Exclusive Santorini, Oia and Winery Tour

December 20, 2023
A very good experience. The cable car at Fira was closed due to high winds and our tour arranged to take us to another port and straight back to our ship. We spoke to others who felt literally stranded by their tour in Fira and had to either take the donkey ride or walk down 588 steps to get the tender back to the ship.
Reviewer: Linda goldie hugh parker
5 Stars
Great Tour and Tour Guide!!!
December 10, 2023
Marguerita was probably one of the best tour guides we've ever had! She was funny and informative and the tour was well done with stops in different places. We enjoyed the wine pairing at Santo and both the cities Oia and Fira that we visited with her. We also liked not having to climb the stairs or take the funicular at the beginning of the tour when everyone else was trying to get to the top. We took a boat around to the port then a bus to our different stops. We had plenty of time in port to enjoy a nice meal, watch the sunset and walk down the stairs back to the ship tender. Best tour and guide of our 9 day cruise!
Reviewer: Sherry J Hawkesworth
5 Stars
Our Guide was amazing and very knowledgable
November 29, 2023
Postcard pictures and history were amazing. My favorite port of all time and the guide was incredible.
Reviewer: Adam
5 Stars
Exclusive Santorini, Oia and Winery Tour
November 28, 2023
Charming views and elderly should be aware a lot of walking up the hills. The winery was good. The weather was good in early Nov and not very crowded. I will highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: ADA LAM
5 Stars
Santorini, Oia tour
November 26, 2023
I highly recommend this tour. It was so nice to be able to get out of the crowds and visit these beautiful places. The guide was very knowledgeable. The driving was great and there was a group of six of us. It took his time and was able to provide great information.
Reviewer: Susan Peterson
5 Stars
November 25, 2023
Great Service, We were pick on time, Easy to Find our tour guide, very knowledgeable. Planning to use this company for future travel ❤️
Reviewer: Madel Manning
5 Stars
November 18, 2023
This excursion was fantastic! Our travel guide was super informative and helpful. Would recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Lorraine
5 Stars
A tour not to be missed
November 18, 2023
A wonderful tour. Full of historic charm and seeing Oia, Fiya and a great winery tour as well. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the beautiful island of Santorini. Our guide was so full of knowledge of the island as well.
Reviewer: Donna Smith
5 Stars
November 16, 2023
Wine tour was interesting. Santorini was fascinating. Too many tourists.
Reviewer: Vera Louise Parent; Edgar Parent
4 Stars
Santorini,Oia and Winery Tour
November 13, 2023
Enjoyable tour.
Reviewer: Dave MacDonald
4 Stars
Beautiful scenery
November 11, 2023
Great tour but trying to get back to the bottom of the mountain took roughly 2 hours and a couple of near fist fights because there is no order in the line to get to the tram.
Reviewer: Jan porod
5 Stars
Great excursion!!
November 09, 2023
The guide was knowledgeable and super personal. He bus driver was excellent! There were some scary hills and turns but they both reassured our safety.
Reviewer: Paula Logue
5 Stars
Santorini excursion
November 05, 2023
While the scenery was amazing, difficulty in understanding our tour guide. Winery was lovely. Very crowded, not much you can do about that with other cruise ships in town.
Reviewer: Smith-Bisson
4 Stars
Great Views
November 01, 2023
Best way to get up the hill is via bus on this tour, rather than waiting for the gondola ride. The winery has awesome views and a wonderful outdoor patio for the lunch. Could start sooner to allow a little more in the town of Santorini.
Reviewer: Barry Williscroft
5 Stars
October 30, 2023
Our tour guide was amazing! She was from Santorini, and gave us many interesting stories about growing up there. The Winery Tour was also amazing!
Reviewer: Brenda Warner
5 Stars
October 29, 2023
Outstanding views plus a very good tour guide and great wine. Very crowded but manageable.
Reviewer: Ed and Brenda Boone
4 Stars
October 28, 2023
This was a very nice excursion. The winery was excellent. I would recommend but let people know it is a lot of walking uphill
Reviewer: Marian Askegren
4 Stars
October 23, 2023
Excellent experience excellent Gide, very enthusiastic and very knowledgeable all together Very pleasant experience.
Reviewer: Anna &Tony Malara
5 Stars
Fantastic tour
October 22, 2023
Our guide was fabulous, she was very knowledgeable along with a good sense of humor. Fantastic tour illustrated both local and tourist regions.
Reviewer: Dave J Boyko
5 Stars
October 22, 2023
when I book this tour I was very happy with the opportunity to visit Santorini and do the wine tasting just very good
Reviewer: Jorge Rodriguez
5 Stars
October 17, 2023
What a wonderful tour this was! And that's almost exclusively due to our guide--Margarita. It's a beautiful island but the port area in Filia was chaos. There were honestly too many cruise ships in port but Margarita had everything under control. She was easy to find in the melee and then she kept us in one area while she worked hard to find the few cruisers that hadn't made it yet. Margarita was imminently knowledgeable; she was also patient and personable. I don't have enough room here to sing her praises adequately. The tour itself was very informative and we all seemed to really enjoy the vineyard and the wine tasting! After a great tour, Margarita told us exactly when the other ships were leaving port and when it would be easiest to get on the cable car. Her knowledge and preparedness were invaluable. Our tour boarded a boat at Filia instead of having us stand in the LONG LINE for the cable car. I can't recommend this tour highly enough, especially with Margarita.
Reviewer: Ramona Jones
5 Stars
Wine lovers
October 12, 2023
Bus driver amazing skills with a manual transmission even. Tour great wish that the cruise ships could stager their arrival days. So many people. Lovely walking the narrow streets.
Reviewer: Ron Steckler
4 Stars
exclusive Santorini, Tia and Winery Tour
October 10, 2023
Reviewer: JOHN & Susan Hanlon
5 Stars
Lovely Day
October 10, 2023
What a lovely tour. Our tour guide expertly managed our group of 50. Port pickup was prompt and transportation was a well-appointed (and air-conditioned) coach bus. We traveled the winding roads of Santorini stopping at several lookouts and were given time in Oia to see the stunning views, take pictures, and shop. It wasn’t a lot of time, but for the time frame of the trip, it was enough. The wine tasting was a delight and my friends and I bought several bottles of wine. We were given a mini charcuterie board that we used to pair with the wines. Great views from the winery as well. There was NO pressure to buy either.
Reviewer: Noelle
5 Stars
Great trip and guide
October 05, 2023
Loved the fact we didn't have to queue to go up to the top. Wine tasting was excellent, lovely wines. Found Oia lovely but very busy! Same again with Fira and had a large queue to get back down to the port by cable car as too many steps to go down and poor donkeys looked worn out. Guide was great and full of information.
Reviewer: Marjorie
5 Stars
Great tour
October 01, 2023
What was advertised was provided. It was a very good tour, very informative.
Reviewer: Darlene Dierkes
5 Stars
Amazing tour!
September 27, 2023
We loved this tour! Our tour guide did an amazing job telling us the history of Santorini and loved all the sight seeing. Bus driver did a great job navigating tight corners throughout the tour of Santorini and Oia. Would definitely recommend!
Reviewer: Sara Vaughan
5 Stars
Gorgeous Sunset and Cliffs
September 22, 2023
A breathtaking beautiful city. Our guide was excellent and the winery tour was quite enjoyable. Very crowded in August and the line for the cable car went on forever but it was due to the # of cruise ships in port on that day.
Reviewer: Valerie
5 Stars
September 22, 2023
A very pleasant day and good value for the money. I would book it again. Our tour guide had a pleasant personality, was very informative and never made us feel rushed. We had plenty of time to explore and returned to the dock area with time to spare.
Reviewer: J.Lara
5 Stars
Only way to the top
September 21, 2023
We met up with Margarita. We took a lovely boat to the bus that took us on a tour of the island, while everyone else was still waiting for the cable car or walking up the million steps. We had an excellent tour with stops to take photos and history/cultural lessons the entire way. The Winery tasting had a lot more food than I expected and then we were taken to Fira with plenty of time to wander and enjoy Santorini. NOTE: Our cruise changed its itinerary last minute and we arrived not only on the wrong date but late tendering to port - SEG was waiting for us and had no issue with the date change
Reviewer: Wayne Loney
5 Stars
Beautiful Place, certainly worthy to visit
September 18, 2023
It's a very, very beautiful place. We enjoyed the view, the wine taste and bus ride. Tour guide was good and knowledgeable about the area.
Reviewer: Chang
4 Stars
Awesome day in Santorini
August 25, 2023
What an exciting day! Visiting the winery and tasting 3 of their wines was awesome. (I was able find the same wine at home when I returned!) Walking through the town of Oia and capturing gorgeous pictures was the highlight of this visit. Our guide shared excellent commentary throughout the tour.
Reviewer: Jana Williams
5 Stars
August 12, 2023
Overall, it was a good tour. I would have preferred it to be a little longer. We felt rushed.
Reviewer: Cynthia
4 Stars
July 28, 2023
Wow, Anastasia, our tour guide was fabulous. She isa very knowledgable lady who shared a lot of knowledge about beautiful Santorini. We went to a beautiful beach (watch out for the dog poop) and also a winery. The cable car line to get back down the cliff was 90 minutes long so we opted to walk down the 572 steps. The views were stunning but watch out for the donkeys and their poop! We also visited a winery which was wonderful.
Reviewer: Keyuri Joshi
5 Stars
Excellent Tour
July 10, 2023
Our guide was a very personable, compassionate and well-spoken woman who made the tour extremely enjoyable. The restrictions of meeting the tender of our cruise ship made us very nervous and she assured us that we would make it to the cable cars in time, which we did. We highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Jack J Aizenman and Karen Aizenman
5 Stars
Great Way to See a Little of Everything
July 06, 2023
This tour was very nice - a small group and a very knowledgeable tour guide, Margarita. We were able to find her easily at the port and get to where we needed to go. She showed us some lovely stops and told us a lot about the history of the islands. Most of the time spent was in Oia - there are a lot of stairs and uphill walks here, so be prepared. We finished up at the winery where we tried 3 local wines. We wound up buying a couple bottles to bring back. Great tour overall!
Reviewer: Abbie Taylor
5 Stars
Great way to see Santorini
July 05, 2023
We tendered from our boat to Fira and was able to locate the tour company quite easily. Depending on the day and number of cruise ships visiting, this small little port can get very cramped and crowded. The line to the cable car grew very long as we waited for our tour to start. Finally, after over an hour of waiting, we loaded into a boat and took a short ride over to another port. There, we loaded a bus and began our trek up the hillside, taking in some of the most beautiful views of the caldera. We stopped at the winery and had a tasting with snacks. Next we rode to the highest point In Santorini before getting out to take some photos on our own. We then moved on to Oia, where we could explore our our own. Lastly, we headed to Fira, where the tour ended. You were free to walk around, eat, or shop at your leisure before making your way back to the port to tender to your ship on your own (cable car, walk, or donkey it down).
Reviewer: Kris
5 Stars
Amazing Place!
June 25, 2023
We enjoyed this tour so much we even took the stairs on our way back to the port. Cable car lines was too long. But over all it was amazing! Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and nice. It was worth it!
Reviewer: Peachie Martin
5 Stars
Exclusive Santorini review
June 16, 2023
This was a great tour! Very organized to get us over to Santorini from the port. Great tour guide! Very nice visit to the winery/brewery - we got beer tastings! Lots of free time! Great guide!
Reviewer: Evelyn Foree
5 Stars
Lots of Fun!!
June 09, 2023
This tour was actually lots of fun. The bus driver drove us all over the island, with stops in Oia and Fira. In Fira, we went to a brewery and sampled three types of wine and three types of beer. They also had little snacks to sample along with the beverages. I would highly recommend.
Reviewer: denise k bolduc
5 Stars
Great way to see the island!
June 04, 2023
*MAKE SURE YOU RESERVE AN EARLY TENDER FROM YOUR CRUISE LINER!* We were delayed starting our adventure because several attendees were late tendering over from the ship. Despite that, we had plenty of time at the winery and a good hour or so of free-time in Oia.
Reviewer: Jacob Miller
5 Stars
Oia Winery Tour
May 25, 2023
I loved this Tour. Our Guide, Marguerita, was informative and delightful. The Winery is just beautiful!
Reviewer: Peggy Reller
5 Stars
Informative and Scenic
November 18, 2022
Our tour of Santorini was fun and very informative. I enjoyed the bus tour which showed us parts of the island that we couldn't see on our own. The winery was relaxing and I enjoyed the tastings. I even bought a bottle. Our guide was very knowledgeable and filled us with interesting facts about the island. The end of the tour gave us the opportunity to sample the local wares and was appreciated by many.
Reviewer: Robert M. Stone
5 Stars
Great Tour - October 12, 2022
November 15, 2022
Our guide, Margarita, a lifetime resident of the island, added so much to this excursion with her extensive knowledge and she made everything interesting with her insights. We happened to be there when 4 other ships were in port, so it was crazy crowded in Fira. However, we were in a smaller group of 14 in a very comfortable van and our driver really knew how to move about quite easily. The visit to the winery and the wine tasting was very enjoyable, and the view was exceptional and is a great photo op.
Reviewer: Brian & Carol Thompson
5 Stars
Exclusive Santorini
November 06, 2022
Fabulous small group and wine tasting. Best way to see highlights of Santorini
Reviewer: Jody
5 Stars
Santorini and Oia and Winery Tour
November 03, 2022
It was really good, She was excellent
Reviewer: Janet Fraser
5 Stars
November 01, 2022
Wine tour was a lot of fun. Our tour guide was excellent. My favourite.
Reviewer: Larry Simpson
5 Stars
Great tour
October 20, 2022
We were fortunate to have good weather and our Guide was excellent
Reviewer: Gail Palko
5 Stars
October 16, 2022
Our tour guide was very informative and friendly. We all had a great time and learned a lot of new information.
Reviewer: Ralph Williams
5 Stars
September 28, 2022
excellent tour including the winery
Reviewer: Hezzel Jacobsen
5 Stars
Santorini, Oia & winery
September 02, 2022
It was so nice to have such a small group & get to key attractions before the big groups. Our guide was knowledgeable & helpful. The van was clean & comfortable, with a skilled driver who maneuvered around some tight squeezes.
Reviewer: Julie Tennie
5 Stars
Exclusive Santorini Oia and Winery Tour
August 30, 2022
Visiting Santorini has been on my bucket list for years and it did not disappoint. Our tour guide, Margherita, was excellent and very knowledgeable about the history and lore of the island. Our driver was also excellent as he maneuvered our van on those narrow, winding roads. We went first to Oia, where we had breathtaking views of the island and the sparkling Aegean Sea. From there we stopped at the Santos Winery where we tasted 3 delicious wines made on the island along with cheese, bread, and olives. We then drove to the city of Fira for a few hours of exploring on our own. The only negative thing about the tour—not the fault of the tour guide or Vacations To Go—was the VERY long wait for the cable car down to the port on a VERY hot day. I would be willing to pay a little more for this tour if it included getting back to the port, maybe by a small boat from another town rather than Fira. Overall very good tour.
Reviewer: Debbie Holt
5 Stars
Great time!
August 03, 2022
We had a great time visiting Santorini and the winery in Oia. Everyone was very friendly and the views from the winery were amazing!
Reviewer: Scott Kircher
5 Stars
Excellent guide
July 11, 2022
What a great experience. It was only the 4 of us travelers, our guide, and driver. We loved all the info and everything we did.
Reviewer: Jeanne Grahm
5 Stars
Great way to see the island!
July 10, 2022
We loved being able to comfortably go up to Santorini and see the city as well as experience a wine tasting. The wine was yummy - but the views were breath taking. Loved that our guide gave a suggestion for an off the beaten path place for dinner and to see the sunset. Be prepared to wait a LONG time for the cable car if you wait until after sunset.
Reviewer: Karyn S Petersen
5 Stars
Super tour
June 22, 2022
Amazing sights, guide knew just were to go and was super nice. Could have skipped the wine although I can see it being good for an enthusiast.
Reviewer: ivan cadigan
5 Stars
June 09, 2022
This was such a fun tour! Our guide was good. Very knowledgeable and engaging. The bus ride up the winding cliff was a bit nerve racking but our driver was excellent! At the end of our tour we personally spent six hours touring the narrow streets and shops and found a wonderful restaurant where we had a great dinner, bottle of wine and enjoyed the most beautiful sunset. Loved the cable car ride down to taxi to our cruise ship. The only disappointment to me was not seeing the cluster of beautiful white buildings with the breathtaking blue roofs we see in pictures. Saw only one here and there. Asked our tour guide and she was not sure. Had met another couple on this trip and they expressed the same comment about the white buildings and blue roofs.
Reviewer: Janet Salmon
5 Stars
Santorini, Oia and Wine Tour
January 09, 2020
We enjoyed the tour. Pleasant and informative. Nice wine!
Reviewer: Jeanie Tinant
4 Stars
Place should be on bucket list
December 29, 2019
The tour was wonderful and guide was friendly. There was confusion where to meet with guide at the pier. We were left by guide quite a distance from the cable car to go back to the pier. Lines were very long and my husband succumbed to the direct sun (even though it was October) and had to be helped onto the cable car by the attendants.
Reviewer: Sherrie Auriene
4 Stars
A Wonderful Experience
November 30, 2019
Our tour of Santorini was everything we hoped it would be. From the tender boat, we were immediately greeted by a tour representative who loaded our group into a very comfortable tour coach. We traveled from one end of the Island to the other, stopping to take pictures from the best vantage points. Our guide, Margherita, was knowledgeable and interesting and easily understood. The wine tasting was accompanied by tasty cheese, olives, and breadsticks, all quickly and seamlessly served. For my sister and me, our free time in the village of Fiera included local appetizers at a charming restaurant with a great view overlooking the sea. The trip ended at the top of the mountain leading to the port where we opted to ride down in the cable car rather than ride the donkeys or walk. We felt we had been immersed in the life of this beautiful Greek Island. I would recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Smith Terry
5 Stars
Nice Day in Santorini
November 27, 2019
Overall we had a nice day, BUT the rudeness of some Asians was a problem. To get their selfies they almost knocked my wife down. I had to become her linebacker to make a path for a few pictures (not selfies1). This is not Shore Excursions fault though. Wine tasting was VERY NICE!
Reviewer: John Haley
4 Stars
Exclusive Santorini, Oia and Winery Tour
November 24, 2019
Great tour! Very enjoyable day. Day would have been perfect had t he tour taken us back to the port by coach. 2 hours + wait for the venicular was crazy, glad it wasn't hotter
Reviewer: Margaret Baker
5 Stars
very enjoyable
November 20, 2019
Our tour guide was very personable and informative on all aspects of our tour. The wine tasting was excellent, and they included some small plate food to enjoy with the wine. The only thing I would change on the tour is to include time in the town above the harbor, especially at the end so that we would not have to climb uphill in a rush to get to the gondolas to take us back down in order to meet the ship on time. We had no time to spend looking in the shops there, although a lot of time was included in the pricier tourist area.
Reviewer: Anne Pla
5 Stars
Exclusive Santorini, Oia and Winery Tour
November 14, 2019
This was a great tour! Our guide did a really good job! The only thing that keeps this from getting 5 stars was that we were there with four other cruise ships. We would have had to stand in a long line to ride the cable car down and we ended up walking the switch backs. This was no problem for my husband and myself, but the other couple we were traveling with had a hard time walking down.
Reviewer: Julie Kaal
4 Stars
Great tour for our day in Santorini
November 12, 2019
We really enjoyed our tour in Santorini. Our guide, Margerita was awesome and super knowledgable! If you are traveling on a cruise, make sure to get a tender ticket early so you can get off the boat in time. This tour was nice because it left via boat at the pier to start, so you didn't need to take the trolley up (only back down at night). We really enjoyed the scenery at the lookout point and winery. Oia was beautiful (but very crowded), so we felt we had enough time to look around without getting overwhelmed by the crowds. I would definitely recommend!
Reviewer: Kayla
5 Stars
Loved it!
November 11, 2019
Don’t miss this excursion. Breathtaking! Santorini and Oia like no other place. Enjoyed the free time. The visit to the winery was excellent. We were in a private room for sampling 3 of their top wines. Didn’t like the long line to the tram to get back to the tender. Cute little souvenirs for sale on the lower level.
Reviewer: Walter Deskins
5 Stars
A Little Bit of Many Sites
November 07, 2019
We enjoyed this tour. Winery was very nice. Thought we saw a good cross section of the island. Oia is another crowded village with alley-narrow streets. Only 3 ships in port on our visit. They say there can be 5-6 in the summer. Independent cable car at the end was a chore. Walk down donkey path takes 20-30 minutes vs. one minute cable car ride. Loved Anastasia, our guide!
Reviewer: Frank
4 Stars
Santorini: Oia, Winery Tour and Thira
November 04, 2019
Excellent tour with a very knowledgeable tour guide. Free time well balanced with the tour. Felt like we got a good glimpse of the whole island and will go back.
Reviewer: Susan McConeghey
5 Stars
Exclusive Santorini, Ora and Winery Tour
November 02, 2019
Excellent tour. Clear a concise directions on meeting the tour. The young lady that was the tour guide was knowledgeable answering any and all questions the guest may have. We all enjoyed the winery and the village tours
Reviewer: Fritz Lohmeyer
5 Stars
Wonderful Day
November 02, 2019
We were a party of 6 and we booked this tour for our day in Santorini. It was a wonderful day. You go around the island by boat to meet your bus on the other side of the island. Then you drive through a beautiful area before getting to the wine tasting. Santorini is famous for their white wines though we did taste a red as well. There is no pressure to buy, but we did decide to send some wine home. If you meet the minimum requirement of 180 Euros shipping is free. There is also a beautiful spot to go take some pictures right outside the tasting room. At the end of the tour you are left to wander around the island, which we really enjoyed. Just be sure to leave plenty of the time to get back to the ship pier as the line does get long. We went down a little early and had dinner at a cute restaurant on the pier and enjoyed the sunset.
Reviewer: Lyndsey Guy
5 Stars
Tour fine but Overcrowded
October 31, 2019
The tour guide was excellent, although I sadly cannot remember her name. Seeing the various areas by bus was nice and she provided tremendous detail of life in the area. Sadly, the tourist spots were packed to the point that the busing, walking and enjoyment factors were impacted very negatively. Just too many people.
Reviewer: Julie Schrag
4 Stars
We MISSED it! But read on.....
October 28, 2019
There are tender boats involved so you MUST leave at least one to two hours ! If you are booking tours,like this, in line and not through the ship, you will not get the best service from the ship, thathiamto say: the tours booked through the ship are rendered off early as their guild is with them....if you book with a private company,,like Shore Excursiins as we did to save money and get excellent smaller tour groups, be sure to be early! The trip across the bay, the long line up and the arduous trip up in the cable car will take a long time...be early. We missed our tour but sis the walking tour ourselves, got the cheap,local bus to the other end of the island to walk Oia, what a great town! The views from both towns are post card quality!! Great tour on our own, but we did was some $ by missing our tour....be early!
Reviewer: Susan Roberts
4 Stars
Oia and winery tour Santorini
October 25, 2019
Learned same interesting facts about Santorini. Drawback, had wait in twice inline for gondola, over 1hour each time. Great guide.
Reviewer: Klaus Ihssen
4 Stars
Wonderful tour with a great guide
October 18, 2019
Thoroughly enjoyed this excursion. The visit to Oia was the highlight with wonderful photos and views although the place was extremely crowded. The winery tasting was informative, but short, with enjoyable lecture on the wine and tasty olives. The guide was informative and very personable. We could have done with out the trip up the mountain as it was a bit gray that day But, overall, a great excursion worth the money..
Reviewer: Tom Dunbar
5 Stars
Santorini tour
October 16, 2019
We really enjoyed the water taxi trip to the bus but we're frustrated by waiting for late travellers. The bus tour and winery were beautiful and enjoyable as was the time to walk through the shops. The guide was most pleasant and knowledgeable. Very good tour
Reviewer: Elaine Gorham
4 Stars
Excellent Tour Guide
October 02, 2019
Excellent tour guide, cannot remember her name now...value for money. Safe drivers, comfortable buses
Reviewer: Vera M Rampersad
5 Stars
Scenic Tour
September 27, 2019
We enjoyed visiting Oia and and seeing the beautiful landscape of Santorini. The only disappointing part of the tour was the winery which was very brief and felt rushed.
Reviewer: Mike Whalen
4 Stars
September 15, 2019
This is the most beautiful of all the islands and very clean. The tour started with a bus ride up the mountain for a wonderful view below and a lovely wine tasting time with cheese,olives,bread etc. We then went down to the main part of Santorini to tour in our own and the take the funicular down to the lower lever to then take a boat transfer back to the ship. It was a very long wait for the funicular and the price was not included in the tour package. Beautiful beautiful island! ,br
Reviewer: Pat Swanson
5 Stars
September 09, 2019
Good tour but very crowded.
Reviewer: Norman Corbin
4 Stars
Santorini, Oia and winert tour
August 28, 2019
An excellent tour that gave us great exposure to the greater area of Santorini rather than just the shops at the top of the cliff. Oia and the winery tour was awesome with beautiful views and the wines were nice. Hard to imagine a wine industry surviving on an average rainfall of aroung 300mm!!
Reviewer: Rick Nolan
5 Stars
Great tours to a beautiful location
August 25, 2019
Great visit to a lovely location. Tour of the island was filled with new experiences and magnificent scenery. Our tour guide did a wonderful job sharing the history and facts of the area. Oia was absolutely beautiful and the tour allowed time to explore on our own. Winery was a great way to wrap up a wonderful day on a beautiful island. Look forward to visiting again!
Reviewer: TK
5 Stars
Excellent tour
August 24, 2019
Had such a wonderful tour! Loved the guide and truly enjoyed the wine tasting.
Reviewer: Dawn Elmore
5 Stars
Love Santorini!
August 22, 2019
Loved the tour with Shore Excursions Group. The winery was lovely with beautiful views. Oia is not to be missed. Breathtakingly beautiful. Unfortunately would have liked to have more time in Thira and the lines for the cable cars were too long.
Reviewer: Liane Neumann
5 Stars
One day in Santorini
August 13, 2019
Wonderful experience. Guide was very informative and gave a lot of information. Bus ride was great way to see the island. Wine tour was good.
Reviewer: Paul S
5 Stars
Guided tour
August 11, 2019
We had a very knowledgeable tour guide as we toured Santorini...bypassed the huge lines waiting for cable as we boarded boat to other end of island...lovely winery , scenery, explanations & finally Oia where we walked around with guide explaining all important features...took cable car (no lines) down to port at end of tour.
Reviewer: Gene
5 Stars
Beautiful tour
July 23, 2019
The guide was as amazing as the tour. We loved being able to see more of the island.
Reviewer: Christine
5 Stars
Great Overview of Santorini
July 16, 2019
Our guide and the tour path gave us a wonderful overview of the island. Our visit to the Santo winery was well-planned at the mid-point, and the wines were well worth tasting. The schedule provided ample time to get a sense of Oia, though little time for much shopping if that was one's goal (not ours), and we appreciated the tour ending at the top of Fira, allowing as much time as one wanted to wander.
Reviewer: Jacalyn Askin
5 Stars
Beautiful island, excellent tour
July 05, 2019
The tour of the island was comprehensive and informative, with plenty of opputunity to take in the breathtaking views. The stop at the winery was well done. A beautiful spot, a short but useful explanation of the wines, four wines to taste , with light tapas. Time to browse the store and for photos. The highlight of course was Oia which was beautiful but very crowded. Our tour guide was excellent and gave us sufficient time to explore the town. Well timed, well paced, and a great value tour.
Reviewer: Carol Shepherd
5 Stars
June 30, 2019
Excellent..don't change anything!
Reviewer: ROBERT d volpe
5 Stars
June 24, 2019
What a beautiful island. We had a fantastic tour guide who did a wonderful job of showing off her island. She explained so many details. Went to a lovely winery for a wine tasting that was great. Had lots of time to wander around by ourselves. Don't underestimate how long the cable car line is...had the usual rude folks who had to cut the line...not nice..
Reviewer: Martha Nicklin
5 Stars
Exclusive Santorini, Oia and Winery Tour
June 24, 2019
Very good, good English, small group, guide had good knowledge.
Reviewer: Wei Jiang Yeh
5 Stars
harriett swope
June 20, 2019
loved this tour I purchased 6 bottles of wine we tasted. the snacks were perfect.
Reviewer: harriett swope
5 Stars
Loved this tour!
June 19, 2019
This tour was so interesting and fun! The winery was wonderful and so inviting. The winery was an excellent place to select gifts. Plenty of time given at all the stops. Highly recommend!
Reviewer: Christy Saniga
5 Stars
Santorini, Oia, and winery tour
June 19, 2019
We booked this tour because it hit all the places we wanted to go in the short amount of time we had as we were on a cruise. The tour guide was very good, gave us lots of information regarding the island. Had plenty of time in each location with lots of time to spare in Fira. did not feel rushed at all. would recommend this tour.
Reviewer: C.Simmons
4 Stars
Santorini and winery were beautiful
June 18, 2019
Santorini was crowded, but absolutely beautiful. The winery had the best views you could imagine and the wine and shared plates were very good.
Reviewer: Joe V
5 Stars
as above
June 17, 2019
Guide was knowledgeable, pleasant
Reviewer: Erminia Choy
4 Stars
Exclusive Antorini, Oia and Winery tour
June 14, 2019
Very good excursios. the guide was extremely good and very helpfull.
Reviewer: annele de Vries
5 Stars
Very Good Experience
June 12, 2019
Margaretta gave us a good tour, and ending at the winery was such a delight. Her accent was rather heavy.
Reviewer: Dianna & Mike
4 Stars
Exclusive Santorini, Oia and Winery Tour
June 10, 2019
The buss was very comfortable and Margarita was a joy. Always available and inciteful.
Reviewer: Linda Trepanier
5 Stars
Great experience!
June 06, 2019
Would highly recommend this tour. Tour guide was friendly and knowledgeable. Enough time was given to tour Oia. Winery tour was not really a tour, but more of wine tasting. The wines were great. We got dropped off in Fira, with enough time to just go around town.
Reviewer: Noel C
5 Stars
Great Tour!!
June 03, 2019
Tour was great! Tour picked us up straight from the port in the tender area where our guide stood with a clear sign indicating our tour, group assembled early so we got a good jump on the day. Took a speed boat across the bay to pick up the bus. Bus ride to the highest point in the Santorini where we were allowed to take photos of the beautiful views. After this we headed down the mountain to the winery where we were allowed to sample 3 local wines and they provided us with a lot of local snacks, only downside is there could have been some more time at the winery. Oia was as expected but the crowds tend to ruin the place. We were provided free time here to do as we please. The last stop of the day was in Fira where the tour guide walked us to the main square from where we departed. The guide Margherita was very informative throughout the trip. Would definitely recommend!
Reviewer: Matt H
5 Stars
May 26, 2019
First time in Santorini... take this excursion. Downside not enough time to chill and enjoy a nice diner. Santorini and Oia plus the winery visit were all beautiful.
5 Stars
Good sightseeing, but bad wine and not good guide
May 23, 2019
We enjoyed the sights, and we got some great pictures. But our guide seemed as if she had someplace better to be, and the wine that we tasted was not good at all. It's difficult to say that we're sorry we went, because I can overlook a lot of negatives for the sake of experiencing a beautiful place. And I guess that best describes this one - the beauty of the place overcame everything else so that it was still a good day overall.
Reviewer: Warren
2 Stars
February 20, 2019
Incredible day trip. Winery has amazing views and Oia was everything you see in the pictures. Only downside was the crowds in port for the day. This is a must for anyone!
Reviewer: Joe Kozak
5 Stars
Loved it!
February 16, 2019
Nice excursion.
Reviewer: William L and Paige C Horn
5 Stars
The views were amazing!
December 17, 2018
A trip well worth taking! We saw the country side, amazing views and visited a winery for a tasting. The food provided at the tasting was amazing. Bread, tomatoes, cheese, and olives I couldn't stop going for more until I got up and left the table!
Reviewer: Craig Dart
5 Stars
Complete satisfaction!
November 14, 2018
Tour guide knowledgeable, courteous, on time. All went well including a shuttle between ship and pier. Wine tour was enjoyable. Oia was lovely but very commercial. We had a good time.
Reviewer: Canadian vagabonds
5 Stars
A very nice tour with local cheese and wine .
November 04, 2018
Our ship stopped at the bay and we were taken by a tender boat ashore .Once on a pier me and my wife came out and asked 2 women about our tour and they were prompt and waiting already even so we were about 40 min early.We walked around for about half hour and when a group was all intact boarded an other boat and were taken to an other pier. Once there we sat in a very nice bus and started our Journey with a local guide. We were taken to couple points for a good photos and after to a winery where we got to see how they make wine and sat down in a nice dining room to taste cheese and 3 types of wines .If you wanted more wine they would give you .After all we proceeded to the village with our guide.She told us to meet back at a bus terminal in couple hours and then went to main village by bus again .Thank you for a very good tour. We enjoyed it.
Reviewer: John
5 Stars
Awesome tour!
November 03, 2018
Great tour, excellent guide, you will get to see the very best of the island with stops at the highest point on the island, the winery, Oia and Fira. We would highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Warren Laughlin
5 Stars
November 02, 2018
We were unable to take this excursion as I was not feeling up to it, I bet it was great just like our Athens trip. Thanks again
Reviewer: Maureen Green
5 Stars
What a great excursion!
October 31, 2018
How can you not love Santorini? It is just beautiful. Our tour guide, Marguerite, was the best. She spoke to us constantly. She knew so much and shared her knowledge of the history and culture of Santorini. The ride up was intense, but the bus driver was amazing. The cable car down was very quick! Definitely recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Randi
5 Stars
The way to see the island
October 20, 2018
I felt like we saw the entire island and the sharp contrasts between the quiet arrid interior and the bright white and blue of Oia. The winery was fun and delicious with beautiful overlooks of the entire island. Oia was very crowded but beautiful, just keep moving if you want to see it all in the time allotted. The worst was getting down the tram back to the ship, maybe look into taking this tour back to the new port to tender back to the bottom of the cliff. Had no time to explore Fira, just while standing in line.
Reviewer: Deborah
5 Stars
Santorini, Oia, Fira and Winery Tour
October 15, 2018
Our guide met us promptly at the pier at 9:00 am. From there we proceeded up by bus a very narrow, winding, close to the edge, with long way down road. Bus ride could be a bit scary for those afraid of heights. Once you get to the top, the view is a amazing. Walking in towns is mostly on cobble stone sidewalks. We had a very knowledgeable guide spoke very well English. We visited Oia, Fira and a winery plus many other points of interest along the way. We decided to walk down instead of taking the cable car down. The walk is about 25 minutes. Donkey rides are available. The path is cobble stone and uneven, so good walking shoes are recommended. Santorini is a photographer's paradise.
Reviewer: Joseph Galica
5 Stars
October 14, 2018
We had a really great host. She was so informative. We just loved Santorini. Oia was very special and we recommend definitely going there. The bus was very comfortable and we really enjoyed visiting the winery.
Reviewer: Karen
5 Stars
Santorini Tour
October 09, 2018
We really enjoyed our tour. I don’t remember our tour guides name but she was originally from Germany and she was excellent. The tour was very informative and it allowed us to get a good overall feel for the island.
Reviewer: Nancy Stonkus
5 Stars
Scenic, Savory, Sensational
October 08, 2018
Santorini is sensational! Tender ashore early and start your day with Greek coffee at the Aroma Cafe' at the quaint Fira port, then meeting your guide. Our local guide was knowledgable and clearly loved this scenic island...and what's not to love! This tour is the perfect blend of history, sites, shopping and Wine! Savory, local fare is served at the wine tasting...eat up, it will hold you over for walking and shopping in Oia and Fira. Wear comfortable shoes and watch your step, donkeys are around, especially if you choose to take the trail down to the port. Before you catch the tender, end the day with the locals at Lombranos at the port. The hospitality, food and view make a perfect end to the day. Have the catch of the day, tomato balls and Santorini salad, and of course, a local beer or wine, and enjoy the view. Yamas!
Reviewer: HKL
5 Stars
Oia and Winery Tour
October 07, 2018
Tour guide was knowledgeable and friendly. Winery was awesome. Oia was the highlight.
Reviewer: Bertina Hallman
4 Stars
Great Tour
October 01, 2018
The Santorini, Oia and Winery Tour was everything I expected. We spent an appropriate amount of time at each of the stops on the tour to fully explore and enjoy our visit to Santorini. The tour guide was knowledgeable and provided excellent information. The exact same tour from the cruise line, with a couple of slight, insignificant differences, was over double the cost. Don't miss this tour from Shore Excursions.
Reviewer: Robert Karlin
5 Stars
Exclusive Santorini Oia Winery Tour
September 25, 2018
Visited Oia, a pretty village of pastel-tinted houses set into the Cliffside of Santorini’s highest peak. Glance for paths in the village that will guide you to one of the two black-sand volcanic beaches with stop at winery and then finishing at Fira Town down to long line up for the cable car which took us 2 hours in line to get down to the pier. It was awesome and had we had a great time on this tour but needed more time as traffic was too bad and caused delays and the time was short so we could not see much of the town of Fira, otherwise worth once in life time. Beautiful from start to finish everything went well and a very good guide
Reviewer: RIYAZ ESSA
4 Stars
Loved this tour
September 19, 2018
Spectacular views on this tour! We took six tours in Greece and this was our favorite. Great guide and enough time to enjoy the stops.
Reviewer: Jay
5 Stars
September 04, 2018
Loved Santorini!!! Even the warm temps and crowds couldn’t demiish the wow factor. The wine tour was such fun and a perfect way to celebrate our anniversary. The views of Santorini are magnificent and as amazing as all the photographs.
Reviewer: Rhonda
5 Stars
September 01, 2018
This shore excursion was awesome! I really felt like I got to see the entire island of Santorini. We went to the highest point of the island for amazing views, got to visit and taste at the island's largest winery and drove through the narrowest point of the island on our way to Oia. The only thing I wish was different was the order because we got to Oia at the same time as all of the other tour buses which meant thousands of people in a very small area all at the same time. The stops would have been perfect in reverse (Oia, winery, monastery). But still an excellent shore excursion and I would definitely recommend.
Reviewer: Cindy Butler
5 Stars
Perfect way to spend the day in Santorini!
August 29, 2018
Knowing that we had a limited amount of time in Santorini, we decided to do a tour to get the most out of the island. Tour brought us all around, including a winery (which had beautiful views), Oia and ending in Fira. Having read the reviews of this tour, we were ready for the large crowds and the descent down to the port. Yes, Oia is extremely crowded, but you're going to have that experience whether or not you're on a tour. After doing the tour, I think this was the most efficient way to see everything on the island. Highly recommend! Plus, Margarita was an excellent guide.
Reviewer: EAC
5 Stars
exclusive santorini oia & winery tour
August 13, 2018
What can I say WOW .What I saw on the bus was. interesting.Did not think it looked like that.The winery was wonderful really enjoyed the experience.The tour guide was very good.
Reviewer: patricia opfer
5 Stars
Not just quite there
August 13, 2018
Village of Oia is worth but crowded. Everything else is average. I don't know what is "Exclusive" about this itinerary. Except for village of Oia, all other stops were average for Southern Californians. Cruise ship tours have an advantage in being able to get off first and taking the boat to land. Quite a crowd in Oia by the time we got there. Wine tour was a waste of time. Avg wines at best. Not suitable for family with kids. Worst is, they leave you in the Oia and you have to figure out trams or walk knee breaking stairs to climb down. Guide was decent; bus was comfortable
Reviewer: NK
4 Stars
Great tour
August 06, 2018
9 of us were late and called Shore Excursions (yes they answered the phone) and managed to get us a van to meet the tour bus somewhere in the island. Tour itself was good and we had plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and the winery tour (first class). I recommend using Shore Excursions.
Reviewer: Jose DaCunha
5 Stars
A Little of Everything!
July 30, 2018
We started off by going to the highest point in Santorini. It was absolutely breathtaking! The winery was fun with a great selection of wines and plenty to munch on to keep us happy! We then ventured to Oia and walked the shops. Got some fantastic pics with the blue domes churches. The tour left us in Fira. We shopped a little there and then headed back down to the port. We waited in line for the cable car which was crowded but we knew this. My husband walked down with the donkeys. We had a great day! Guide was very informative and we learned a lot! This was a perfect way to see as much as we could in one day.
Reviewer: Chris Minch
5 Stars
Tour was great but tender was nerve-wracking
July 23, 2018
The tour itself was great! The winery/Oia combo was perfect, with enough time to know we want to come back! Our guide gave info (where to get the perfect postcard photo, and how long the line might be for the cable car). Back in Fira, the cable car line was long, and although my husband wanted to take it we would be cutting it close. We decided to walk down. He didn't like all the donkey poo. I was wearing sandals that were a little bit slippery but I was OK- If you have trouble with stairs or uneven footing, the walk down is not for you. We found out later that the cruise ship sent a rep to the top of the cable car to assure the guests who stayed that the hip would wait for them, but I didn't really like the stress. I really appreciate the small group size from this tour company, and all the tours have been great, but I think if we go to another port with a tender we will take a cruise-organized tour as to not have to worry about those logistics.
Reviewer: Kyla Adams
5 Stars
Nice but chaotic
June 25, 2018
The guide was good, informative and all but organizing boats between harbours was in disorder. Roughly one hour delay made this tour short , we managed to finish the tour but in a bit speedy manner. I would liked to have a little bit more free time in the main villages. In defence for the chaos there were four huge cruise vessels at the same time , problable about 8 -10000 peoples touring.
Reviewer: Olafur Arnason
4 Stars
Santorini Wine tour
June 11, 2018
The first half of the tour was lovely, taking in the jaw dropping sights, then the wine tour.it was a bit rushed but quite nice! We then took off to spend sometime above the coast line with the shops and beautiful architecture. The only problem was that the guide did not give good instructions on getting back to the car. She should have been waiting where she would be easily visible. She was not, and we missed finding our way back to the car. She did wait for us, but it took 15 minutes for us to find her. Thank you.
Reviewer: Linda Graney
4 Stars
June 11, 2018
Excellent knowledgeable guIDE knew everything about the island and it’s inhabitants The bus ride was a little nerve-racking but besides that it was beautiful country and we loved it thank you
Reviewer: Gregory Taylor
5 Stars
Good tour, rough end though.
May 29, 2018
Margarita was an awesome guide and very knowledgable. Tour was very good and included a lot. We boarded a boat to the other side of the island to meet the buses and began with Mt. Profitis Ilias. After that, we were taken to Oia. I could have done without the wine tasting; you got a brief introduction then you go into a crowded room to taste 3 wines with snacks. After this we were taken to Fira. My only complaint has to do with the cable car transport; tour did not seem to take into account how much time we'd need waiting in the queue after the excursion. We got to the queue 2.5hrs before the last tender and we were in line for 20 mins before discovering it was a 3.5hr wait to get to the cable cars; by that time, our boat would have already left for the day. We ended up having to walk down the 588 steps with someone who has knee troubles. My suggestion would be to see if its possible to drop off at the same pick up location and take the boat back to the tender pier to meet the ship.
Reviewer: Louise
5 Stars
May 27, 2018
1.The guide needs a sign to be recognized easily in the crowd. 2. Earphone would help to hear the guide comments. 3. Travelers need group stickers.
Reviewer: Mary Chung
4 Stars
Loved this tour
May 27, 2018
Celebrity had plenty of port ferry’s, didn’t use cruise tenders- no wait! New Port has 3 ways to top, sky tram-pay, donkeys-pay, walk donkey trail free or a tour which another boat takes you to old port where you load tour bus Which was modern and guide fantastic. Excellent island overview stopped in clouds on top of Moni Profiti llia (amazing) then stop at Santos Winery where we had tour then sat for 3 wine tastings over huge bowls of breads olives and goat cheese. Views spectacular! Then we stopped in Oia the town you think of when you picture Santorini. The guide gave us overview then left us. You had time to shop eat-we had a beer - all take credit cards, explore then head back to bus. The final stop was back to new port. We opted to walk down the donkey trail which was amazing fun! The views, exercise and many moments of moving out of the way for passing donkeys was worth it! We made sure to wash our sneakers first thing back on the ship!
Reviewer: Marti
5 Stars
Great day
May 25, 2018
Did this trip in early May. The tour was well organized, transportation was comfortable and the guide informative. Only suggestion would be to visit Santorini first then go to the Winery Tour. This way you can avoid the crowds in Santorini and enjoy the wine tasting later on in the day.
Reviewer: Stuart
4 Stars
Would highly recommend
May 23, 2018
Guides name was Josef and he was excellent. We loved Oia and Santorini. It is a lengthy tour and very warm 29 degrees, we really enjoyed it.
Reviewer: Linda
5 Stars
Santorini a superb Greek village
May 23, 2018
Excluding the double tender legs to get to our bus, we had a superb day walking the Narrow streets of this White walls and Blue Cupolas touristic village. The drive on narrow roads climbing the cliffs was exciting and provided great photo ops. The visit of Oia was interesting. The winery visit was very good. The far drop off point near Fira left us with a long and hot walk to the cable car where we discovered an hour long waiting line to get back to the pier and ship, a bad ending to a good day.
Reviewer: Dianne Boucher
4 Stars
Tour guide spoke excellent English -
May 22, 2018
Beautiful places. Great guide. Too bad Shore Excursion tours don’t use listening devices so if you lag behind you miss part of the guide’s information.
Reviewer: Beatriz Goldstein
5 Stars
Grat tour, do it.
May 22, 2018
The winery was beautiful and the selection collected from all the small vineyards in the area. The island is beautiful. My recommendation is NOT taking the gondola down from the hill as you'll waste 1-2 hours standing in line. Take the stairs = 15 minutes.
Reviewer: paul minnillo
5 Stars
Most beautiful place in the world
May 21, 2018
This was an excellent tour. Santorini is absolutely beautiful and this tour gives you the chance to see the highlights while also stopping for a couple of glasses of wine along with a bite to eat. The guide was very good and explained the history and beauty of the area. Would strongly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Don Irving
5 Stars
May 21, 2018
Interesting tour of a beautiful island. Trying to get back to the tender area was a challenge with the lift. Great guide.
Reviewer: Judith Holton
4 Stars
Santorini dreaming
December 02, 2017
Excellent tour of Santorini and expert guide. First stop was Profitis Ilias for a beautiful panorama of Santorini which gets you ready for the next stop- Santo Winery. Beautiful views and wines at this winery at a very relaxed pace. Back on the bus to Oia which is even better in person. Pictures and artwork can only do so much to prepare you for actually being there, panemorfi! A wonderful way spend the day and see a lot of Santorini. Highly recommend.
Reviewer: mhartmann
5 Stars
Santorini, Ola and Wine tour
November 18, 2017
The bus tour around the island was excellent and the wine tour was outstanding. We were served a variety of olives, bread and cheeses while listening to an informative review of the wines we tasted and their wine production. Our guide Marguirita was very patient, informative and friendly. We loved her. This tour was well worth the money! Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Lydia McLamore
5 Stars
Well worth it!!
November 11, 2017
Small group on a minibus. Very informative. Lots of history. The wine tasting was fun.
Reviewer: Karen
5 Stars
A great way to see Santorini!
November 08, 2017
This tour covered a lot of ground! Our ship tendered, so once we got to shore we easily found our Shore Excursions Group meeting spot. We took a short ferry ride to another cove where we boarded a bus. We had a scenic ride around the island with excellent commentary from our guide. We went to the spot where the iconic Greece photo of white buildings and blue domes was taken (you can take your own photos--& our ship also had a photographer there if you like to purchase photos on board). We took a winery tour where we got to sample 3 different wines & had cheese, crackers, and olives with it, then had the chance to buy what we sampled or others in their store. This tour includes a ride down from Oia on the gondola--I did that, but my husband decided to walk down with the donkeys! We both enjoyed our experience & would recommend this tour. There is some walking involved & some hills, plus getting on/off boats & buses, so it's probably not best if you have mobility issues.
Reviewer: Lorna Earley
5 Stars
October 31, 2017
Love these small tours with local guides who know so much about their home and share with guess.
Reviewer: Audrey B.
5 Stars
Beautiful Santorini
October 31, 2017
Enjoyed this tour. The island is beautiful. The tour guide was informative and driver good. However, we did not see the beautiful beaches because they were on a different side of the island.
Reviewer: Anna
4 Stars
October 30, 2017
Great tour small group. Perfect destination
Reviewer: Robyn Bignell
5 Stars
October 18, 2017
This tour was a 10 on a scale of 1-10. The guide was prompt, respectful, knowledgable and fun! Fantastic tour!!
Reviewer: Karen Pace
5 Stars
excellent tour
October 12, 2017
Loved our guide Margarita. Very enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. English was perfect. Fantastic tour.
Reviewer: Jill Bulman
5 Stars
October 07, 2017
excellent would recommend!
Reviewer: monique p white
5 Stars
September 27, 2017
Such a good tour that I want to go back
Reviewer: Barbara Ann Harkleroad
5 Stars
September 13, 2017
Reviewer: Warren Frederick
5 Stars
Well worth seeing
September 06, 2017
There were 4 of us and we were met on the pier as we got off the tender boat. She had tickets for us for the tram up the mountain. The view was spectacular from the tram but the real beauty was as we drove around the island and learn so much about it. We went to the very top and avoid all the crowds on that day... there were 3 ships in Santorini. We went to the winery and because our group was small we were allowed to go into inside where they were working. The winery had cheese, olives, bread & wine to taste. It was a very professional and inviting winery to visit. The views from the winery were spectacular too. I would recommend this tour because you really got to see so much of the island and history and we still got to shop.
Reviewer: H. Balda
5 Stars
August 09, 2017
this shore excursion took us all around the island and showed us the local way of life among the natives. The shopping in Oia was exceptional and the wine tour was exciting. This was my favorite excursion.
Reviewer: Nancy Weaber
5 Stars
Beautiful scenery
August 09, 2017
The tour itself was good. I would have rather spent more time in Oia or another village than driving all the way up do where we did. Winery is pretty.
Reviewer: lisa
4 Stars
Beautiful Santorini
July 22, 2017
The Santorini tour was Wonderful! We went to the winery which had a great view of the island, to the highest peak on the island which had an even better view, then over to the town of Oia. This tour allowed us to see a lot of the island and have plenty of time to tour around and explore. Margareta was a wonderful guide who was very knowledgeable
Reviewer: Callen Farr
5 Stars
Well worth it
July 18, 2017
This tour was great, our guide was so knowledgeable and friendly. It was only me and my boyfriend which made it more enjoyable. I would recommend this to anyone visiting
Reviewer: Rebekah Eroh
5 Stars
white, wine and windy
June 26, 2017
Great guide and driver! bravo Elisa and Angelo. good knowledge of place and culture; nice winery experience.
Reviewer: Cecilia
5 Stars
Good Value
June 24, 2017
Easy to identify meeting point and tour guides. Comfortable transportation (we have a small group of 10). Enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide.
Reviewer: Ka Wah Chan
5 Stars
exclusive Santorini, Oia and Winery Tour
June 19, 2017
very good tour guide. Enjoyed all of it.
Reviewer: christina Kritsch
5 Stars
Terrific Value
June 13, 2017
To cover the island as thoroughly as we did in a very limited time says a lot for this excursion. Our guide was excellent, the sights were fantastic, the wine tasting was very interesting and the time allotted for wandering was adequate. The weather was not very co-operative but that is not the fault of the tour.
Reviewer: Ron Smith
5 Stars
Great Share Excursion group
June 12, 2017
I purchased the tour tickets through Shore Excursion for a few cities Norwegian cruise passed in May 2017. There were several advantages to do shore excursions with Shore Excursion group: 1) the quality of the tour was very good; for most of the tours, we had 12-16 people in the group and for one group, we had only 4 people. 2) all tour guides were professional and very knowledgably. 3) the ticket price was much lower than the shore excursion tickets sold on the cruise. 4) The tours provided were same as described on their website.
Reviewer: ZUOYU ZHAO
5 Stars
Very Beautiful
June 08, 2017
This is jewel in the sea. The beauty is magnificent. But don't be discouraged if the cable car line is long, walking down the steps is not for the older tired person. No kidding, the stones are slippery and one guy slipped and needed EMTs.
Reviewer: Anne Rettenmair
5 Stars
Great day
June 06, 2017
Oia & winery were great stops...good wine/snacks at winery. Oia is beautiful. We made a stop for scenery that was a total waste of time. Main issue was Santorini...when we returned we had approx. 2.5 hours until last ship tender...we went immediately to get in line for the sky lift down the mountain....line was so long/we were told it would take over 2 hours from where we were in line....so we walked down...DON'T WALK DOWN...it's long & slippery. Would loved to have spent time shopping in Santorini but it was so crowded we would have definitely missed the last tender...so plan your time accordingly.
Reviewer: Lyssa Cordingley
4 Stars
May 23, 2017
Great driver and a wonderful tour
Reviewer: Lorraine McLoughlin
5 Stars
April 29, 2017
Loved Santorini. The navy blue Mediterranean sea and white buildings with blue roof lines were breathtaking. Very crowded the day we were there with 4 ships in port. This created delays for everyone. It was not the fault of the tour company. The stop at the winery was delightful. Wasn't expecting much but the atmosphere, food and wine tasting was a nice touch to the tour. Would take this tour again.
Reviewer: C. Peace
4 Stars
December 31, 2016
we made an error in meeting spot but our guide came to the rescue. All ended well. Could do without the winery part.
Reviewer: Aspol
5 Stars
December 28, 2016
Great tour and great guide. Everything went smoothly from pick up to drop off. The view from the Oia winery looking down to the caldron is spectacular.
Reviewer: My Van-Dinh
5 Stars
December 24, 2016
Tour was fabulous....could have done without the wine tour....
Reviewer: Luana
5 Stars
Explored Santorini!
December 23, 2016
Efficient trip to share most of what the island has to offer! Beautiful! Great stop at the winery and shopping!
Reviewer: David Hartwell
5 Stars
Santorini and Oia
December 21, 2016
A well organized tour that allows one to cover a great itinerary in one day without feeling rushed. Additionally, we had a very knowledgeable local guide. Very good value
Reviewer: I Wolff
5 Stars
Great Way to See Santorini
December 19, 2016
On a 1 day visit to the island this tour gave us a perfect overview of Santorini.
Reviewer: Pedro Perez
5 Stars
Great guide
December 19, 2016
The tour was perfect most due to the choices of our guide Margaretta
Reviewer: Olivia Kosakoff
5 Stars
Awesome Santorini!
December 17, 2016
The moment we tendered to Santorini from our Celebrity ship, I knew I would love Santorini. We had an awesome guide who lived and breathed the Greek culture and his passion for this beautiful island was wonderful. The views of the Med from the peak of the mountain were breathtaking; the Santos Winery stop sampling delicious cheese, olives, and tomatoes was topped off with a wonderful selection of wine tasting followed by some free time for checking out their specialty shop; as we traversed down the mountain making periodic stops, the history of Santorini was shared with us; the market area with shops, fantastic restaurants including the best baklava I've ever had, and more tremendous views of the Med topped off our excursion! An easy tram ride back to the pier ended our wonderful day!
Reviewer: Annette
5 Stars
Island is beautiful
December 14, 2016
We enjoyed the tour, but do not go on it because of the winery. You sit down and you are told minimally about the 3 wines you will taste and get some olives and cheese. The tour of the island was terrific and we enjoyed all the knowledge our guide had to share.
Reviewer: Louis Suarez
4 Stars
Santorini, Greece
December 12, 2016
The only reason I have given this 4 stars only, is that everywhere was so very crowded and it was difficult to enjoy the Island when you are stuck in traffic on a tour which was scheduled for 3 hours and it took over 5 hours to complete. It was by no means a fault of the tour guide as she was very informative & was trying her very best to give us a good tour. This was very unfortunate as we had been looking forward to Santorini but when you stand for over an hour on a hot day waiting to just get the cable car down to the bottom it takes away from the experience.
Reviewer: Wanda & Ed Walker
4 Stars
One of the best!
December 08, 2016
I traveled with my 20+ year old children in this trip and they all loved it. We had a large bus, and only approximately 18 people were on the trip, so we had lots of room and personalized service. The scenery was outstanding, the winery was a lot of fun and we brought home several bottles of the delicious wine! The time in Oia was spectacular, but wished we had more time. This was a busy summer day and Santorini, and estimated that 7000 cruise passengers were on the island. The wait for the cable car down was estimated to be over an hour, and our guide suggested we walk down and escorted us to the passage so we would not miss the tender. It was as truly a fabulous day!
Reviewer: Carol Lawlor
5 Stars
Oia winery tour
December 08, 2016
About 15 of us were picked up at the dock on Santorini and taken by small boat to the other side where we got in a van and drove up the mountain about 30 minutes. We stopped for picture opportunity and what amazing views. We then visited the Winery for a tasting of 3 wines with olives and cheese. The view from the winery was also amazing! We were there for about 45 minutes and then back down the mountain to a small town Fira where we were dropped off for shopping and again more amazing views of the city with blue roofs. We had lunch at a restaurant their with a million dollar view. Gyros and Greek salad were great and a little Uzo. When we were ready we took the gondola ride back down to port which was included. Beware the long lines for the gondola. It was like 3-400 people long which was scary we thought we may miss the last tender back to the ship but it moved pretty fast. About 30-40 minute wait. Again this your was similar to the one The ship offered at half the price.
Reviewer: Denine
5 Stars
November 16, 2016
Guide took us to scenic parts of island. Winery was amazing. Island was so crowded! Guide told us how to take a local bus to the beach. That saved the day!
Reviewer: Theresa Kelly
5 Stars
November 06, 2016
We've seen beautiful places and a winery tour was nice however in our opinion it was time wasting to go on top of the hill.
Reviewer: Paul Angel
5 Stars
Relaxing Tour and Wine Tasting
November 04, 2016
Very relaxing tour with a local knowledgeable guide. We enjoyed the tender boat as well as the bus tour (great driver!) and our stop at the winery. The winery was like an afterthought and extremely short with no time to look around and purchase. Barely enough time to taste the great wine, fresh tomatoes, olives, and some bread. Return trip down the mountain was HORRIBLE no mater if you rode a donkey, walked the same route/steps as them, or took the cable car. Need to rethink and use the tender option on the return.
Reviewer: L and C
5 Stars
November 02, 2016
Absolutely my favorite part of our whole trip. Loved the location and had a fabulous guide.
Reviewer: Anonymous
5 Stars
November 02, 2016
Very well organised tour. Plenty of free time. Excellent wine tasting at winery. Excellent tour guide. Beautiful scenery.
Reviewer: George Sim
5 Stars
Santorini, Greece
October 07, 2016
We had a wonderful time and our tour guide was excellent. Really took care of us and made sure we enjoyed ourselves, even though my husband had some trouble walking, she looked after us. We enjoyed the bus trip around all the curves in the mountains The bus driver did a wonderful job. Could not find fault with anything Thank you so much
Reviewer: Beverley Covert
5 Stars
August 21, 2016
The guide was very good and the knowledge she had of history.Of the island was great .
Reviewer: Brian Maebrae
5 Stars
Fun and educational
August 18, 2016
Our tour guide was knowledgeable about the island and patient with two tardy participants while keeping us all on track for the ride down the hillside. A thoroughly enjoyable day. Her thoughtfulness for my 95 year old mother was especially appreciated.
Reviewer: Helen Templin
4 Stars
August 18, 2016
Loved the tour and the guide went over and above. Unfortunately she went overtime could have taken going to the hugest point of the island off the table as time in Oia was short and we rushed back to the cable car only to rush down the donkey trail to make it back to the boat on time.
Reviewer: Cheryl Sweezey
5 Stars
Santorini Ole Winery
August 01, 2016
We enjoyed the tour, the tour guide was very nice she was also very knowledgeable. we enjoyed tasting the wines with the cheese and olives
Reviewer: Phil Racanelli
5 Stars
Overbally good experience
July 17, 2016
Everything was great. The winery was just a wine tasting for 20 minutes not an actual winery tour.
Reviewer: Anonymous
4 Stars
Thoroughly enjoyed this trip!
June 10, 2016
We joined this shore excursion based on previous travellers' reviews. We were in a small group with all activities as described in the website. We enjoyed the small group experience and enjoyed the view along the way from Oia to Fira. Santorini is a very unique place to visit. We got our money's worth.
Reviewer: HS
4 Stars
Fantastic Excursion
June 09, 2016
The excursion to Santorini and its surroundings were very interesting and beautiful. Our guide is from Santorini which is a plus. She knew her area very well and very informative.
Reviewer: Athena
5 Stars
June 02, 2016
The views from the coach and from the highest point in Santorini (where we had coffee from a clifftop cafe in Oia) were spectacular. The town was beautiful and the guide was excellent.
Reviewer: n/a
5 Stars
Great way to see the island!
May 26, 2016
Santorini has long been on my bucket list and this trip did not disappoint. Sabina, our guide for the day, met us at the port where the tender dropped us off. Once our group of about 12 people was assembled, we headed towards a ferry to take us to the start of our excursion. The bus trip up across the island gave us great views. We stopped for some quick photos and then headed to the winery. The winery was ready for our group with tables, wines,a dn snacks. The location provided excellent views of the port below. We then drove to the more traditional white/blue area of the island. We had about an hour to roam about on our own, Sabina, our guide, was so friendly. She provided us with plenty of details about the island, the history, the culture and much more.
Reviewer: Beachmonkey
5 Stars
Highly recommend!
May 23, 2016
Great guide! wonderful winery with spectacular views. Fun cable car ride back down. Time to shop and get a drink and snack. Wonderful town! One of my favorite cruise ports!
Reviewer: Thumperslady
5 Stars
Dream island
May 15, 2016
Beautiful views
Reviewer: Minou
5 Stars
More than we expected
May 12, 2016
This trip was everything described and more. After picking us up at the appointed time & place, we were whisked away on a boat to our private coach. When the weather was not ideally clear, our guide and driver took us all the way across the island to Oia, but, surprisingly, they took us all the way back over to see the highest point on Santorini. We actually thought we would miss that part of the tour and were so pleased they took the time to back-track and give us the full experience. Our guide was friendly, knowledgeable, and fun. The winery was lovely. The wine was very good, and the food they prepared for us was local, fresh, and abundant. Oia was striking, and we had plenty of time to explore, take photos, and shop. Back in town, near the end of our time, we had a lovely walk up into town. Some struggled a bit with the steep walk, but our guide made sure everyone had the time they needed to complete the walk, We were given our funicular tickets and, again, had time to explore and shop. As others mentioned, give your self time to take the lift down. The line was long but moved quickly.
Reviewer: flsunpam
5 Stars
Well-paced sampling of Santorini highlights
November 16, 2015
Enjoyable and interesting tour of three major sights of Santorini - great value too!
Reviewer: Spending the kids' inheritance
4 Stars
Enjoyable Tour of Santorini
November 16, 2015
Our guide was easy to find at the pier, and we were taken via boat to a different pier where a bus was waiting. Our first stop was the highest point on the island with incredible views. Next stop was a winery where we were given three types of wine to taste and a snack of tomatoes, olives, cheese, and bread. Then we went to the famous Oia, and I felt we had plenty of time to explore. On our way back to Fira, the bus took the long way around the island so the guide could explain the sites to us. The inclusion of tickets for the tram were a nice bonus. We were very happy we chose this tour rather than one with the ship. The tour group size was smaller, and it was a much better value than any of the ship excursions we took.
Reviewer: Honeymooner
4 Stars
Beautiful day in Santorini
November 14, 2015
Enjoyed touring the winery and the town of Oia. Was a larger group compared to our other excursions booked through Shore Excursions, but still had a great time!
Reviewer: Natalie
5 Stars
Santorini tour
November 13, 2015
Easy to book
Reviewer: Mister H
5 Stars
September 02, 2015
This tour was very interesting. Our guide shared with us more than just the history of this area. She was also very knowledgeable of the culture, lifestyle and architecture of the cities we visited. After the wine tasting and tour of Santorini, she shared with us clearly our instructions for returning to our port and ensured we were all ready to head out on our own. Having time on your own is always a nice addition to any tour. As well, having purchased this tour as part of a six port package made it a very good value for us.
Reviewer: cel
5 Stars
August 20, 2015
Guide was excellent and very informative. Winery was very nice as was the wine and view. Oia was worth the price of the excursion alone.
Reviewer: Losts Traveler
5 Stars
I would buy this trip again & again
August 18, 2015
so easy to book on-line. saves us money as much cheaper than ship's prices
Reviewer: the happy band
4 Stars
Beautiful santorini oil and wine rour
August 06, 2015
This trip highlighted the main parts of santorini. The wine stop was fantastic with great snacks. Oil is spectacular. This excursion should definitely be booked
Reviewer: Strawberry
5 Stars
Exploring Santorini
July 30, 2015
The tour met our expectations. The group size was manageable. However, the number of other tourists on the island detracted from the experience.
Reviewer: Frisky seniors
4 Stars
A lovely day
July 28, 2015
The island is nice to see, but really doesn't have a lot to see. Would have liked a small meal as opposed to the wine tasting and snack, even though the Winery was pretty. Also would have liked a short tour of Santorini when we arrived there. Oia was lovely, but very busy.
Reviewer: Jojo
4 Stars
Exactly as promised!
July 22, 2015
Our guide arrived early - which was good since we got off the ship earlier than anticipated. She anticipaated our needs, seeing as how the day was so warm. The destination, Oia, was far too crowded but this was not her fault. She took us to the best lookout for pictures and then gave us a thankful free hour (we sat down at a restaurant). Upon arrival back at our port, she showed us where to go and seemed genuinedly upbeat!
Reviewer: FLteach
5 Stars
Santorini is beautiful
July 16, 2015
The views from Santorini are beyond amazing.
Reviewer: Meg
5 Stars
Timing was a little off
July 08, 2015
We got a great sense of Santorini, but there was no spare time to have lunch.
4 Stars
July 06, 2015
Reviewer: POL
5 Stars
excellent tour!
June 16, 2015
excellent guides, the trip to the winery was lovely, evn though we hated to leave Oia! make sure to bring your camera, the view is a knock out, and the wine samples are generous and they provide a nice array of olives, cheese and bread to snack on during the wine tasting. They didn't hard sell the wine, but you could buy it in the shop and we did! Oia is fabulous, would have liked a bit more time there, and maybe skip the monastery. But this was a nice tour, and considering the cost of the cable car, which is included, it is well worth the money. make sure to leave enough time to get down the cable car to the ship, there was a long line. the donkey rides are fun, but adventurous!
Reviewer: Molson
5 Stars
A good introduction to Santorini
June 02, 2015
Well thought out
Reviewer: No Nickname
4 Stars
Enjoyable tour
November 18, 2014
Good tour of the island - and enjoyed the winery!
Reviewer: Steve
4 Stars
Exhausting as everything was uphill
November 17, 2014
A very nice experience but a lot of uphill walking.
Reviewer: The travelers
4 Stars
Beautiful Tour
November 16, 2014
Ample opportunity to take in the scene.
Reviewer: Mo Better Tourist
4 Stars
October 24, 2014
Absolutely beautiful place. Very busy day but so glad we did it all!
Reviewer: History buff
5 Stars
Most beautiful place I visited
September 26, 2014
This trip was so great! We enjoyed the beautiful scenery and beach. Nice Construction of the houses and narrow alley. The weather was hot, but the breeze Made you felt so comfortable. The cable car was another good experience to see the scenery from the high point. This is a very worth trip. CrewsOnly offered the wonderful shore excursions. Hope they offer more different cruise trips in the future, I will definitely book again. Thanks, nice services!
Reviewer: Po the gold
5 Stars
June 06, 2014
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Santorini!! It was everything I thought it would be and so looking forward to going back! The tour was great, saw a lot and the wine tasting was great at the beautiful Santos Winery. Had a wonderful Greek salad with local tomatoes at a neat cafe overlooking the cliffs & sea. I couldn't get enough of this island and so wished we had more time! Absolutely beautiful!!
5 Stars
GREEK WINE, Yes, and its great...
November 29, 2013
Island was fun. Tour was great. Winery was excellent with the cleanest w/c in that part of Europe. Tip, stay away from the donkeys.
Reviewer: STU
4 Stars
Interesting & Beautiful
November 22, 2013
When you think of the beauty of the Greek Isles this is Santorini & Oia. The tour was well worth the time. The trip up to the winery and Oia was very nice in a comfortable bus. The winery was in a beautiful spot overlooking the island and you sample some very nice wine but the true highlight was the time spent in Oia. There is so much to take in and photograph --- marvelous. There was plenty of time to allow you to see a good deal of the immediate area. While the tour was wonderful I have to praise the tour company! We were not able to get off the ship with an early tender so we missed the start of the tour. When we found their office and told them who we were what happened they we so helpful and understanding. They had two employees/guides personally escort us to the tram getting us ahead of all others, took us right to a waiting van that drove us to meet with the bus and the rest of the tour. They were so so helpful.
Reviewer: Dlh
5 Stars
August 27, 2013
Santorini was our favorite stop on our 11 day cruise. Truly an amazing island. Loved it.
Reviewer: Gail from usa
5 Stars
Above and beyond!
August 05, 2013
Shore Excursions drove us to the tour after we missed the start because of a tender issue with our ship. All their guides have been outstanding, and due to the small group size and their language skills, we were able to interact in normal conversation.
Reviewer: Woody
5 Stars
Santorini Overview
July 25, 2013
Tour started with a boat ride to catch the bus. Went to highest point on island where a monastery was open but we were only given 10 minutes there. Crowded streets in Oia. Wonderful restaurant for a break. Long lines at cable car back to ship even in early afternoon. Waited about 30 minutes. Overall a nice overview of Santorini. Was not interested in shopping in either Oia or Fira.
Reviewer: SMJ
4 Stars
Better than the Cruise Line's Excursions
June 25, 2013
The excursion was great. It was a small group which made it easier to get to know the others in the group. I wish we could have had more time in Santorini. The tour guide was not very friendly.
Reviewer: Margo
4 Stars