Pearl Harbor and Honolulu City Tour

Tour on Oahu
November 25, 2023
Tour was good, could have been longer stops to have more time.
Reviewer: Pat Holmes
4 Stars
Great Excursion
May 10, 2023
Our tour guide Ariel was very knowledgeable and entertaining. He even concluded the tour with a song on his ukulele (spoiler alert). This excursion is a good value compared to a similar tour offered by the cruise line. Highly recommended.
Reviewer: Michael Falk
5 Stars
April 15, 2023
Reviewer: Charline Thomas
5 Stars
Trip to Pearl Harbor
February 27, 2020
Enjoyed this very much. You learn about this in history class and then get to go see it. It was wonderful.
Reviewer: Connie Oberender
5 Stars
February 14, 2020
I like that you are expanding. Mesmerizing experience for our group.
Reviewer: Sandra Russell
5 Stars
Moving experience
February 14, 2020
The tour guide was knowledgeable and made this excursion enjoyable .The Memorial was an extremely moving experience and recommended for the youth as well as the older generation.
Reviewer: linda L aflalo
5 Stars
January 14, 2020
Was great. Really wished we spent a lot more time at Pearl Harbor to enjoy all the sights there.
5 Stars
Pearl Harbor and Honolulu City Tour
December 31, 2019
Fantastic day with a fantastic local guide!!
5 Stars
October 2019 tour
November 25, 2019
Very, very interesting. Sites around Honolulu. Very, Very moving - Pearl Harbor tour. Guides knew what they were talking about and shared details.
Reviewer: Steven Ahlf
5 Stars
Learned so much!
May 08, 2019
Tour guide was so knowledgeable about the history of Honolulu. I wish I had taken notes, it was a lot of information to digest!
Reviewer: Rosemarie Barnickel
5 Stars
Amazing Pearl Harbor tour
May 04, 2019
We booked this tour during our Hawaii cruise in April and we could not have been happier. The booking process was easy and we had no problem finding our tour guide at the pier. Our driver, Pablo, with a P, was very knowledgable and entertaining. We had time on our own to visit the site in Pearl Harbor and also in Waikiki Beach. Will definitively book again!
Reviewer: Sylvie
5 Stars
April 08, 2019
The tour was well organized and the tour guide did an excellent job telling us about Honolulu and making sure we had all the information we needed at the Arizona Memorial. Excellent overall.
Reviewer: john zeltin
5 Stars
Better than Expected
March 30, 2019
We always wanted to see Pearl Harbor. It worked out great that it was at the end of our cruise. We were picked up at the cruise terminal, given an nice tour with guide around Honolulu, tickets to see everything at the Pearl Harbor exhibits, then we were taken to the airport on time. It was stress free and we loved the entire experience.
Reviewer: Charlotte Ackerson
5 Stars
Pearl Harbor and Honolulu city tour
March 28, 2019
It was very interesting and the tour guide showed us the ropes so we could get the most out of our time there.
Reviewer: Gordon Gillman
5 Stars
Pearl harbor and City Tour
March 16, 2019
The tour was great and well organized.The tour guide was very professional and answered all of the guest questions.There needs to be a notation that the tour can keep your luggage for free and skip paying for luggage storage. The only disappointment was we could not dock on The memorial site at pearl harbor. The dock was under repair. It still as must see tour when you go to Hawaii.
Reviewer: Camille Whitfield
4 Stars
Very interesting and emotional !!!
February 09, 2019
Very interesting, informative and emotional. Enjoyed the tour very much. Disappointed we couldn't go on the Arizona Monument but it was closed for repair - no ones fault, just bad timing. Again, excellent day.
Reviewer: Robert Schertzer
5 Stars
Nice quiet tour to end vacation
November 11, 2018
This tour was very historical very heart braking to know why pearl harbor was attacked Kalani was our guide he was very knowledgeable learned alot.
Reviewer: Irene Groves
5 Stars
So interesting!
November 06, 2018
The city of Honolulu is full of interesting stories and beautiful scenery. Driver was very knowledgeable. Although the dock outside the Pearl Harbor theater was broken, and we could not get over to the memorial or even to sail over the ship, it was a very informative day. It was mostly on-your-own once we got to the Pearl Harbor area.
Reviewer: Rosemarie Barnickel
5 Stars
A full day!
October 23, 2018
Not the tour operator's fault and we knew the Arizona memorial was closed for maintenance but disappointing the boat tour of the harbour was also cancelled because the loading pier sank the day before our tour! But we still enjoyed the tour which was a perfect way to spend the day after leaving our ship and being dropped off at our hotel on Honolulu along with our luggage at the end of the tour.
Reviewer: Robert Foulds
4 Stars
Good way to see some sights quickly.
September 02, 2018
The driver was knowledgeable and kept your attention. He took us to some extra places since no one had a pending fight to catch. That was a nice addition.
Reviewer: Scott
4 Stars
Pearl tour
September 01, 2018
Pearl Harbor tour was excellent . Well with it.
Reviewer: jennifer newman
5 Stars
Good History Lesson
August 13, 2018
We were disappointed not to board the memorial, but the description of the tour does point this out, as it is being renovated; the video presentation aids in presenting this
Reviewer: Linda Bourland
4 Stars
Pear Harbor
May 21, 2018
It was a great way to spend time in Honolulu. Pearl Harbor is one of the places I always wanted to see and was not disappointed. Driver/tour guide was friendly and informative. Seeing other parts of Honolulu on the way to Pearl Harbor and on the way back were also interesting and appreciated.
Reviewer: Bob Bank
5 Stars
Pearl Harbor + city tour
May 14, 2018
Tour of Pearl Harbor was very interesting. The new info we gained on its history was simply fascinating. We'd do it again!
Reviewer: Jack
5 Stars
More than expected
April 02, 2018
WWII impacted our lives and our families' lives. This site epitomizes that time, both in terms of the cost in human lives, and of the strength and resilience of our countrymen and women.
Reviewer: J Stahl
5 Stars
Pearl Harbor
March 25, 2018
Excellent tour of island, great guide. plenty of time to explore and see the historic Arizona, fun to see courthouse of 5-0 tv series
Reviewer: Joan Cox
5 Stars
Pearl Harbor Tour
February 18, 2018
Well organized. My wife and I enjoyed the tour.
Reviewer: Steven Klein
5 Stars
November 03, 2017
If you ever visit Honolulu these tours are a must see. Seeing Pearl Harbour is a very surreal tour and the amount of history was unbelievable. The tour of the city was excellent. With our tour guide being from the local area again made the tour that much more enjoyable. Being able to see the sites in Honolulu that we only see on television is something that I'll remember for years to come. Again, I would strongly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Ron Harrison
5 Stars
Pearl Harbor &USS Arizona disembarkation tour.
October 28, 2017
Very informative and moving. Enjoyed through time we had to visit museum. I have studied this period of history a lot and I learned a lot more. Learning about the history of the Hiwiian monarchy Was also wonderful. Definitely worth the money.
Reviewer: Allen Perry
5 Stars
Pearl Harbor and Honolulu City Tour
February 17, 2017
Great tour-- great driver gave us a lot of history. Enjoyed it very much. All was well but no refund on the two tours that we could not take because of my wife.
Reviewer: Charles & Shirley Kinnick
5 Stars
The above disembafkation tour
February 10, 2017
We enjoyed It very much and the Bus Driver did an excellent job.
Reviewer: carl taylor
5 Stars
Highly recommended tour!
January 27, 2017
This is such an important site, the tour and guide were excellent; enough time there to see most of it.
Reviewer: Melissa Dannelet
5 Stars
A must see!
December 31, 2016
We really enjoyed this well done historical excursion! Every American should take time to vis! It's a humbling reminder of the incredible sacrifice given. Loved it!
Reviewer: Chris
5 Stars
Pearl Harbor, Punch Bowl, and City Tour.
December 26, 2016
This is a really excellent tour and well worth the money. This year is the 75th anniversary of the attack and unless you're on a tour, it's really difficult to get tickets to see the Arizona Memorial. The guide was really knowledgeable and patient we had plenty of time to tour all locations.
Reviewer: Joe Newman
5 Stars
Historically entertaining
August 24, 2016
Pearl Harbor was historically entertaining but the time we had there was a bit long. However, seeing the monument was humbling and the movie prior to the boat ride to the monument was very informative.
Reviewer: Meaghan
4 Stars
Pearl Harbor History
April 16, 2016
Tour of Honolulu was okay, but visiting Pearl Harbor was amazing.....poignant, educational, and very important. The Pearl Harbor activities and museums are very well organized despite the crowds. A must activity for visitors to Honolulu.Tine
Reviewer: Time traveler
4 Stars
Very interesting tour
March 12, 2016
I would have enjoyed more time in historic Honolulu with a guide.
Reviewer: Eh Canada
4 Stars
survey response
January 17, 2016
Would use again
Reviewer: KJ
5 Stars
January 11, 2016
This tour was everything that we thought it would be. Unfortunately we were unable to go out to the Arizona, through no fault of the tour guide. Weather was too windy. Our guide was very knowledgeable and considerate. We were able to keep our luggage with us until dropped off at our hotel. Great relief.
Reviewer: Barbara
5 Stars
Great introduction to Hawai
November 03, 2015
A great way to disembark the cruise ship and start to see the Island right away.
Reviewer: Calgary
5 Stars
ALOOOHA Honolulu
November 01, 2015
Excellent intro to Honolulu while waiting for hotel room availability
Reviewer: S the Rookie
4 Stars