Full Day Island Tour By Bus, Train, Tram, and Boat

Not exactly what I thought it would be
June 20, 2022
In the end, we are glad we did this excursion but it was not what we were expecting. I don't think we could have coordinated seeing all of this on our own in one day from the ship. First, you are on a big tour bus with a lot of people and there are MANY other tour buses doing the same thing that you are doing. So it's crowded and lines at each stop. The place where they stop for lunch is buffet places and again lots of people and lines. Then the boat. Again huge line and waiting to get on the boat. We really liked what we got to see and the boat, train and tram were all good. Just be prepared for LOTS of people and lines. Our bus driver was awesome. The road is crazy!
Reviewer: Lynda Hale
3 Stars
October 31, 2017
Excellent tour that lived up to hype and expectations. Dramatic topography of the island was highlighted by the use of all of the means of transportation. A day well spent.
Reviewer: Richard Kenton
5 Stars
Palma de Mallorca
December 06, 2016
For the first-time visitor to the island this excursion is excellent. My only disappointment was that I did not know we would stop in Ancina Leather Factory and I did not have enough money with me to make a purchase! The guide was an interesting speaker who presented the information in two or three languages; the views were spectactular in all locations.
Reviewer: Carol Rodriguez
5 Stars
Good tour
October 03, 2016
Enjoyed it very much. Saw wonderful parts of Mallorca and the various means of transportation was fun
Reviewer: Phil Haynes
5 Stars
Great full day island tour!
October 17, 2014
The tour was very good value and well organized. It offered a lot more tour than any offered by the cruise ship. The train ride and tram ride were interesting and fun. The highlight was the boat ride along the beautiful coast and at the mouth of the canyon. The bus ride over the mountains back to Palma was jaw dropping. The only negative is that there was an unadvertised stop at a store en route back to Palma that wasted about 45 minutes of time. The shopping was terrible. If the tour operator had eliminated this stop they would have gotten a 5 star rating.
Reviewer: RPM
4 Stars
Great Day!
October 17, 2014
Great day with so many differed experiences. My husband is handicapped and this trip was great for him. A full day with very little walking.
Reviewer: Beth
5 Stars
Palma De Mallorca Beautiful Saw So Much
August 24, 2014
Great way to see many parts of Mallorca when visiting for 1 day. Tour was on time with no problem getting back to our ship on time.
Reviewer: KatieGee
4 Stars