Traditional Camel Safari

Had problems but still fun.
May 25, 2018
Didn't receive the email that the tour guides would be late to pick us up until we got to the port. So rushed for no reason. We had 4 in our group and bought the tour separately. The two of us who booked together got on the same tour. Our other friends got in the tour but in a different car, different camel group and was even seated at a different table. Note: book your groups together. The other person in our group had somehow been put on the previous month's date. She wasn't able to go without paying full price for another tour. Very disappointing. Even with those annoying problems, the camel ride was fine, about an hour. The sunset falcon show with champagne was awesome and the dinner/entertainment at the Bedoin camp was all good. Very interesting food. The only other problem was the souvenir bottle. What bottle?
Reviewer: Aimee Benedict
4 Stars