Mexican Hot Springs

Hot springs
March 18, 2020
The springs were not what we expected....concrete pool....the water was very warm! The homemade food on this excursion was amazing!!!!!
Reviewer: Amy Snyder
4 Stars
The excursion we enjoyed the most!
March 11, 2020
Our guide was fantastic; he shared a lot of great information as we drove almost an hour to the hot springs. When we arrived, we had one of the best meals EVER - everything was fresh, authentic and delicious and they served it with style! We loved the hot springs. The place was very picturesque and the people were very warm. There was a tequila distillery, a sweat lodge, a church, and a shop where you could purchase handmade sandals and beautiful jewelry. It was a wonderful excursion and I'd highly recommend it if you enjoy experiences that are off the beaten path, rustic and authentic.
Reviewer: Faith McDavid
5 Stars
Mexican Hot Srpings
January 21, 2020
Great excursion, people fantastic, food amazing
Reviewer: Kim Thurgood
5 Stars