Cabo Golden Coast Cruise and Snorkel

Fabulous Experience
January 16, 2023
The boat was not crowded as it was quite large. The staff were amazing - funny and helpful. They were very strict on safety and following all procedures, which I was happy about. The snorkeling was amazing and bonus was whale watching - saw 6 whales!! Staff was very attentive, always serving drinks and lunch was very delicious and filling. Definitely recommend to others
Reviewer: Sandra Gail McLeod
5 Stars
Great Tour
November 26, 2021
Easy to set up and Great tour! Will come again!
Reviewer: Joe Brincku
5 Stars
December 21, 2019
Oh my gosh! My husband and I went on this excursion in November on our way to Panama and had such a great time. The crew was excellent, the lunch/snack was taste and we loved the ride and snorkeling. Would go again!!
Reviewer: Brenda Johnson
5 Stars
really great cruise
November 21, 2019
started out going to the arches, looking for sea lions then proceeded to sea of cortex bay for 40 minutes of snorkeling-even good for those of us who didn't open bar (bottomless) and lunch included then on the way back spotted whale-followed return to pier great time
Reviewer: leo tujak
5 Stars
Great Day
November 08, 2019
This was really a fun day. Boarded the 70 plus foot boat, with lots of room, and bathrooms for everybody. Had a scenic tour on the way to the snorkel area. Open Bar the whole time. Lunch was pretty good, no complaints. The snorkel was fun, with lots of fish etc.
Reviewer: Rob Lambert
5 Stars
Snorkel trip
October 31, 2019
Good trip, Nice open bar, water was warm, lots of room aboard, crew members were friendly , plenty of fish
Reviewer: James
4 Stars
Great guide
May 02, 2019
Had a great guide and lots of fun. Got to swim with lots of fish around us. Saw many whales up close and our captain did his best to get close and still stay back from them in a safe distance
Reviewer: Kevin
5 Stars
Great way to get away from the tourism
April 30, 2019
The staff was wonderful, the scenery was beautiful and the food was good. It was so much better than all the tourism in the city.
Reviewer: Debra
5 Stars
Great time for a great price
April 07, 2019
We chose this option over the Disney offered snorkel adventure. The boat was HUGE and had tons of space. We loved the never ending free drinks and the staff was kind and helpful.
Reviewer: Shana Omara
5 Stars
Cabo Golden Coast Cruise and Snorkle
March 05, 2019
The cruise on the boat was very accommodating. Great service was provided by the attendants. Enjoyed the drinks and snacks served. The guide provided a safe place to snorkel and enjoyed seeing numerous colorful marine life
Reviewer: Gary Barta
5 Stars
Cabo Golden Coast Cruise and Snorkel
February 21, 2019
The cruise was scenic with a very friendly and attentive crew. The boat was comfort and clean. The snorkeling was ok, but the water could have been clearer. It was an enjoyable afternoon on the water.
Reviewer: J H
4 Stars
Snorkeling in Cabo
February 16, 2019
Crew was excellent and took the time for a photo shoot at lands end. Snorkeling on that day was okay as the sea were churning a considerable amount of sediment in the bay. Still plenty of fish to see.
Reviewer: Paul
4 Stars
A Great Day in Cabo!
February 12, 2019
The boat was roomy and comfortable. The crew was friendly and helpful. The cruise to the snorkel area was scenic with even a few whale sightings. We did not snorkel as the water temperature was cold for us. Those who did said that snorkel experience was mediocre. Lunch was average with sandwiches and a few salads. Drinks both alcohol and sodas were plentiful. This was a family type activity and no one appeared drunk! It was good value for the price paid. We do recommend it. There was a tip jar at the end for the crew. All in all, a great experience for our first time using this excursion business.
Reviewer: Laurie Burdo
4 Stars
February 08, 2019
We had a wonderful time very efficient and enjoyable.
Reviewer: Lisa Stamey
4 Stars
Worth the cost.
January 10, 2019
Nice boat ride. Unlimited drinks and buffet meal. Snorkeling on the day we went was so so. The water visibility was less than ideal but that is not the fault of the company. It is a large boat with a high passenger count but the crew handled it well. Certainly worth the cost..
Reviewer: Donald Carper
4 Stars
Awesome Snorkeling with Oceanus!
October 16, 2018
The male crew was very friendly & helpful and stressed safety. The American lunch (not Mexican) unlimited lunch of croissant sandwiches, bottled water, alcohol drinks, fresh fruits, potato salad, & crackers were very good. 2-deck boat & 4 bathrooms were clean. Our snorkeling guide got a lot of 1 foot long fish to come to us.
Reviewer: Kate Froemming
5 Stars
May 14, 2018
Although we weren’t able to snorkel due to the high waves and our trip ended up being cut short by 1.5 hours. We ended up having a great time! The crew was fantastic and made it fun and we were even able to see a couple of whales. My only complaint would be the lunch as the sandwiches were a bit lite in the meat. Overall I highly recommend.
Reviewer: Brenda Ratliff
5 Stars
Cabo Cruise and Snorkel
May 14, 2018
The cruise around the shore was nice. Unfortunately was unable to snorkel due to the weather. But the whales put on a show for us.
Reviewer: Carleen Morris
4 Stars
Cabo Cruise and Snorkel
May 14, 2018
The cruise around the shore was nice. Unfortunately was unable to snorkel due to the weather. But the whales put on a show for us.
Reviewer: Rita Donahue
4 Stars
A very fun day.
March 16, 2018
We had a wonderful time. The crew worked very hard to make everyone had something to drink at all times. It was a fun boat ride and on the way back we saw whales. A very fun day.
Reviewer: Kathy
5 Stars
Fun boat trip, Cold water, not a lot of fish
March 11, 2018
I took this snorkel trip in February. if you intend to do this trip, be aware that the water is cold all year. Bring a shorty wetsuit and you will be much more comfortable. Since there isn't much coral here, there isn't a lot of fish to see either. Trevali, some angelfish and pufferfish are about all there is to see. The guide will bring along some food to feed the fish and they will swarm around him. The water is a bit murky where we were swimming The included food and open bar onboard was nice for the trip out and back from the snorkel grounds. They provided all the gear needed for snorkeling (mask, fins, snorkel) We even saw a baby whale while we were out. Overall a nice day out, but this isn't the Caribbean
Reviewer: Mike
4 Stars
Lovely crew, great scenery
January 08, 2018
It was a good, clean vessel and larger than one we had previously been on in Puerta Vallarta. The crew was attentive and efficient. Good music was played and people danced, which was fun. The bar was well stocked and drinks plentiful. The only downside was the food. I don't eat bread or dairy so I had a tiny amount of salad, full stop.
Reviewer: Jane Corbett
4 Stars
Snorkeling good time!
December 04, 2017
We had a great time on this cruise. The drinks were free and the time we had to snorkel was great. The fish were beautiful and the water was fine. We even had a light lunch on the cruise. Loved seeing the Arch and the captain and crew were amazing.
Reviewer: Amanda McPherson
5 Stars
Boat trip and snorkeling
November 22, 2017
I am 70+ and the excursion was easy! Boat ride was smooth, snorkeling equipment was in good condition, access into the water very easy, stayed in the water the full 45 minutes, but a little difficult getting out because ladder rungs to narrow. Food and drinks very good.
Reviewer: Marlo
5 Stars
Snorkel trip
November 02, 2017
What a great time and a great crew!! Thanks we had a fantastic time! Will absolutely do it again!
Reviewer: Todd
5 Stars
Great tour, friendly, efficient staff!
November 01, 2017
Took my family on the tour, we all enjoyed the great scenery, drinks, food and clean boat. Careful tour boat guides assisted everyone with snorkel gear and how to find the right fit. Really great price, we went slightly early and this was not needed. Had to wait a while before we could board. My advice would be to just go right when they say.
Reviewer: Nicole Helm
5 Stars
Cabo golden coast cruise and snorkel
October 17, 2017
Well, I am sure it would’ve been fantastic because it did seem to be a great value when we purchased it. Unfortunately it was canceled due to inclement weather.
Reviewer: Michael Maddox
5 Stars
Wonderful snorkeling trip !!
April 25, 2017
This trip was wonderful. Water in Cabo is so cold but we knew this and took wet suits !! Snorkeling time was about an hour . The drinks where bottomless !! The lunch was good, potato salad, green salad and different sandwiches. The boat was huge lots of extra room, not crowded at all. The staff was extremely attentive and efficient !! We loved this trip !!!
Reviewer: Marcie
5 Stars
cruise and snorkel
April 08, 2017
the tour was great crew was very good and helpful .
Reviewer: rich gard
5 Stars
snorkeling excursion
March 30, 2017
Great excursion. I was satisfied with everything except the length of the snorkeling session. The boat was very clean and the crew was very helpful and friendly. The only reason I didn't give it the full stars is because I thought the snorkeling part should have been longer we only had 30 minutes possibly because they where about 30 minutes late picking us up. Overall I would recommend this excursion
Reviewer: inglaw
4 Stars
March 18, 2017
Had a great time on the excursion drinks were good, saw lots of whales and snorkeling was good.
Reviewer: phil bush
5 Stars
Excellent Trip
March 17, 2017
Boat and crew were excellent. Trip lasted 3 plus hours and drinks and food were high quality. Guided snorkel trip was run well. Water was cool but crew was very helpful. A great day and very good value for the price.
Reviewer: Vivian Harris
5 Stars
Snorkel cruise
March 17, 2017
It was great! We were there in February. Lots of whales 🐳❤️ The snorkel boat is large and docks right next to the pier the tender brings you to. It's a 5 min walk or less. The crew was very helpful. Open bar & light lunch included. You can sit on the upper deck with lots of sun or on lower deck front/rear (sunny). Mid ship lower deck has lots of chair and is covered so plenty of shade. Highly recommend if you like to snorkel. Some of our party didn't go in the water. Still very enjoyable especially all the whale sightings. We mostly cruise the Caribbean where the waters are calmer and clearer. Mexico's waters are not as clear. Visibility was good that day and we did see plenty of fish species. I invested in full face snorkel for this trip and really liked it better.
Reviewer: Kent n mary
5 Stars
Great (affordable) excursion in cabo
January 22, 2017
My husband and I really enjoyed our day with this excursion. Plenty of places to sit on the boat, all the booze you want, eager to please workers, and snorkeling. A very long excursion for a very decent price. Only negatives were the food (not my I was expecting Mexican food) and my husband said there weren't many fish while snorkelling.
Reviewer: Sharon
4 Stars
Cabo Golden Coast Cruise and Snorkel
January 18, 2017
It was good. Having the The food n unltd drinks was very nice. Felt the waters were not to clean for snorkeling in the Chilean reef. Could have found a better spot to do this. Overall good.
Reviewer: Shalini H Dadlani
4 Stars
Worth the time and money!
January 17, 2017
Excursion was fun but food was not great
Reviewer: Ghada Abouzeid
4 Stars
Fun times
January 01, 2017
Had a great fun time. Staff was excellent and helpful. Fun snorkeling experience.
Reviewer: Tom Smith
5 Stars
Great time!
May 12, 2016
Lots of fun
Reviewer: Ehlecopter
5 Stars
Great time. I would book again
April 07, 2016
Really fun trip
Reviewer: Cj
5 Stars
Great day
April 07, 2016
Always a great time to get out on the water in Cabo. Crew super friendly , helpful and fun. Lunch was good. Crew brought drink orders to you. Snorkelling was good as crew member fed the fish tacos. Safe ,fun and great day.
Reviewer: Cliff
5 Stars
Excellent excursion
March 24, 2016
The staff was dedicated and everything went smooth.
Reviewer: Paco
4 Stars
Fun and Beautiful!! Bonus... breaching whales!!!
March 12, 2016
The boat ride out and back was FABULOUS! I was very pleased that when we saw a mom and baby whale the captain stopped close by them so we could watch them play and even saw a few full breaches. That is an experience I will never forget! The place we stopped on golden coast to snorkel was breathtakingly beautiful! I was disappointed that we couldn't go lay out on that beach. From the way it was worded in the excursion description I thought we would be able to. The snorkeling was ok but I have been snorkeling and diving in much clearer waters so I was not amazed by that. If it is your first time I think you will enjoy seeing all the cool fish. It could be the time of year or just that a lot of sand gets stirred up in that area. I hope it is not always that murky. The crew was fun and VERY attentive. They always wanted to make sure you had enough to drink. The lunch was ok. Nothing special but it was nice to have a little something to eat while we were on the boat. I would definitely recommend this excursion to others. It was a great value and a fun day overall!
Reviewer: Dolphin girl
5 Stars
Fun! Fun! Fun!
January 07, 2016
This was such a fun day! The boat was very clean. The crew was courteous, helpful, and energetic. Lunch was ok. Open bar was awesome. The boat had easy access into the water for snorkeling. We saw lots of fish especially when the guide gave them food. It was solid fish. On the way back to shore one of the guides led out in a game that have everyone hysterical. They took some great pictures and offered for sale but no high pressure. One of the highlights of our trip.
Reviewer: Cindee
5 Stars
December 27, 2015
We had a great time snorkeling. The two guides were wonderful. They helped the group to locate different groups of fish. One guide even hand caught a puffer fish that we were able to hold. The food however was a bit disappointing. It lack flavor and variety.
Reviewer: Frequent Cruiser
5 Stars
the snorkeling was a blast,
October 25, 2013
my biggest complaint is there was no help in getting our equipment or how to start snorkeling, I just went for it and it turned out okay
Reviewer: peggy
4 Stars
I Would Buy This Product Again
December 25, 2012
Excellent Staff, Excellent Product
Reviewer: hleong
5 Stars
Strange trip, but was as explained
September 27, 2012
All was fine with the boat and the crew, The problem was the snorkling, I did not see very much here. I could have seen the same and more by myself. We snorkled at a normal public beach anyone can just go to, without the boat ride. I wanted to go to a better location, being we were on a boat trip, a normal public beach is not so special. A boat should be able to go to a better location than that. They did have a very relaxed,Party on Wayne crew wich was excellent!!! I am a well experienced snorkler with a higher than normal expectation of whats to see than a novice. A novice would be stoked with this experience. There where alot of fish, just not enough colorfull ones and coral, turtles, eels, and other slower activity creatures seen elsewhere. Party atmosphere and crew where excellent, again, trip ok again, excellent value, just not the best snorkling, thats all, thanks John A
Reviewer: Disco
4 Stars
Gorgeous scenary!
May 09, 2012
very handy location from the port tender arrival area. crew was very friendly and seemed to make those of all ages comfortable
Reviewer: Jacquie
4 Stars
So Much Fun!
May 02, 2012
The staff were wonderful and the day was very fun and upbeat! I wold highly recommmed Oceanus to everyone heading to Cabo!
Reviewer: cabogirls
5 Stars
Overall great trip
April 20, 2012
Excellent service. Product as stated. accommodations great. refreshments fine.
Reviewer: Harold the traveller
4 Stars
The Party Boat
April 09, 2012
Great excursion, free drinks and a snack. we even saw a whale. Excellent crew, great music, just a fun party during the boat ride. If you are tired of paying for high dollar cruise ship drinks, the alcohol is free and all you can drink.
Reviewer: John
5 Stars
Super tour. Highly recommend it!!!
March 29, 2012
Great crew. Played good music,even got the passengers up dancing. Whales were spotted. Crew took the time for us to get a good look. very enjoyable day!!
Reviewer: Don the Snowbird
5 Stars
Great Tour and I am going again!!
March 26, 2012
I would recommend this tour. I had a great time and the value was excellent. I am going on this tour again in December. This time I am going to add the ""mini-sub"" tour to my package.
Reviewer: FrequentAZCruiser
5 Stars
Great fun, good service etc
March 22, 2012
Reviewer: GM
4 Stars
Chillin Good Time
January 30, 2012
They staff was friendly, solicitous. Drinks were included and a small snack! A great value.
Reviewer: JLJAK
4 Stars
I would buy this product again
December 29, 2011
Excellent excursion
Reviewer: Sunshine
5 Stars
Good tour
December 29, 2011
We saw a variety of landscape, and saw some whales. They were generous with the drinks and snacks that were included in the price. People were happy with the snorkeling experience.
Reviewer: Lynn
4 Stars
Very Enjoyable
December 22, 2011
Quite satisfied with service. I was actually surprised that drinks were included. Very friendly crew.
Reviewer: Mike
4 Stars