The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle Tour in Iceland
September 18, 2019
Loved this tour. It is an absolute must for visitors to Iceland. The guide was well informed and easy to listen to. We were told what we were going to see, background information about the site, then we saw the attraction. Upon leaving we could ask questions. Then, the process was repeated for the next stop on our route. The tour went to 3 "don't miss" sites. In addition the guide told us local history and information of places as we traveled through the countryside. I would have given the tour 5 stars had the pick-up bus not been late, leaving us waiting in the rain for an extended period.
Reviewer: Sharleen De Tomaso
4 Stars
Very good tour
September 14, 2019
We had plenty of time to see each stop The guide was excellent providing lots of commentary He also reminded people to be on time and things flowed smoothly Highly recommend
Reviewer: Nora
5 Stars
Very good value
August 31, 2019
Collected at the cruise terminal, so very convenient. The guide was excellent, told us all we needed to know as we travelled to each location, then we were free to view each site at our leisure. Plenty of time at each location, so never rushed. A tour well worth doing, and much cheaper than the ships own excursions.
Reviewer: Adrian Spires
5 Stars
Outstanding tour
August 19, 2019
The guide was excellent, the tour was identical to what the ship offered without a meal, which allowed us more time at the sights. We ate at the "food court" area at Geysir for much less than the extra cost of the ship excursion, and the bus even had WiFi and charging ports. Iceland has some of the most amazing natural sights in the world and this tour takes you to a few of them.
Reviewer: Marie Touitou
5 Stars
August 07, 2019
The guide is very knowledgeable and provided a lot of information on Iceland. But shuttle arrived late in the morning which confused all of its customers.
Reviewer: Zhuang Li
5 Stars
August 07, 2019
This was basically the same tour, using the same bus company as the cruise line but at a much lower price. The guide was good, we stopped at major sites and had ample time to enjoy. It would be nice if there had been a representative on site to meet passengers and direct them to the bus. We walked back and forth among buses as we were told our bus was "over there". As it turned out, our bus was not there. The cruise people would offer no info and the info desk in the gift shop would only offer a number to call - ok if we had phones that worked in Iceland. They also said that the "8:30 departure time, meet 10 min early" meant that the bus could arrive up to 9:00. Finally, as the cruise tours were leaving,a driver said he called the company and that our bus would arrive in a few minutes. My suggestion to Shore Excursions is to have someone there to greet passengers.There was a lot of stress among a bus full of passengers wondering if we were going anywhere at all.
Reviewer: Alan Perry
3 Stars
Golden circle Iceland
August 07, 2019
The tour got off to a rocky start as the bus a bit late. There were about 10 other buses that left I checked them all to see if it our tour. Many other people did the same. There was a phone number to call but most of the people waiting did not have phones. A tour operator on site would have helped. The tour itself was very good. At the hot springs stop our bus driver backed into another bus shattering the other buses back side window. Other than these mishaps the golden circle tour was magnificent. The beauty of the country made up for it all.
Reviewer: Lynda lawrence
4 Stars
Second Best tour of the cruise
July 13, 2019
The first stop at the tomato hot house was excellent and very informative. The next stop at Geyser was interesting, but quite busy with many other tour buses present. Lunch was not included which made our $35 soup and sandwich a drag! Gullfoss was spectacular and Thingveller beautiful. The bus was comfortable but cramped and the steps very steep and tough for folks less than 100 mobile.
Reviewer: Loren A Haatvedt
4 Stars
From tthe Golden Circle to St Petersburg Russia
July 12, 2019
It was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed our tour. We were on a 24 night cruise from Iceland to St Petersburg and took several excursions with PL. We find them to be comparable to the ship cruises and less expensive.
5 Stars
Review shore excursion golden circle
June 23, 2019
We enjoyed the shore excursion to the Golden Circle. Easy pickup from our cruise ship and it saved us a lot from the price we would have paid on the cruise ship.
Reviewer: Brad Eickhoff
5 Stars
wonderful tour
February 08, 2019
My husband and I took this tour and enjoyed it very much. The guide had a lot of information for us, and we were happy to have enough time at the waterfall, and the walk along the two tectonic plates.
Reviewer: Gabriele Butz
5 Stars
Golden Circle tour
October 12, 2018
Despite the rain this was a great trip. It was a little hard locating the bus also. Our guide was very good and we learned a lot. Would recommend this tour to friends.
Reviewer: Edward Hopko
5 Stars
Outstanding--landscape, geology, culture, biology
October 04, 2018
We saw incredible sights outside of Reykjavik and this strip is a traveller's must to develop an appreciation for Iceland outside the city: treeless rocky vistas; geysers; spectacular falls; glaciers in the distance; the Mid Atlantic ridge where two tectonic plates (North American and Eurasian) uniquely meet above ground so you can see it, and watching people scuba dive in the transition waters; visiting with "locals" in the shops who LOVE their country despite the winter darkness and cold and rain and wind and snow. Wow! My Southern California eyes saw their "quiet" country through their passionate eyes and it changed my perspective, and me, for the better. What unwitting ambassadors! We took this trip from the cruise port on our one-day stop in the country. It was a long day but the bus was comfortable and the guide was terrific and so very rewarding. I can't wait to return!
Reviewer: Shari Stern
5 Stars
Bus Tour
October 03, 2018
Well organized and a really good guide.
Reviewer: R. Campanella
5 Stars
The Golden Circle Tour - Reykjavik
September 17, 2018
This tour was very well organized and took us to the highlights of the Golden Circle (Geysir Hot Springs, Gulfoss Waterfall, Thingvellir Park and rift valley), as well as a stop at the extremely interesting Fridheimar farm greenhouse (an amazing highlight of the tour!). Our guide was well informed, the pace of the tour was appropriate, with adequate time at stops to enjoy what they had to offer. I strongly recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Janice Bloomfield
5 Stars
a great exerience
August 20, 2018
we enjoyed it immensely and the tour guide was very informative
Reviewer: Carl David Hogg
4 Stars
Good Tour from Reykjavik to See Iceland's Nature
July 30, 2018
The Golden Circle tour is an opportunity to see a number of the natural highlights of Iceland. It was a little confusing to find the correct bus at the cruise port, but from that point on it was quite enjoyable. The geysers and waterfall were interesting as was the countryside during the bus ride. A very interesting stop for me was the location where the North American and Eurasian Plates are moving away from each other along the line of the Mid Atlantic Ridge. Overall, I thought that the tour was well worth the time and money.
Reviewer: Michael Skillingberg
4 Stars
Just as advertised
July 09, 2018
The highlight of our Norwegian fiords experience.
Reviewer: Claudia looney
5 Stars
Golden Circle, Iceland very nice but a waste of
July 02, 2018
Very nice day. However too long in restaurants.
Reviewer: Lise Cardinal
4 Stars
Golden circle
June 25, 2018
Missed finding the bus/van at the pick up place. Very frustrating experience. With help from the information desk at the cruise ship terminal, I got a later shorter golden circle excursion. Since I was not sure of a bus or van transport it was hard to find my ride. Did get picked up effectively for later trip. Pleased I was not left without a tour. Good job on this. Tour was lovely hated to pay the expensive toilet facilities. Tour person young and not receptive to my frequent questions. I have lots since the culture is important. Balance of too much talk and not enough leaned toward I needed more information. Lovely tour.
Reviewer: Brigitte Werner
4 Stars
Exciting Day
September 21, 2017
This is a comprehensive tour with highlights of the most important sights in the region - with the exception of a swim in the geothermal waters. The waterfalls are spectacular as are the geysers, hot mud pits, hot springs and the geologic wonder of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge rising to the surface. The ride through the countryside coupled with the expert narration is well worthwhile. Bring good walking shoes!
Reviewer: Georgeann Butler
5 Stars
Golden circle Iceland
September 09, 2017
Wonderful excursion. Guide was knowledgeable, enthusiastic and who would not enjoy the wonder at each stop. Bus was full, but comfortable and free wifi!
Reviewer: Rosemary and Bill
5 Stars
Great tour and service
August 22, 2017
Our ship was late and we missed the scheduled tour departure time. We called the tour company and they efficiently rebooked us on a later tour! The tour itself was great although the weather wasn't the best. The guide was excellent. The bus was comfortable (and had wifi too). Highly recommended!
Reviewer: William Seyers
5 Stars
August 12, 2017
excellent tour ; well conducted and well versed tour guide; plenty of free time also which is sometimes rare on tours; very nice bus as well and driver; we had difficulty locating the bus after getting off ncl jade due to large number of buses and there was no one with a sign for our particular bus; there were many reckvik excursion buses there and we weren't sure which one was ours; need a guide closer to where we come out of the entrance gate; we enjoyed our tour and would take it again with the shore excursions group from direct line;
Reviewer: charles thom
4 Stars
Wonderful experience
August 12, 2017
The waterfalls were beautiful and it was an easy walk to good viewing points. We could also see a glacier from there. The geysers were fun and we enjoyed the way the area was open, with minimal signage and safety fencing. Nice to be treated like we're not idiots! Thingvellir National Park was amazing! We loved seeing the tectonic plate rifts and hearing the history and geography of the area. The walk from the bottom of the trail to the top was long and a bit steep, which was hard for some of the people on the tour. It was worth the walk , though, and our driver even told us where the free bathrooms were. This tour was an excellent value!
Reviewer: Karen Cunningham
5 Stars
The Golden Circle
December 09, 2016
I highly recommend the trip, great overview of Iceland. Well informed and interesting guide, comfortable bus and beautiful scenery.
Reviewer: Lora
5 Stars
Golden Circle
December 06, 2016
The actual tour was wonderful and in comfortable coaches. The initial administration/organization was not very smooth. I had a printed voucher was collected by one bus and taken to a second bus to join the tour. I was not advised that I still had to turn in the voucher at a ticket counter before boarding bus #2. A long wait at the ticket counter.
Reviewer: Jack
5 Stars
Reykjavik, Iceland
November 26, 2016
Great tour and guide who pointed out all the attractions as advertised. The Golden Circle tour is one of the most popular tours of the area and is an especially great deal from Shore Excursions Group with the Costco discount.
Reviewer: Carol Murphy
5 Stars
Very knowledgeable guide
October 07, 2016
We were very fortunate to have a guide that not only knew much about the sites we would visit on the Golden Circle, but had a very good understanding of the culture, history and economics of Iceland. Perfect tour to experience the beautiful areas around Reykjavik.
Reviewer: Marc Kanne
5 Stars