Private Best of St. Petersburg Two Day Program (Visas Included)

Fabulous- Aug 2019
September 21, 2019
It was wonderful, our guide Inna was very educated about all the sights, she got us to the front of the lines of people waiting to get in. She was delightful and enjoyable to be with. Everything was on time and ran smoothly. I can't say enough about the 2 day private tour, it is expensive but very well worth it. All 4 of us thoroughly loved our visit to St.Petersburg. I definitely recommend Inna for the days well spent. I have noticed that other tour companies do not include an INTERIOR of Peterhof and that's a must including Catherine's Palace. Barbara/College Station Tx.
Reviewer: Barbara Bobo
5 Stars
2 great days in St Petersburg
September 17, 2019
Dimitri, our guide, made the difference. He was very knowledgable, friendly, and candid about his country. And he negotiated the long lines at each venue. A bit pricey, but worth it.
Reviewer: Byron Fiman
5 Stars
Family of 8 in St. Petersburg
September 11, 2019
We had two fantastic days discovering St. Petersburg with our excellent guide Ina! We enjoyed excellent limo service to all our events and the meals were wonderful. Both the food and the venue were a great experience. We got to see so much of St. Petersburg due to the professionalism of our guide. The itinerary was excellent and we came back to the ship with lots of wonderful memories. The itinerary was busy but you will see all the major sites. This was the best choice for our group of 8 running from ages 12 to 85. Highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Christine Brayer Tebbens
5 Stars
A Private tour is a must!
August 15, 2019
A private tour during your St. Petersburg visit is a must. Well worth the money! Our guide Inna was so knowledgeable and was amazing at making the most of our time in St. Petersburg. When touring as a private small group you get to skip all the long lines! Not just entry lines, but each line that is created within the palaces toured. This perk saves you hours allowing you to visit more sights. Our group of three toured it all!
Reviewer: Lisa Ezratty
5 Stars
Wonderful Tour!
August 12, 2019
St.Petersburg was amazing, and even better when our wonderful guide got us past the massive lineups quickly and efficiently. Svetlana knew her history, was very proficient in the English language and actually teaches English to adults, so we were able to increase her language base with modern terms and slang! The lunches provided were very tasty and filling, and the restaurants lovely and calming away from the tourist crowds! Well worth paying the extra for a private tour!
Reviewer: Marian Carroll
5 Stars
Best Tour Guide
August 10, 2019
We were so lucky to get Maria as our tour guide in St. Petersburg! She was very good at keeping our group of 9 on schedule, she was very patient and answered all our questions. We really had a great time visiting all the beautiful sites because of her efficient guiding within the museums and coordination with the driver Alexander (very safe driver) moving around the city. Without a doubt St. Petes was the highlight of our Baltic Cruise due to Maria and Alexander's expertise.
Reviewer: Maria L Collazos
5 Stars
Private tour
May 22, 2019
It is a great way to see as much of St Petersburg within the limited amount of time available off a cruise ship. We were able to short-cut many of the waiting lines and having a private guide go through the history of the exhibits for us around so many groups while proceeding at our own pace was invaluable.
Reviewer: Suzanne
5 Stars
2 day private tour with guide Dmitry Gorlov
September 30, 2018
We recently completed our 2 day tour of St. Petersburg (Sept. 16-17, 2018). Our guide Dmitry was very knowledgeable and timely. Because we were only 3 people with our guide included, we were able to slip through the lines in a number of spots....result was less time waiting and more time to appreciate the splendor of the various attractions. He added an extra stops with a tour of the St. Petersburg subway system and gift store away from the crowds. Private tour was slightly more pricey than the group cruise tours, yet, was definitely worth it.
Reviewer: Roland Kirouac
5 Stars
Private 2 Day Tour for 5 people
September 30, 2018
The tour was excellent and worth every bot of the price. Together our guide and driver allowed us to see so much more than we would have in a larger group. They helped us avoid the long entrance line behind large group tours, they adjusted our schedule and added extra items we asked to tour and shopping stops. The 2 days involved a large amount of walking, over 7 miles each day, but this allowed us to see so much more than we imagined. Alla was a superb and extremely knowledgeable guide.
Reviewer: Jim Drapp
5 Stars
Great Introduction to St. Petersburg.
August 06, 2018
We had the best time with our tour guide Catia in St.Petersburg. She was so informative, had perfect English with an exceptional vocabulary and was very professional. While one can not really observe and digest all we were shown in two days, primarily because of sensory overload we saw and experienced everything possible in two days. I have read Russian history for decades and our guide was spot on with details and made our visit exceptional.
Reviewer: David Larson
5 Stars
June29-30th 2018
July 30, 2018
Wow, 2 full days with Eugenia our guide and Vladimir our driver. It was amazing, very interesting thanks to our guide wich had an excellent english, was extremely knowledgeable, funny and very interesting.We where lucky to have a private excursion because we where very late to cross the customs.We saw everything that was on the list and the price was worth it. Super souvenir. France
Reviewer: France Dumont
5 Stars
Irina Perova
July 09, 2018
Irina was a wonderful tour guide. All 4 of us feel so fortunate to have her as our guide. She was so knowledgeable and interesting! She also was able to adjust our visit to the Hermitage based on our desire to see certain paintings. She was also very considerate. We can’t imagine having a better experience. We recommend her highly to any one else! Thank you Irina!
Reviewer: Bill Weil
5 Stars
St Petersburg
January 18, 2018
Reviewer: Sandy Travel Agent McCutcheon
5 Stars
Private tour of St. Petersburg - Wonderful
August 09, 2017
Private tour for 7 was fantastic. Christina, our tour guide, was very knowledgeable. She got my father a wheelchair at the Hermitage - very nice. We had trouble hearing her the first day - the microphone on van made her speech difficult to hear. Possibly speak slower and louder. Second day was great - better microphone. Saw all the important sites. Wonderful.
Reviewer: MK
5 Stars
Very Good Tour, Intense, NOT good for foodies
November 18, 2016
Our guide was friendly & very knowledgeable. Private van dropped us off close to sights. She got us to the front of the lines and avoided the LONG waits that the tour bus crowds were stuck in. Tour seemed a bit too structured. We had asked to see a couple of off the beaten path sights & were told that it wouldn't fit with our itinerary. We spent too long ( half a day) in the Hermitage. FOOD- Peterhof rest. had POOR quality and fixed menu (salad, chicken with cream sauce & rice, ice cream). Day 2 charming restaurant in mini log cabin with great atmosphere. Fixed menu again - borscht, same chicken/rice dish, with ice cream. GREAT quality but SAME dish. PRIVATE TOUR AGAIN? = PROBABLY. St. P's sights = super crowded w/ bus tourists. Should communicate to demand some flexibility with the itinerary (if desired) as a condition for booking, and specify meals with local flavor&choice. Saw and learned a ton about St. P's major sights, but longed for a more authentic feel.
Reviewer: Andrea Snitchler
4 Stars
Outstanding Tour!
November 09, 2016
This 2-day excursion featured several of the best sites of St. Petersburg. The guide was extremely knowledgeable about each of the places we visited. Meeting was easy after we got through customs. What was very helpful was that we had a driver so the tour guide was free to talk to us about St. Petersburg history and buildings as we drove from place to place. We would absolutely do this again and would recommend this tour to anybody who wants to go to St. Petersburg for the first time.
Reviewer: Anonymous
5 Stars
Exactly what I hoped for
November 06, 2016
We were met at the dock exactly as described. Irina took us to see everything and mostly accommodated our requests. There were a few places we wanted to examine the souvenirs but she hustled us out! Of course, she took us to her recommended places, but we expected that as part of the way things work. She was knowledgeable and entertaining. We were very grateful for the skip the line access. I would definitely recommend this with one exception: the lunches provided were not so good.
Reviewer: Christine
5 Stars
Glad we did it!
September 28, 2016
Good tour, very good driver and tour guide. There was ten (10) of us, so the private tour was very nice. Very informative. Lunches for both days were horrible, but I don't think Russia is known for their outstanding cuisine. We were expedited through lines at the palaces, museums, etc. Well worth it.
Reviewer: Rick DiBart
4 Stars
Fun, education, at a relaxing pace
January 02, 2014
We were in St Petersburg with two other cruise ships. The museums and palaces were pretty crowded around top sights. Our tour guide said that on the busiest days, there might be ten cruise ships in port at the same time.
Reviewer: Carnival Cruiser
5 Stars
A wonderful excursion
June 28, 2013
The guide was very knowledgeable and very passionate about the subject. Her English was very good. Responsive to the needs of the travelers.
Reviewer: David Rocks
5 Stars
Outstanding tour
October 02, 2012
Guide, Katya Arrington, spoke perfect English. We didn't wait in lines, she purchased all tour tickets. Spent as much/little time at a sight as we wanted. Needed a pharmacy and she had driver stop at one. Lunches were very good. Two full days of great tours, educational information and a wonderful driver.
Reviewer: COVAIL
5 Stars
Great tour in St. Petersburg!
September 18, 2012
Ourguide, Kira, was excellent and made her way easily through long lines at some venues. Very knowledgeable and enjoyable.
Reviewer: DRG Traveler
5 Stars
Outstanding tour
August 04, 2012
Guide readily accommodated our need to set a slightly slower pace. She was exceptionally well qualified and clearly proud of the venues shown. Every effort was made to meet our needs.
Reviewer: Sam
5 Stars
Outstanding way to Experience St. Pet.
July 08, 2011
Best way to see more and have a personal experience. A little confusion about validity of tour tickets.
Reviewer: JB
5 Stars