Acapulco City Orientation with Cliff Divers

Good tour, saw cliff divers
February 14, 2020
Good overall tour covering a large area and good picture opportunities. The divers were very impressive. Had to go to a souvenir store for TOO long, other than that, it was a good tour.
Reviewer: Glenn Macala
4 Stars
12 divers at Cliffs
November 27, 2019
City tour was Ok but the Cliff divers were outstanding. Had 12 divers including a 7 year old. He dove from the bottom but was really brave as he had to swim to the cliffs (with a little help). Dives were single and multiples. Be prepared to tip as they get no salary, only tips. Would do again in a heartbeat ! !
Reviewer: Row-Ann Brown
5 Stars
O those cliff divers!
November 16, 2019
We were on a cruise and Shore excursions group was an affordable option to a similar excursion the cruise ship had offered. We had a stop at the capilla de la paz(chapel of peace) which as the most awesome view of Acapulco. I really enjoyed the cliff divers. our tour arrived at the area early to make sure we have a good spot to see.
Reviewer: arena diva
5 Stars
Acapulco City Orientation and Cliff Divers
March 05, 2019
A very safe way to get an overview of Acapulco. The bus was comfortable and the guide was very informative with stops for picture taking. A restroom stop was provided prior to seeing the cliff divers. The cliff divers performance was a trip highlight.
Reviewer: Gary Barta
5 Stars
Very good tour
March 04, 2019
Lovely to see the old and new Accapulco with a very good guide. Loads of information given and great views on the tour. Highlight of tour was the cliff divers. This was amazing watching them climb the cliff face and then jump off from different levels. Great opportunity to get some fabulous photos.
Reviewer: Mike
4 Stars
Cliff divers were the highlight
March 03, 2019
We had a comfortable bus and great guide but it felt more like a hotel tour than anything else for the first few hours. We did enjoy the cliff divers but would not do the tour again.
Reviewer: Connie Brown
3 Stars
Great Tour
May 14, 2018
We enjoyed the Cliff Divers and the city tour. We traveled in a comfortable bus and the tour guide was entertaining as well as knowledgeable. It was a great way not to just spend the day but to learn about Acapulco and the area.
Reviewer: Dorothy
5 Stars
The best guide in the city!
May 14, 2018
Our small group size and amazing guide made this a real day to remember. With just 8 of us and a small van we were able to visit sites and to just randomly pull off of the road to enjoy the amazing vistas of Acapulco. The Cliff Divers show is very entertaining and our guide made sure that we had an awesome viewing spot that was removed from the crowds. Can't say enough good about the tour, the parking is an arrangement with a local store front business, you meet there after the show, there are complimentary cold drinks (even beer!) and a lovely shop to look through until everyone has met up again. (absolutely no pressure to buy but very nice people running the shop).
Reviewer: Just Sharon
5 Stars
City Tour/Cliff Divers
March 19, 2018
Tour was great. Tour Guide was very friendly & knowledgeable. I always wanted to see the cliff divers which were very interesting. A lot of steps to go down down to get a great picture. There were 6 in our group & we were all very happy with the tour. Guide also took us up to the cross that you see when you come into port.
Reviewer: Yvonne Board
5 Stars
cliff divers
March 06, 2018
good tour tour guide gave good info
Reviewer: Brenda Weaver
4 Stars
Acapulco city tour
February 27, 2018
To get an overview of the city I recommend this tour. The cliff divers were amazing.
Reviewer: Ulrike Lartey
4 Stars
Acapulco and cliff divers
February 19, 2018
We enjoyed the cliff divers and the city tour. Our tour guide was very friendly and tried to teach us as much as possible about the city
Reviewer: Connie Behm
4 Stars
Good general tour
November 29, 2017
We enjoyed this excursion. The main part of the excursion is a coach ride around Acapulco with a couple of opportunities to get off and take photos. The cliff divers were excellent and we arrived well in time for the show and were able to get a place right at the front. Many other tours arrived later and people had a poor view of the show. Would definately recommend.
Reviewer: Steve Evans
5 Stars
Acapulco City Orientation with Cliff Divers
November 28, 2017
Acapulco City Orientation with Cliff Divers tour was wonderful. Maria was a tour guide she was most informative with her son and our bus driver were all great. she commented comment all through the drive from the ship to Divers, showing us all the beautiful resorts and expensive homes from famous actors up the winding road. We stopped at Lookouts up the hill seeing Acapulco bay and show the beautiful Pacific coast line and even our ship the NCL Sun. what a view. We stepped128 or so steps down to the view where we could see the six YM dive.. it was amazing and beautiful... weather actually quite hot and it was wonderful. We we did have a little time to do some shopping there at the cliff diving at this local store and enjoyed the time and great bus ride back. very timely and as always very good and informative. We have had Shore Excursions before when we were in Alaska and the Mediterranean and always always pleased with the excursions, thank you very much
Reviewer: Maurice Regimbal
5 Stars
Acapulco tour
May 22, 2017
We are a group of 10, all relatives and friends. We did enjoy the small tour with the pro tour guild. We had booked 2 excursions with Costco Travel before cruising. However, the one in Columbia Catagena was cancelled for unknown reason. Anyway, we like the Acapulco tour. Most likely, will book the future with Costco Travel again.
Reviewer: Hsiou Kun Tanny Chang
5 Stars
March 30, 2017
Found the guide difficult to understand. The cliff divers were of course the highlight of the trip and they were fantastic. To see them for real was a great treat.
Reviewer: pauline marshall
4 Stars
Good tour
January 20, 2017
Interesting and informative.
Reviewer: Edward Hamilton
5 Stars
January 18, 2017
Great tour guide. Poor instructions provided by Shore Excursions but thanks to Mexitours (I think that was the name) we found the tour. There were two guides most of the time and kept people on time. Very informative. Absolutely breathtaking scenery. Cliff Diving was not what I expected...much more. There is a LOT of steps but you can go down a few (or none) and view if you have mobility or breathing issues. Very well organized. Would recommend.
Reviewer: JohnTrent Costello
5 Stars
Good excursion!
March 10, 2016
This is the same excursion with one of the ship offers, but in better price!
Reviewer: Virginia
5 Stars
Superior to offering from HAL
June 13, 2011
Smaller group than same tour from ship
Reviewer: James
5 Stars