems and areas outside the city
Reviewer: Cathy
5 Stars
Great experience
October 25, 2022
We were able to experience most of Oslo's highlights during our short port time. Our guide was warm and informative, and did a great job of sharing history, culture, folklore. Similar tour, sponsored by the cruise line, was a lot more expensive, and other cruisers did not seem as satisfied.
Reviewer: Barbara Straight
5 Stars
A great tour
September 20, 2019
A group of five of us went on this tour. We managed to see all that we wanted to in our only day in Oslo. Much better value than the Cunard offers!
Reviewer: Anne
5 Stars
Very Good Tour
August 05, 2019
Saw all the high lights one would want to see. Sculpture Garden is worth the stop. Would recommend a little more specific meeting directions. No cabs were available. Easy walk. Needed to go to Noble Museum and then veer to the left at the intersection in front of the Noble Peace Museum.
Reviewer: Rita
5 Stars
Great Trip
August 04, 2019
If you're into ski jumping, the ski jump will absolutely amaze you. I've always said it's better to see things with your eyes vs pictures and this is one of those things.
Reviewer: Dennis
5 Stars
Oslo All Inclusive Tour
July 03, 2019
Excellent tour and Tour guide. Reading the itinerary it is easy to realize that this tour was a very active and exhausting one so be aware. Without any doubt I highly recommend it.
Reviewer: Hector Amor
5 Stars
loved it!
September 27, 2018
It was a full day experience with lots to look at. The bus driver let us off at the ship due to lack of timing available for walking back. Thanks to him we did not have to hurry
Reviewer: peter
5 Stars
Very enjoyable
September 27, 2018
Our tour guide was very knowledgeable. All went well with meeting the tour. We visited all of the main attractions anyone visiting Oslo would want to see. We were most appreciative that the guide kept the tour on track and even had the bus deliver us and another couple right back to the cruise ship.
Reviewer: Lucille Jerue
5 Stars
It was a good overview
September 03, 2018
Enjoyed seeing the ski jump area with people zip lining. It was a quite warm day so the walk in the park was very tiring. I always expect water to be provided and it was not.
Reviewer: Trish Mercer
4 Stars
Great introduction to Oslo!
August 20, 2018
This tour lasted almost 5 hours, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We visited the ski jump, the Vigeland Sculpture Museum, the Fram or Kon-tiki Museum (pick one), and the Viking Ship Museum. You pick the tour up right next to city hall on the left side (when you look at the city hall from the harbor). This was a 15 minute walk from where my cruise ship was docked. I would arrive by 10am because the bus filled up fast! The tour was great for a first time visitor. You also have narration about Oslo as you go from place to place.
Reviewer: Craig Blanchard
5 Stars
Tour of Oslo
August 06, 2018
This tour covered the Olympic Ski Jump, the Vigeland Sculpture Park, the Fram Museum, and the Viking Ships Museum. We covered a lot of area in just five hours, and had to forego the final part of the tour--a 2-hour boat ride. This because our ship had evidently changed the departure time and we would have missed our ship. We were disappointed, but the bus did drop us off at the dock near our ship before continuing the tour. Thankfully, we were reimbursed for a portion of this tour. We enjoyed this tour and think it is a good value.
Reviewer: Donna Henderson
4 Stars
Oslo All Inclusive
July 30, 2018
Beautiful sights.
Reviewer: Edward Connolly
4 Stars
Oslo Excursion
September 13, 2017
We were a little disappoint that the pickup wasn't at the ship and that we had to walk a ways to City Hall to catch the bus. In the rain that would not have been fun. However, the excursion was well worth the wall and we did receive value for our dollars spend. The guild did an exceptional job at each of the stops and in between. The ear piece and received made it so much better to hear what was to be seen without having to be crunched in the middle of the crowd. We enjoyed the Oslo All Inclusive very much, and still have time for our own sight seeing. I would absolutely book future excursions through the Shore Excursions Group.
Reviewer: Wolfgang Greinke
5 Stars
Great Taste of Oslo
June 08, 2017
The tour gave a great overview of all that Oslo has to offer. Our guide, Elena, was a great ambassador for her city offering plenty of insight into the areas we went to see and giving tips of things to see and do after the tour was over. If you have just a day in Oslo this is good way to see the city.
Reviewer: Anne Kraus-Keenan
5 Stars
Oslo all inclusive
November 11, 2016
The bus took us around the city and with the travel guide we had we knew how to best use our time seeing as much as we could. Purchasing trips ahead helped us plan each port. You could do it on your own but then you have to worry about exchange rates, which tour to choose, etc.
Reviewer: Nancy Rush
5 Stars
Oslo Coach Tour
July 15, 2016
Bit of a hike from the cruise ship to where we met the coach but at least it wasn't raining that day. The guide was very informative. Best part was the outside museum Vigeland with all the fantastic sculptures. We liked the Viking ship museum but found it a bit crowded. The Antarctica expedition museum was really interesting. The ski jump stop was just ok but we weren't there for too long.
Reviewer: Rick
4 Stars
New Sights and Experiences
May 27, 2016
We saw things we have never had an opportunity to see.
Reviewer: Oslo
4 Stars
Fabulous Oslo!
May 21, 2016
Just a reminder to our fellow tour mates - please be on time for your bus! When the tour guide says 12:00, it is not a suggestion! When the bus waits for you, then we lose that time off our next stop! Be respectful of others! Our tour guide handled this situation very professionally and calmly but you could tell it put him in a difficult position - well done tour guide!
Reviewer: Berly
5 Stars