Dolphin Royal Swim and Water Park

Swim with the Dolphins!
August 29, 2023
This was the highlight of our cruise excursions! No wait time. We were called up right away and given brief instructions on how to interact with the dolphins, then straight into the clean and large pool. (after putting our life jackets on, of course.) The trainers were awesome. Our group consisted of our family of four, and another family of four. We had plenty of time to spend interacting with the dolphins. They were so fun and allowed us to play with them! They even pushed and pulled us around in the pool much to my grandchildren’s delight! After this fantastic adventure, we were provided with lunch, and the kids were able to play at the water park on site! Truly, a wonderful excursion!
Reviewer: Louise Edwards
5 Stars
March 17, 2016
It was very fun and great for all ages and wonderful options.
Reviewer: KL
5 Stars
Dream of a Lifetime
October 20, 2011
This is one of the most educational and thrilling times I've ever had. To have a dolphin tow you around a pool or have them even lift you out of the water is an experience everyone should have at least once in your life. You learn about their training, their life habits and even how they live. A fantastic time for all ages.
Reviewer: Dr D
5 Stars