Huatulco's Customs and Traditions

Huatulco tour
November 07, 2023
An excellent tour, with a variety of stops. The village tour was a highlight. Tour guide was knowledgeable and helpful.
Reviewer: Bryce McElroy
5 Stars
Great tour
March 08, 2023
Very informative!
Reviewer: jamie
5 Stars
History of Huatulco
February 23, 2023
Easy to understand. Answered all of our questions regarding the local history. Was good at spotting wildlife.
Reviewer: James Dimitrious
4 Stars
Great experience
December 09, 2022
Our tour guide was Emanuel. My favorite part of the tour was how much insight he gave us into Huatulco, and the people and history there. It combined well with the sights and the shopping. I would come back to Huatulco.
Reviewer: Rory Litwin
5 Stars
More personable that a cruise ship tour
October 28, 2022
Enjoyed getting away from the port and seeing the site. Friendly staff and reasonable price.
Reviewer: Robert M Pitts
4 Stars
Great gift
March 17, 2020
I gifted this excursion to my clients and they loved the entire day, enjoyed the small group setting.
Reviewer: Audrey
5 Stars
Fun tour
March 11, 2020
Alberto is a jewel. He asked our preferences and modified the tour toward or interests. Very knowledgeable about the country and the state. One of the members of our group broke her glasses. He stopped at a glasses shop, got and estimate of time and money. Dropped the rest of us off at the port then took her and her husband back to pick up her glasses
Reviewer: Ellen Kirkpatrick
5 Stars
January 27,2020
February 27, 2020
Enjoyed our tour. Guide was Manuel and he was very enthused about Huatulco. Had tortillas and toured the herb garden. This was our best tour
Reviewer: Sharon/Bob Yuel
4 Stars
Huatulco Customs and Traditions
February 04, 2020
What a great highlight to visit this area on our cruise. Loved the history of the mescal distillery is that's the right term. Never rushed. Fun one on one interactions.
Reviewer: Robert Cohen
5 Stars
Huatulco area tour
January 26, 2020
Liked the size of the group (small). Good content and activities. Staff were professional and engaging. Guide was well prepared and had a lot of insights and stories to offer. A good ambassador for the country and region.
Reviewer: E LISA MOSES
5 Stars
Great excursion
January 06, 2020
Great excursion. Very interesting. Wished could see some of the big resorts
Reviewer: Arwood Mannisto
5 Stars
Huatulco’s customs and traditions
January 05, 2020
On Huatulco, on Christmas Day, we had to ask a few people where the representative from Xpert Travel was, after we found Emanuel we had ten other travel companions and visited a family operation, who had made Mescal from blue agave for 70 years. We saw the progress, tasted the product and had fun with the dried grasshoppers. Also went to family operation where they taught us how to make tortillas over an open fire. We also saw the church in town. Emanuel was very knowledgeable and easy to understand.. However, it seemed that HAL had a problem with our arrangements, they treated us like 2nd class citizens. I had also noticed that on CARNIVAL in November. Passengers who had purchased excursions elsewhere, where not considered in tender operations. I had engaged and tipped an excursion employee, who helped me to get on the first tender.
Reviewer: Margot Dippel
5 Stars
Local charm
December 24, 2019
This was my favorite excursion on this cruise because the guides connected us with local people they knew. Our driver/guide was so enthusiastic and proud of tourism development here. It made me want to return.
Reviewer: Janet Lowery
5 Stars
Huatulco’s customs and traditions
June 17, 2019
Excellent Host very proud of his town and excellent guide .
Reviewer: Janice Cassel
5 Stars
Enjoyed tour
June 14, 2019
Loved this town. Would love to come spend a month!
Reviewer: Diane Nelson
5 Stars
good experiance
April 26, 2019
Nice City much to see
Reviewer: Horst Masch
5 Stars
Huatulco is a gem!
April 19, 2019
I enjoyed this excursion. The guide was very personal and entertaining. We had a good overview of Huatulco. The highlight was the mezcal factory with abundant sampling including some crunchy grasshoppers. La Crucecita Church was also beautiful with its amazing mural! The town is very picturesque!
Reviewer: Judy Harms
5 Stars
Good experience
February 13, 2019
The painting of the church ceiling and decoration were different and interesting. Textile shop was good experience to see how the color comes from the nature.
Reviewer: Mary Chung
4 Stars
Huatulco’s Customs and Traditions
October 29, 2018
Good tour, easy to locate guide off the cruise ship and the van was clean, air conditioning worked great and easy to access. Tour took us to shops with demonstrations of local crafts and tequila tasting but did not feel pressured into buying as I had on previous tours. Company was good about a refund for members of our party that had to cancel due to a medical emergency.
Reviewer: Alice Sublett
4 Stars
Huatulco was a Surprize
May 21, 2018
We didn't expect to find a town that reminded us of Palm Springs, CA.....without the traffic. Then to have the added extra of a beautiful coastline with its many bays and coves. Yes it was hot but we plan on returning for an extended stay during the winter months to further explore.
Reviewer: Robert Hoch
4 Stars
April 30, 2018
We very much enjoyed the smaller group and learning about the culture and visiting various places to shop. The guide was very knowledgeable and willing to help with recommending where to purchase items. He also was very proud of Mexico and wanted to share his country with us. We'd recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Pat
4 Stars
February 07, 2018
Very good tour. The group size was perfect. The places we visited were interesting, and relevant. Our guide was professional and easy to connect with.
Reviewer: Mike Bale
5 Stars
Worthwhile tour of a Mexican town
February 05, 2018
Don Pepe was our guide. He was very informative about what we were seeing and experiencing. The tour included learning about weaving and wool dying, mezcal making, and the history of the area. It was well worth our time.
Reviewer: Melanie
5 Stars
Huatulco's Customs and Traditions
November 07, 2017
Our guide, was well prepared for our tour. He took us up and above the naval base so that we could see the outline of the coast and our cruise ship. The city is very well planned and hope it can stay that way. Nice to see the large resorts are set off from the town. The family owned weaving company was very informative and very proud of their heritage.
Reviewer: Heather and Robert McCleary
4 Stars
Huatulco's Customs and Traditions
September 27, 2017
Huatulco was a wonderful surprise. What a special place. It was pristine and beautifully developed. Our guide was more than outstanding. My husband & I were the only people on the tour, and we could not have asked for a better tour. I highly recommend it.
Reviewer: Paula
5 Stars
Customs and traditions of Huatulco
January 06, 2017
This tour of Huatulco was very professional from the start.New air conditioned bus with informative guide. town is small but clean and friendly. Enjoyed the visit to the weaving and tequila shops. I would recommend this tour
Reviewer: Winifred Jeffery
4 Stars
Huatulco Fantastic future resort stay
December 07, 2016
Small van tour. Excellent. A/C perfect. Many great stops to see the area. Tour guide really knew the city. Great way to see the area in a short time.
Reviewer: Kevin Cook
5 Stars
I would recommend this tour to everybody
May 17, 2016
Super day with lots to see and do. Satisfying!
Reviewer: Dave
5 Stars
February 03, 2016
Lunch was intriguing.
Reviewer: Jet
5 Stars
better than i thought it would be
February 03, 2016
Almost didn't even do I tour here but glad I did. And pleased it wasn't cancelled since there were only two of us. Took us up top the cliff for view down; over to the high-end resort area just to see fancy hotels; then into the small old-town square where we went to the same shops the rest of cruise passengers were it. We were shown how the rugs were woven, dyed, etc. No real pressure to buy however. Then to mescal, mole, coffee shop for tasting. We still didn't buy anything. We are not shoppers. But it was all interesting to see. I'm sure we were a disappointment to the driver and shop owners. But we saw more of the area than if we had just gotten off the ship and wandered around on our own. So that was good.
Reviewer: michigan traveler
4 Stars
Learning the traditions
December 21, 2015
First time visit to Huatulco, so a good overview of the area and learning about the local customs and traditions. Alex was a very good guide and had a very comfortable air conditioned van.
Reviewer: Marcia M
5 Stars
June 21, 2015
Great tour. We got to see all the sites around Huatulco. If you take this tour be sure to let the locals take you photo at the Huatulco sign. They bring them to you back at the pier and they do a really first class job.
Reviewer: Vicstictok
5 Stars
New Vacation Spot
May 28, 2014
Pepe was a terrific guide. Van was nice and cool on a very hot day. The weaving factory was very interesting. Since it was a Sunday, few people were working, but the owner stopped what he was doing to show us how the weaving was done. City was gorgeous; didn't want tour to end. Thinking of booking a vacation here. Recommended it to my daughter for her honeymoon.
Reviewer: diehlsdeal
5 Stars
Mescal tasting was a treat!
May 19, 2014
Benjamin was a great tour guide!
Reviewer: ABS
5 Stars
Beautiful Scenery
May 27, 2013
Pepe' our tour guide was terrific. Try the roasted crickets they taste like chicken.
Reviewer: RA
5 Stars
Great tour, Great Value
April 09, 2013
Love the idea of port ick up and drop off, no worries and you are guaranteed to return to ship on time.
Reviewer: QueenB
5 Stars
short but interesting
July 02, 2012
limited secondary to heat, humidity and my limited mobility. Guide very pleasant and did his bes t to make it a good experience. He was very helpful in walking back to ship to get me a wheelchair to use to return to ship---was an exceptionally long walk and very hot!
Reviewer: 2 on the loose
4 Stars