Volcano, Hot Springs and Thirassia

Santorini Trio
September 02, 2019
The boat trip was fine--not too crowded. Do try to get on early to get a seat outside, preferably in the front, for the best views. The volcano island hike was quite strenuous and quite hot, even in May. Some terrific views, even though we didn't make it to the top. Swimming in the "hot" springs was quite a challenge because we had to swim through some very cold water and even the "hot" springs were just warm. Note also that the water contains large amounts of dissolved iron so clothing can be stained. The stop at Thirassia was not exciting. I'd have preferred more time sailing (but then the company wouldn't get a cut from the restaurant and souvenir stores).
Reviewer: Blaze Newman
4 Stars
Beautiful Day
June 27, 2017
We visited Santorini on May 25 on a beautiful sunny day. The port of Fira is small so it was easy to find the Santo Star Caldera Boats sign. We got on a boat which took us out to the volcano. Our guide walked us up the volcano, giving interesting information along the way. It was not a difficult climb, only a couple kms? The view from the top was worth it. We walked back down and boarded another boat and sailed around the volcano to a small cove where we can swim in the hot springs. I wish we could have had more time to swim in the hot springs, probably only had 20-25 mins. You do have to rinse off afterward from the red soil in the water. We sailed to Thirassia where we had a delicious Greek meal. At Thirassia there are a bunch of restaurants at the port and we did not climb up the cliff to explore above. We got back on the boat and dropped some people off at Oia before returning to Santorini. A memorable experience and well worth it.
Reviewer: Warren McPherson
5 Stars
Fun Tour, Great Guide
June 02, 2017
Had a great time in each part of this tour. The Santorini volcano visit was awesome. The hot springs was not what was expected as it took a rather taxing swim to get to them and back but was really worth it. Lunch at Thirassia was fabulous!! What a view!! This tour would have already been great but the guide was an awesome young women who whet over and above to provide information and all kinds of extra kindnesses that made it a really special day!!
Reviewer: Ray Rudolph
5 Stars
Great volcano experience
June 08, 2016
I would recommend this as long a you don't mind walking about 1-1.5miles uphill
Reviewer: Caduseus
4 Stars