Canopy, Tequila and More via Speed Boat

Definitely Recommended
August 08, 2022
This was a great tour. Great views of the shore and city from the water on the boat and much better than a bus trip would be. Got to see dolphins on the way back. Loved the zipline with jungle views and the river. Good food and a river to play in at the end
Reviewer: Randy Sommers
5 Stars
los veranos canopy tour
May 28, 2022
This was the best tour of our 17 day cruise. The group conducting our tour, led by Alex, kept things light and entertaining while we managed the 15 zip lines through the canopy. The boat ride connecting to the short bus ride, was not only quicker than a pure bus ride, but also a lot more fun with great photo ops. After the zip line tour, there was an opportunity to taste tequila, and a small zoo next to a nice flagstone patio with a full menu and bar. It was relaxing after the zip lines to relax under the umbrellas on the patio and enjoy food and beverages before our return trip to Puerto Vallarta via boat. At age 65 we were the oldest couple on the tour, and although there is some climbing involved, I didn't believe it to be excessive or too strenuous, even though I don't consider myself in top physical condition. Great tour. Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Joe Stuckenschneider
5 Stars
Canopy, Tequila and More via Speed Boat
March 18, 2022
I liked that the group was smaller and included children and elderly. Safety was priority, but allowed people to go upside down and together on certain lines if they wanted to. The staff take video and pictures for purchase at the end, but they also allow you to take your own camera/phone. After that there is plenty of time to play in the river, feed and hold some of the animals they have as well as eat and/or drink (not included in price).
Reviewer: Janet Lai
5 Stars
Exhilarating and Fun
March 18, 2020
We loved this excursion. The speed boat ride to the zi line sight is the only way to go. Our ship was late getting into port and we missed our meeting time so no one was at the dock to greet us, but after asking several other operators, we got a hold of the company and they added us to the next tour an hour later. Crew was outstanding. Would definitely do it again!
Reviewer: The Martins
5 Stars
Amazing Experience!
March 04, 2020
My partner and I absolutely loved this excursion! Pepe and his team made the ziplining a blast! And if you're debating getting the speed boat, DO IT! It was seriously one of my favorite parts of the trip and almost an excursion in and of itself!
Reviewer: Rachel
5 Stars
Beyond Expectations!
March 03, 2020
Los Veranos exceeded all my expectations. Well organized and efficient but more importantly, the experience was superb. From the start with the speed boat ride, we were shown views of the coast that were beautiful. The boat crew were wonderful. After the boat we took an open air shuttle up to the canopy. The beauty of the area and the canopy itself is lovely. The facility clean and comfortable. The restaurant food delicious. The zip lines were obviously well maintained, I never felt a moment of fear for my safety. Zipping along over the river gorge and forest was indescribable. But the one aspect that made the tour so enjoyable was the crew. Aldo and his crew are efficient, well trained, and the fun and jokes they bring to the experience made it memorable. I would recommend this excursion to anyone. Definitely well worth the money spent.
Reviewer: Rosie Snarby
5 Stars
awesome excursion
February 26, 2020
Enjoyed every minute of this excursion; the boat ride was great, but the zip line was amazing. Employees were helpful, funny, and very entertaining. Scenery on the zip line was beautiful; tequila tasting was interesting and the restaurant by the river was wonderful, a great place to relax after the zip line. I would do it again!
Reviewer: Christa Rodriguez
5 Stars
Awesome Excursion !!!
January 30, 2020
Our 10th cruise and this was top 2 or 3 excursions we have ever been on. Super fun, clean, professional staff and facilities. Zip lines of 800' plus over gorgeous rapids below. After ziplining eat at nice restaurant on site, swim or waterslide into river or pet the beautiful animals they have there. On way back stopped to see island Arcs, sea turtle and huge pod of dolphins. MUST DO
Reviewer: Keith Murphy
5 Stars
Very clean, nice and safe Zip Line Excursion
January 08, 2020
Pros: *Clean facility, nice restaurant and stuff to do when you're done zip-lining, like the zoo, swimming, etc. *The American owners run their zip line according to US safety standards. There was another zipline company close to theirs, and it looked pretty bad, frankly, in comparison to this one. *The zip line tour guides reminded me of Disneyland's Jungle Cruise guides: lots of comedians with a well-rehearsed patter that kept everybody laughing (albeit nervously because... ZIP LINING) *The speed boat saves you a TON OF TIME. Totally worth it. GET THE TOUR WITH THE SPEED BOAT. *The staff answering the telephone was kind and patient when we couldn't find the speed boat. They stayed on the phone with us until we found it. Con: If you are doing this not through your cruise ship company, beware of differences between ship time vs land time & take the company's number with you in case you can't find the speed boat.
Reviewer: Bonnie
5 Stars
December 26, 2019
Fabulous! Everything about the tour met or exceeded our expectations! All of the guides involved were very entertaining and we just had a lot of really great fun! It was worth every penny. I highly recommend it!
Reviewer: Robert Terry Gowen
5 Stars
Great excursion experience.
July 22, 2019
From the moment we got on the speed boat to reaching the zip line location - this excursion was a fast paced experience. It's a great set-up, with a restaurant and tequila tasting at the end of the zip line run, and also a river with slides to cool off in.
Reviewer: Bob
5 Stars
Best tour ever
May 15, 2019
Pepe, magic Mike and drake did their thing!!! They were amazing so much fun I really feel like we got a steal!!! We had so much fun with these guys I strongly recommend this company
Reviewer: Carmen C Glover
5 Stars