Jeep Adventure to Todos Santos

January 17, 2014
Because ship time is an hour behind local time, we arrived late (I called from the ship, and they agreed to meet us late). Our guides were two young men (Sergio and Gabriel), and they told us that the original location would mean 2.5 hours driving, 20 minutes of snorkeling, a quick lunch, and another long drive back. My sister uses a walker, and really wanted to snorkel, so they took us to a local handicapped accessible beach and got her into a sand wheelchair and out into the water! What a fabulous experience to share! Then we piled back into the jeeps and did a little off-loading in the local riverbed. They drove us to the town where they live, and we saw some of the stores and buildings there. Then we had lunch at a local taqueria: fish tacos (and other things) with a build-your-own condiment bar (guacamole, salsas, cole slaw, fruits, etc). They showed us the new harbor and a beautiful estuary / bird sanctuary. Was this exactly the tour we planned on? No. Was it better than anything we could have imagined? ABSOLUTELY! Gabriel and Sergio shared their love of the area and we saw things that nobody else on the ship discovered. I sincerely doubt that anybody else would have taken the time and care to assist my sister into the water. We had a fantastic day, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Reviewer: Doinwhatcomesnaturally
5 Stars