Hop-on Hop-off Reykjavik Highlights Tour

Hop-on Hop-off
September 07, 2023
Excellent tour
Reviewer: Stephen Jones
5 Stars
Great Overview Tour of Reykjavik
August 27, 2023
The tour gave us a great overview of the city. We did the whole loop and then rode back to the museum to spend time there. Good audio narrative on the bus. Was available in several languages.
Reviewer: JM
5 Stars
Hop on off bus
August 17, 2023
Our first bus stop had two buses come by that were full, we walked to next pick up spot which was a very pleasant experience, lots to see along the way. Got on bus and saw many interesting areas of the city. The tour was great. Only draw back was, after flying all night we were very tired and never hopped off. Some in our group fell asleep on tour. We used hop on in London last year also. It is a good way to see the city sites.
Reviewer: Thomas Glinski
5 Stars
Perfect for tired travellers with limited time
August 16, 2023
Good double decker bus with interesting narration and free ear buds. Comfy ride, Nice route. Especially good for some folks like us who flew all night to arrive with a 8 hour time change (from Alaska) arriving too early to check into hotel but pretty tired. Perfect for us. Dropped off luggage at Hilton and just went out front to get bus. Only chance to see Reykjavik because cruise ship started boarding 11am next morning,
Reviewer: Peter Hallgren
5 Stars
Reykjavik Highlights
August 06, 2023
This is always a great way to see a city. We really enjoyed it. So useful when you don’t know a city. You pick up so many useful points on the way.
Reviewer: Irene Jones
5 Stars
Perfect way to explore the city!
July 17, 2023
Ride around the city with an electro ic guide. Hop on and off whenever you want! Just wish the hours were longer!
Reviewer: Beth Allen
5 Stars
HOHO Reykjavik
September 26, 2022
It was so nice to have prepaid the tickets for the Hopon Hop off Reykjavik. It made it so easy to board. Great ride thru Reykjavik but it was longer than anticipated so we could only do it once. We were gout go back and get off at stops but not time.
Reviewer: Cheryl Fox
4 Stars
Excellent Service and Tour
July 28, 2022
A most enjoyable way to see the highlights of the city
Reviewer: Jeff Kearns
5 Stars
Good way to see the city
June 23, 2019
It was a nice sunny day so riding on the top of the bus was OK, but would be cold if it were not sunny. Easy way to get around the city but can be 1/2 hour between buses. Not very good WIFI on the bus.
Reviewer: Scott Nelson
4 Stars
Hop on Hop Off Reykjavik Highlights Tour
September 30, 2018
The Hop on Hop Off is a great way to see, and stop at, the highlights of Rekyjavik.
Reviewer: Al Hailey
5 Stars
Great bus
September 13, 2017
We used this bus in Reykjavik and were very happy to do so. It went everywhere we wanted to go and came fairly frequently. We rode the whole circuit once and listened to the excellent commentary before we decided where we wanted to get off for a tour. Good value for the price
Reviewer: Mike Walentiny
5 Stars
Good overview
August 21, 2017
Bus completely filled at start point. People waiting at stops to get on but no room. We use these Hop on Hop off as a taste of the town. Learning where we want to spend our time in port. Really good for that purpose.
Reviewer: Jacqueline H Krause
4 Stars
Hop-on Hop-off Reykjavik Highlights Tour
October 03, 2016
A most excellent way to see Reykjavik. The stops are many and hopping off, then on is the best way to see more of this beautiful ancient city when one only as a day or so. The number of buses is limited during the off season, so some planning may be required to return to you cruise port or hotel in a timely fashion. During the season, couldn't be a better way to see Reykjavik at a most reasonable price.
Reviewer: Ken Gurley
5 Stars