Mexican Hot Springs

Very good time
February 21, 2023
One of the best excursions we have taken. The drive is an hour from the port we had a great driver who was very proud of his city and shared a lot of information of the country side. The springs are located in a quaint country village, you don't walk to some remote pool, they are cement poured pools of spring water which varies in temperature based on the day and weather. Once you soak they cover you with a clay and leave you to dry in the sun, then you rinse off in a shower and proceed to an awesome steam hut. The steam and clay did wonders for my back and sore shoulders! Afterwards we went back to the spring pools for a bit before lunch. Lunch was absolutely fantastic, a classic authentic Mexican dinner and the food kept coming until we were full! We ended with a tour of the local tequila distillery and bought a bottle. Our driver took us back by a different route and showed us a number of other sites we wouldn't have been able to see without him, needless to say he got a nice tip.
Reviewer: Joe M.
5 Stars
Excellent Excursion
February 07, 2023
It was well worth the drive to the Hot springs. It takes an hour through winding farmlands but we were able to get back in time. The hot springs is like a huge concrete jacuzzi, must fit about 20 + people. There were only 3 other people there. The highlight was the adobe brick hut where you put special clay mud on your body, shower off and enter the hut escorted where a Mexican guy throws water of some very hot lava rocks. This creates extreme steam. You feel wonderful afterwards, followed by a wonderful Mexican Lunch with homemade salsa. You get to crush the ingredients in a pottery bowl. Our travel companions did the 12 zip lines there. Loved this tour!!
Reviewer: Maria Ann Piller
5 Stars
Hot springs
March 18, 2020
The springs were not what we expected....concrete pool....the water was very warm! The homemade food on this excursion was amazing!!!!!
Reviewer: Amy Snyder
4 Stars
The excursion we enjoyed the most!
March 11, 2020
Our guide was fantastic; he shared a lot of great information as we drove almost an hour to the hot springs. When we arrived, we had one of the best meals EVER - everything was fresh, authentic and delicious and they served it with style! We loved the hot springs. The place was very picturesque and the people were very warm. There was a tequila distillery, a sweat lodge, a church, and a shop where you could purchase handmade sandals and beautiful jewelry. It was a wonderful excursion and I'd highly recommend it if you enjoy experiences that are off the beaten path, rustic and authentic.
Reviewer: Faith McDavid
5 Stars
Mexican Hot Srpings
January 21, 2020
Great excursion, people fantastic, food amazing
Reviewer: Kim Thurgood
5 Stars