Off Road Quad Runners

Adrenaline Rush!
May 27, 2013
The shuttle picked us up a few streets over from the pier and he was late! He did not appoligize for being late but continued to stop at three other resorts to pick up more people. The tour and the guides were awesome at Wild Canyoun. I asked if the shuttle driver could get us back first so that we don't miss the ship and he said he had a route to follow and couldn't guarantee when we got to the ship. WE took a taxi back which cost more$$. You are at their mercy!!
Reviewer: RA
5 Stars
great times
October 02, 2012
the quads were top of the line, kept in good shape. my wife and i rode on the same atv. we are 66 and were the oldest guests the guide has ever taken on the trails. somehow the excursion meeting time was listed 1 hour earlier than it should have been. we had to wait one hour before the buss came. but the guide was excellent, making sure i understood how to safely drive the atv. the passenger had a good seat with seat back and hand holds. the CanAm ATV rode fairly smoothly over the dirt trail. my wife is not adventurous but we went fast, slow over steep climbs narrow trails and wide open river beds. she loved it. it is a great value.
Reviewer: Paul the ex-dirt biker.
4 Stars