The Land of Frozen Fire

Jan's review
January 08, 2024
This tour was top notch from beginning to end. The gal who led the tour was a walking encyclopedia about volcanos. She made things very interesting. We were late getting in, so she modified the day to make it the best day possible. I highly recommend it.
Reviewer: Jan Scheeler
5 Stars
Wonderful tour
February 17, 2023
Ellen was a fantastic guide. She was prepared for any and all eventualities - water, flashlights for the lava tunnel, umbrellas, walking sticks. She was very knowledgeable, has a great sense of humor and gave us just the right amount of time at each stop.
Reviewer: William Gilhooly
5 Stars
Great tour of lava fields
November 27, 2022
The tour guide was very knowledgeable about volcanoes and those on Hawaii. His knowledge and locations we visited gave us a great feeling of what it was like while the volcanoes were active. We were taken to see all sides of the latest lava flows. This was a wonderful excursion, and we would highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Lance Walton
5 Stars
November 23, 2022
Very nice way to see Parts of Hawaii you won't see on a big bus, Native guide showed us first hand what a volcano can do too a community and the lay of the land.
5 Stars
Land of frozen fire
November 02, 2022
Great excursion! The tour guide was absolutely wonderful. He was thoughtful to the somewhat disabled folks on the tour. He knew his subject. This was our best tour of the whole cruise.
Reviewer: Karen Fuller
5 Stars
The Land of Frozen Fire
November 02, 2022
This tour was wonderful. It was all about lava formations, waterfalls and a cave... we saw it all! Ellen (?) was extremely knowledgeable. We traveled a lot in a small comfortable van. She took us to a grocery store to buy what we wanted for lunch and then we went to a park to eat. It was appreciated. Very memorable tour!
Reviewer: Linda Deskins
5 Stars
Thoroughly excellent tour
October 19, 2022
From the moment we met our guide - she was welcoming, very knowledgeable and interesting. We learnt a lot about the island, history and all the locations. My husband and I could not recommend her more highly
Reviewer: Marilyn Grant
5 Stars
A personal journey
May 10, 2022
We were looking forward to learning about the impact of volcanic activity on the big island. We received so much more. Thomas, our guide, made the day. He shared his story and took us to places impacted by lava that directly impacted his life. We saw iconic Rainbow Falls, went into a lava tube, had lunch surrounded by a forest of lava encrusted trees, took roads rerouted by lava, walked on lava that filled his favorite surf beach and reestablised the sea shore, and visited a subdivision directly in the path of the lava. The entire day we were immersed in the after effects of lava and a story told in the first person by Thomas. It was a day very well spent.
Reviewer: David Glibbery
5 Stars
A beautiful day in Hilo
March 14, 2022
We had a very nice day hiking to the waterfalls and also to the volcano.It was and amazing experience,we even saw the volcano red lava!! Our guide was very knowledgeable, and friendly!!
Reviewer: Stan Renna
5 Stars