Santorini Volcano and Hot Springs

August 15, 2023
Amazing hike with beautiful views along with a boat ride and being able to jump in the Mediterranean on a hot day and swim to the hot springs was magical,.
Reviewer: AV
5 Stars
Enjoyed volcano
October 14, 2019
Interesting to be able to walk on volcanic crater. There was a lot of climbing, so would be strenuous for someone not accustomed to walking great distances. I enjoyed the hiking. I did not swim in the hot springs. One needs to be a strong swimmer and no life jackets are available. Interesting to see the changes in the water from the high sulfur levels.
Reviewer: Jolene Bagge
4 Stars
A great excursion
August 18, 2019
The volcano was super awesome. The views were spectacular. The hot Cool, but I wish there had been a beach to go to instead. The volcano was amazing but be prepared for a lot of walking. I think we had 18K steps that day!
Reviewer: Linda Hodges
5 Stars
Best excursion on our trip.
December 06, 2018
Best excursion on our trip. Unique opportunity to visit an active volcano.
Reviewer: Dale L. Theiling
5 Stars
Good tour!
August 15, 2018
I really enjoyed diving off the big pirate ship type boat we sailed around on into the big blue ocean to get to the warmth of the hot springs. You do get a bit mucky, but it was so much fun! It wasn't as hot as I expected in the hot springs, which was a bit disappointing. The Volcano was ok. Not too exciting. A nice hike at least!
Reviewer: Sabrina Forth
3 Stars
Enjoyable Excursion
December 19, 2016
Great trip. You travel via boat to the volcano then the hot springs ** Note: the price of the excursion does NOT include the fee to get into the volcano. ** It is a strenuous hike up the volcano but the views are great. You can take your time if needed. A guide goes with you and gives some commentary. Most info is in guide you get @ the volcano entrance. You have time to explore a bit (different trails). Hot springs are on another island. The boats stop in a little bay and you get into the water to swim over to the ""stream / cove"" area of the hot springs. No developed areas, just swim into the cove. The closer in the warmer the water. Close in, dark red material is suspended in the water, bottom and banks have this ""mud"". Can stain your swim suit so don't bring your best ! They tell you about this, but not until you get there. On the return trip they continue around the volcano island and you get more views of the Santorini side of the old volcano steep slopes, etc.
Reviewer: D Nixon
5 Stars
Interesting tour
December 06, 2016
The excursion was quite interesting but information from the guide was limited
Reviewer: Anatoli
4 Stars
Great Tour
September 24, 2014
It was great
Reviewer: Audrey the world traverler
5 Stars
Great Trip
July 08, 2014
We really enjoyed the boat trip.
Reviewer: Jean and Joe
4 Stars