Beach Horseback Ride

Best day
December 07, 2023
Thank you for making this a most enjoyable day. The boat ride to the island was relaxing. Our guide on the horseback ride was so nice and the horses were beautiful. The the drinks and snacks after were great. This is a great excursion from beginning to end.
Reviewer: Cindy & Randy
5 Stars
Surprised in the best way
June 29, 2023
Couldnt beleive how private , and beautiful this excursion was. Horses were kind and well trained. My son and i loved riding through the town , and along the shore. 5 out of 5.
Reviewer: Eris Henderson
5 Stars
Fun and Beautiful
June 05, 2020
The city is so cute! We took a boat from the mainland to get to the horses. We had such a beautiful ride through the town alongside a jungle-like park. The beach was clean and almost untouched. It was my husband’s first horseback ride and even though we don’t speak much Spanish we understood our guide just fine and had a fun steady ride! After the ride, we got to stay at this massive beachfront restaurant with the best drinks!
Reviewer: Jennifer Vuong
5 Stars
March 18, 2020
The horseback ride along the beach was peaceful, and so beautiful. My horse was very comically eating plants while en route to the beach. It was my husband’s first time horseback riding and he did great even though we had a language barrier with the owner, we understood each other. The horses were going at an easygoing, mild speed. The staff were very nice, we even got a free drink at the restaurant! Although we didn’t stay at the restaurant due to personal time constraints, it looked very fun when we were there. The restaurant is right along the beach: guests were playing on the sand, and they had a huge dining area, and two bar stands.
Reviewer: Jennifer V.
5 Stars
Horseback Riding on the Beach
February 12, 2020
I was very pleased with this excursion experience. I appreciated the knowledgeable wrangler, and I was impressed with the excellent condition of the horses. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride, and the horse that I was on was very gentle and responsive. I also enjoyed the beach-time at the resort in the afternoon. Overall, I would definitely recommend this to any who dream of riding a horse on the beach like I have for many years. This was definitely on my "bucket list" and I am glad I was able to enjoy it to the fullest!
Reviewer: Sue Northcott
5 Stars