Wailua River and Luau

Wonderful Evening
June 01, 2023
This was one of my favourite excursions. All the staff were wonderful, professional and informative. The river boat cruise was great and the luau and show fantastic. What better way to enjoy Hawaii! Food at the luau was delicious, the grounds a paradise and all the staff pleasant and helpful. The highlight was the show. As a former dance teacher, I can really appreciate the hard work and talent of the performers. The dances and costumes and music were perfect. Very very well done. I would highly recommend this excursion, it was wonderful!
Reviewer: Jennifer Mattiacci
5 Stars
May 04, 2023
This excursion was beautiful and informative. I appreciate the assistance received by staff. Really enjoyed the luau. Would definitely recommend.
Reviewer: Geraldine Dalton
5 Stars
Magic Polynesian night
November 25, 2019
Joyful experience on the river with music, local dancing. Jungle, magic cave, Hawaiian music is very strong, special, magic... Luau show was very interesting with local mythology, dancing, songs, fire and water affects. Dinner was delicious, but it was hugely crowded - not comfortable at all. The most interesting moment was pork cooking.
Reviewer: Ilona
4 Stars
Awesomely Spectacular
November 19, 2019
Everything about this luau was amazing. The food, the atmosphere, the host, the music, the dancing. I can go on and on. Well worth the money. It was well organized. I loved it and recommend anyone planning an excursion to definitely add this one to your list.
Reviewer: Lauren M
5 Stars
Wailua River and Luau
November 14, 2019
Great excursion! The riverboat ride was really interesting, very nice and informative. Our stop at the Fern Grotto was fab-beautiful and fun from the ladies dancing the hula, the Hawaiians playing ukuleles and the whole family singing in the grotto. Fun on way back with more singing and dancing and the family teaching us Hawaiian Dance. Luau spectacular, plenty of delicious food, and unlimited cocktails on beautiful grounds with the gracious Smith family!
Reviewer: Elaine McMichael
5 Stars
June 22, 2019
WE enjoyed this excursion very much. Beautiful scenery, friendly knowledgeable driver/guide. The luau was the best I have ever experienced.
Reviewer: Anita Stewart
5 Stars
Fun, affordable, well worth it
March 21, 2019
The bus for Roberts Hawaii pick you and drops off very easy . It was a fun boat ride, the boat ride was easy to get on and off . Beautiful location. The luau was in a amazing location, food was great. All you can eat and drink. They had a great show / music while we ate. After dinner we had the luau and the Roberts family did a high quality show . You can see they love what they do and work together. That evening 5 generations from the family were there . I would do this again and would recommend it .
Reviewer: Maria
5 Stars
Wailua River and Luau
November 29, 2018
We enjoyed this excursion.
Reviewer: Paulino Gutierrez
4 Stars
Well done
November 11, 2018
This is a family run business, and they clearly care that they are providing a good experience. The river cruise was very pleasant in a beautiful setting. I am glad we saw the grotto as it was quite beautiful. The seranading with hula was done by people who clearly enjoyed sharing their culture. The luau was close by and also on beautiful grounds. Again, a sincere effort to provide a Hawaiian experience was well executed. The food was good and plentiful. I am not a fan of buffets, but this one was orderly. The bar was not overrun either. The surprise was how good the show was following the dinner. It was held in an amphitheater where there was ample seating with good views from all seats.
Reviewer: Cheryl Keller
5 Stars
Perfect day
September 28, 2018
Nice river ride with great entertainers . The Smith Luau was wonderful and the grounds were beautiful.
Reviewer: Dorothy Mc Dougall-Campos
5 Stars
Wailua river and Luau
July 30, 2018
The boat ride to the fern grotto was fun. The fern grotto was neat to see. We loved the luau.The food was great and the botanical gardens were beautiful. The luau was awesome, I would definitely recommend a luau.
Reviewer: Trisha
4 Stars
May 21, 2018
This was relaxing and the grotto was beautiful. The staff were friendly and entertainment on the boat was great. The lauu was very organized and had plenty of wonderful food. The grounds were nice to wonder around.
Reviewer: Andrea Granata
5 Stars
Wailua River and Luau
March 11, 2018
It was a lot of fun.
Reviewer: Marietta
5 Stars
Wailua River and Luau
October 24, 2017
Wonderful excursion. The river cruise (which is not included when booking the same Luau through the ship) was relaxing, informative, fun, and well orchestrated. The grounds of the Smith Family Luau facility are beautiful. The food was excellent and the show fabulous.
Reviewer: Debbie
5 Stars
Thank you!
October 11, 2017
We were unable to do the river cruise part of this tour due to silting of the river mouth. The Luau was fantastic though. Thank you Shore Excursions for offering to pay a partial refund for the day! No quibble and what an honourable business to do so. I would highly recommend this tour company. It is so good to meet genuine, friendly people who put your experience first!
Reviewer: Jay Moyes
5 Stars
August 07, 2017
It was absolutely great, the food as well as the show with the Hawaiin dancers . I would recommend it to everyone to sign up for it.
Reviewer: Ilse Pfander
5 Stars
So beautiful!
July 20, 2017
After a lovely ride down the river, we disembarked to view Fern Grotto. We were met at that location by our narrator who gave us some history on the location. We were then serenaded by members of the Smith family. On the boat ride back to the Smith compound, we were treated to several hula dancers performing for us! Upon entering, you're greeted with leis and a photographer who will snap a photo to commemorate the day. You board a tram that takes you through the property/gardens and then brings you to the site of the luau. We watched as the pig was pulled from the pit and learned about the "Imu" process. The food is delicious and plentiful! During the meal, we once again were treated to music and dancing. After dinner, we went to the outdoor amphitheater for the show. The show paid homage via dance/song to all of the different cultures that make up the Hawaiian population. It was a wonderful production! We loved everything about it and would highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Karen Kennedy Gaskins
5 Stars
July 05, 2017
We took this tour on 6/29/17. We absolutely loved it! We stopped first to see a beautiful waterfall then on to the Smith Family compound for our boat ride. "Beautiful" just doesn't convey how spectacular the place is. The Fern Grotto is a must-see. The entertainment on the boat and at the grotto were lovely. Everyone was so personable. The luau was great! We enjoyed seeing the pig coming out of the pit and learning about this Imu style of cooking. The food was served buffet style, along with mai-tais! All very tasty. We were told to go back for seconds, but there was no need. There was plentiful food on the first serving! The after-dinner show was great. Performances demonstrating the vast cultural diversity of the islands was well done. The grounds/gardens are so beautiful. I highly recommend this tour!!
Reviewer: Karen K Gaskins
5 Stars
Smith Family Luau
May 30, 2017
This luau was the best I have attended. The grounds and accommodations were absolutely wonderful. The ceremony removing the pig was a nice touch and the food was very good. The entertainment, both at dinner and in the amphitheater were fabulous! A must see.
Reviewer: Mary Jane Burns
5 Stars
Our favorite excursion
December 30, 2016
We really enjoyed first the river ride and the fern grotto. And the luau was amazing!! The property, the incredible food and the show! This is a must if you are in Maui!
Reviewer: Chris
5 Stars
River tour and luau
December 26, 2016
The river tour is very laid back. I had always heard about the fern grotto, beautiful didn't live up to my expectations The luau was great. We would do the same one again. Good food the show was done so well, it didn't matter where you sat it was a good seat
Reviewer: Sandy
4 Stars
Best luau ever
December 15, 2016
A fun afternoon started with a quick bus tour of some nice spots on the island. Then a trip up river to the fern grotto. Pictures don't do it justice. Then off to the Smith family compound. Grounds are beautiful and extensive. Open air dining protects from the weather but lets you enjoy both a great view and wonderful dinner. After dinner a great show. Highly recommend if you are visiting Kauai
Reviewer: Sandra Harbison
5 Stars
November 27, 2016
Reviewer: Joanne Miller
5 Stars
Good enough for first time luau
November 09, 2016
We had a great time at the luau that's because we made the most of everything. The whole experience is less than what i expected. The food was not as great as expected. I was expecting more sea food like shrimps but no shrimps and they only had fish. The mai tai which i was looking for to drink again less than what i expected. The host was kind of rude. Select people he what to be nice to. Long line at women's washroom at all times In possitive review......the atmosphere of the smiths farm was very good. The welcoming group was very attentive and helpful. The place was really nice. The river ride to the grotto and the intertainment was excellence. We enjoyed the river ride. Very peaceful.
Reviewer: Anonymous
4 Stars
Great tour
June 02, 2016
This was a great tour of the area. The food was great and luau was perfect
Reviewer: Dave
5 Stars
Hula Hula Hula
May 05, 2016
Once we were picked up by the bus we took a scenic ride and the guide showed and explained many things to us. Smith Family's excursion was a really wonderful experience. A very relaxing boat ride down the Wailua River a tour of a beautiful botanical area with waterfalls. A little entertainment by the Smith family at the waterfalls and then a marvelous experience at their grounds. Was a totally wonderful, joyful and yet relaxing experience, educational in history...experiencing the EMU Ceremony and learning all the facts was insight into history/education. Seeing all of the animals that were walking around freely..peacocks, chickens and you were able to feed them. The food at the luau was scrumptious and the show was very enjoyable.DO NOT MISS THIS EXCURSION. It was one of the highlights of my trip. As for the bus and guide, they were on time, dependable, courteous and informative.
Reviewer: Lynn the Hula Girl
5 Stars
An Experience Not to br Missed
May 05, 2016
The boat ride was very special. We were able to and experience beautiful surroundings while floating down the river. There was even lovely music and dancing while we traveled.
Reviewer: None
4 Stars
May 05, 2016
This was great. The river ride was fun, the fern grotto was beautiful and the luau was great. Very good food and entertainment.
Reviewer: gina c.
5 Stars
By far the best shore excursion ever!
April 28, 2016
Wonderful guides. The entire day was a dream. The educational value was outstanding. Bang for the buck!
Reviewer: Lynn and Art
5 Stars
Plenty of Hawaiian Music & Food on this Tour!
August 01, 2015
Get ready to be entertained, sing along, dance along and eat so much that you'll have to loosen your belt a notch or two after this tour. We stopped at beautiful beaches & amazing waterfalls, both of which gave us plenty of beautiful photo opportunities. The River tour and walk to the Fern Grotto is very pretty and the return trip lots of fun, with everyone on our boat joining in on the Hula Lessons or just enjoying the melodious singing of the entertainers. Following the Fern Grotto/River Cruise, you'll be delivered to beautiful tropical gardens for the Luau Feast and Polynesian Dancing Show. The food is so fresh, colourful, beautifully cooked and presented and so bountiful that you'll be groaning by the end of the feast, not to mention the Mai Tais & cold beers that just kept coming! Amazing! The Cultural Dance Show after dinner was so good, giving the visitor a display of all the national dances of the people who inhabit Hawaii....so, so good! The Smith Family, who host you at the park are lovely welcoming people... I wanted to hug them when we left. If you don't do any other tour while you're here, don't miss this one.
Reviewer: Linda C
5 Stars
November 07, 2013
Great excursion! Food was excellent!
Reviewer: Travel Moore Please
5 Stars