A Taste of Palermo

Impressed with Angelo
November 28, 2023
My husband was so looking forward to seeing Palermo and Angelo was the perfect guide to see the actual streets of the city. We did taste the arrancini and the cannoli he looked forward to. Although we were so disappointed with the crumbling architecture and graffiti, Angelo entertained us with his humor and tremendous information about the city. He knows everyone on the streets! His bubbly personality and compassion made up for a very worthwhile tour. Thank you Angelo!
Reviewer: Lourdes
5 Stars
Wonderful tour!
June 03, 2023
Our guide was great and shared a lot of different foods and wine. Plus gave us some history of the foods and places.
Reviewer: Sallie Perez
4 Stars
A Taste of Palermo
October 24, 2022
The guide was awesome, friendly and knowledgeable. The wine and food that she chose was wonderful
5 Stars
A great walk through town
June 29, 2022
Angelo was our guide and so knowledgeable and fun to be with. Our group was only 9 people so easy to keep track of everyone. We stopped at several places to enjoy various food items/beer/wine, etc. The markets were fantastic, many photo opportunities never to be seen again. Good job.
Reviewer: Judy H
5 Stars
Best Tour of my Trip
December 03, 2019
Angelo (our guide) was a local to Palermo. He took us to lots of spots where everyone knew him and we were treated SO well. I feel like an excursion through the cruise ship would not have been able to offer that. The group was small and from all over the world and everyone spoke English, which I had a hard time finding on an Italian cruise. Pick this tour. You will NOT be disappointed.
Reviewer: Melissa Lucas
5 Stars
Salvo the Amazing
November 14, 2019
Our guide was funny, informative, extremely knowledgeable and truly loves Palermo. It was apparently great to get a true look at living in Palermo. Such a great experience. We even learned a cool toast.
Reviewer: Jill Christnacht
5 Stars
September 25, 2019
Está fue una excursión excelente me encanto, el guía explicaba muy bien todo y nos llevó a lugares que si no vamos con el no hubiéramos conocido, probamos diferentes clases de comida del lugar y a pesar que nos llovió lo disfrutamos mucho. Un 10 al guía fue excelente
Reviewer: Dinora corina Cader de Bonilla
5 Stars
So much tasty fun
June 19, 2019
We met our tour guide in front of the Palermo Opera House, and started right on schedule. Our guide was very friendly and shared the history of the town as we walked through. The food was excellent, and a great way to sample a little bit of everything. We had a great time!
Reviewer: Sarah Hackenberg
5 Stars