Hiking and Snorkeling Combo

It was fun
July 10, 2023
We enjoyed the hiking, the scenery, the animals present and the nature. Our guide Michael is so pleasant, nice and calm. He has water and snacks for us ready. The beach area we hang out was relaxing while my husband went snorkeling. We enjoyed the boat ride because we didn’t want to hike back. The boat ride was affordable and will help the locals. Air conditioned vehicle.
Reviewer: Socorro Padilla
5 Stars
June 13, 2023
The guide was excellent!!! She knew a lot of the history of the towns we drove through and the hiking area. The hike was challenging and amazing. The snorkeling was also amazing. I would do it again!!
Reviewer: Michaele Kedanis
5 Stars
Great time hiking and first time Snorkeling
February 10, 2023
We were not sure what to expect, but Cynthia was very professional and very knowledgeable about the activity and the area. We had a wonderful time with this very friendly guide and would recommend this excursion with her any time!
Reviewer: Egan and Gail
5 Stars
Hard but FUN!!!
October 09, 2022
This was a lot of fun, just be ready for a pretty strenuous hike, the hike was a lot more difficult than we expected! Wear good hiking shoes! Our tour guide, Maggie, was awesome and helped our 2 kids ages 8 & 9 snorkel which was so nice! They felt comfortable and safe with her so we didn't have to worry about them and they didn't feel scared and were able to really enjoy the snorkeling. We saw a sting ray, octopus, pufferfish, lots of other cool fish, and a lobster. We saw a baby iguana and a sea turtle on the hike. I think my husband ended up with some heat exhaustion, he was in pretty rough shape but tends to be a little bit sensitive to the heat but still . . the hike isn't messing around, just beware that it's def not an easy 2 miles;) it was an awesome excursion though, and we loved Maggie!:)
Reviewer: Brittany B
5 Stars
Great choice for a hike and snorkel
January 31, 2020
Our group of 11 friends along with one other couple enjoyed this activity! We loved the hike and the snorkeling. Oscar and Michael were both very kind, helpful and knowledgeable! We took the water taxi back so we could spend more time snorkeling.
Reviewer: Kim
5 Stars
Totally Local Experience
August 16, 2019
Great excursion for an active person. The hike is manageable, but definitely requires a certain level of fitness. Not all of the trail was "manicured." The snorkeling was fun and a great way to cool down after the hike in. It's definitely a local swim spot. The less you carry, the better. There wasn't much of a beach area at the cove. Very friendly and efficient guides. They provided water/soda for the way home. They were kind enough to drop us all back at the ship rather than going back to the office pickup location. The entire operation end ran smoothly and on a comfortable schedule. If you like to do something in nature, this was a great choice. Very well-organized company.
Reviewer: Sharon Freeman
5 Stars
My favorite!
May 22, 2019
We had a small group (2 tour guides and just 4 people). The hike was pretty tough. Lots of elevation to climb, but the guide was super friendly and we took our time while she gave a lot of insightful info along the trail. If you want, you had the option of taking a water taxi on the way back, but the hiked seemed easier going back. The snorkeling was beautiful. They helped us novices figure things out and we had a great time. They drove us an hour before the hike. Got back to the boat with some time to spare.
Reviewer: Michael
5 Stars
Such a great experience!
March 20, 2019
This was such a fun and memorable experience! Our guide was great, he pointed out lots of different birds, iguanas and plant life while we were on the hike. The hike was very enjoyable, it was about 1.5 miles each way and would say it was a pretty moderate hike, there were some very steep parts but we just took it slow and stopped when we needed to. The snorkeling was great too! The water felt so nice after the hike and we were able to see a good variety of fish.
Reviewer: Alexis Hope
5 Stars
Great day!
November 07, 2018
Our first time in PV, we selected this tour as we enjoy nature and love snorkelling. Our guide Christina was excellent and the entire team ensured we had a fantastic day. Even the packed lunches were excellent, highly recommend!
Reviewer: Chris Klaassen
5 Stars
Best Excursion of the Cruise
October 17, 2018
We loved this tour! The boat ride across the bay was exhilarating! The tour guides were fantastic! They provided lunch, beverages, and pushed hydration. The rain forest hike with Michael was incredible! When it ended on that secluded cove, oh my goodness! What a treasure! My first time snorkeling was tentative, but will be willing to give it another go. We want to come back to Puerto Vallarta for a longer visit and will definitely look up Eco Tours for our trip!
Reviewer: Kathi Andrews
5 Stars
Great Experience
October 05, 2018
It was a rough and hard hike but the scenery was AMAZING and our tour guide was the best, super funny, sweet and very educated. After a rough and hard hike we got to refresh ourselves with a snorkeling experience... Loved it!
Reviewer: Alma Ochoa
5 Stars
Favorite excursion!
September 17, 2018
We absolutely loved this excursion! The leaders of this excursion were awesome. We had so much fun and we highly recommend it!
Reviewer: Annie Jones
5 Stars
A Wonderful Excursion!
August 20, 2018
Michael from EcoTours de Mexico was a great guide! He first gave us a wonderful tour of the coastline of Puerto Vallarta along the way to Boca de Tomatlan. From there, we hiked all the way to Comolitos Beach. The hike wasn't so bad, it was just hot that day. We snorkeled off the beach by the rocky shores and we saw all kinds of tropical fish and other sea life by the shore. Michael showed us starfishes and sea cucumbers that were beneath the surface of the water. He was also nice in getting us a water taxi back to Boca de Tomatlan and drove us back to our cruise ship. Very highly recommended!
Reviewer: Melody Smith
5 Stars
Possibly the most fun I have ever had on vacation!
September 14, 2017
The hiking and snorkeling was amazing. What a wonderful place! The guide was awesome!
Reviewer: Michael
5 Stars
Wonderful Hiking and Snorkeling Combo Trip!
July 19, 2017
This was a wonderful trip. We had a very nice, knowledgeable young man (Michael) as our guide. He knew all about the birds, flowers, insects, fish etcetera. He was very friendly and did a terrific job leading the hike and the snorkeling part of the trip. We had a very comfortable, air conditioned van to travel to/from the start of the hike. They even provided lunch and snacks. I would definitely recommend this trip to others!
Reviewer: Joy Lavin-Jones
5 Stars
Loved IT!
April 06, 2017
Melissa and Fernando were AWESOME! Not only did they give us a great hike/snorkel trip. They were enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable about Puerto Vallarta as well as the vegetation and wildlife.
Reviewer: Alvina Green
5 Stars
Nice hike and Snorkel
March 30, 2017
My husband and I, both in our upper 50s went on this excursion in March. Our guide, Cynthia, was very informative, friendly, and helpful. As previous reviews state, the hike is a little steep at times, but we really enjoyed it, The snorkel was wonderful, although we felt it was a little short. Some of our group had never snorkeled before and Cynthia was great with them. Colomitos beach was beautiful, but there were quite a few people there.They provided a small lunch and water. You are taken in a van about 45 minutes out of Puerta Vallarta to Boca de Tomatlan village where the hike starts. Our guide took us through downtown Puerta Vallarta and pointed out the sites and afterwards she brought us back to our cruise port.
Reviewer: Paula Walker
4 Stars
Best excursion ever!
February 28, 2017
From start to finish this excursion gave us an intimate look at Puerto Vallarta. Michael, our guide, took us on a great hike through neighborhoods and lush areas where iguanas lazed in the trees. We relaxed, snorkels, swam and lunched at a pocket beach, then hiked back to our air conditioned van. Would recommend to anyone who wants do something less touristy with a desire to explore, learn and discover this lovely part of the Mexican Rivera.
Reviewer: Carol groves
1 Stars
Beautiful! A bit daring!
February 01, 2017
We loved Puerta Vallarta. This was our favorite stop. It didn't seem like everyone there was trying to sell you something or harass you for a tip. We were driven to a cove where we snorkeled out to a reef and it was absolutely amazing. The hike was more like a fairly steep trail without much of interest to look at but when you got to the end - AMAZING! It opened up to the secluded cove where we snorkeled. The guides were great and took great care of us!
Reviewer: L Brosie
5 Stars
Wonderful, but long cliff hike to fabulous cove
January 11, 2017
I loved the hike and day; it was the best tour we took while in Mexico. My son and I were not well-prepared for the hike and should have worn good sneakers or walking shoes since we were climbing rocks, walking on the edge of cliffs, and had wet, muddy areas. Once we reached our destination of the secluded cove, we were totally in love with the area. Thankfully, there was a water taxi that took us back to the start - a beach/fishing village, where we had a wonderful lobster and fish lunch cooked from our own selections. Our tour guide was amazing.
Reviewer: Faye Berriman
5 Stars
Best day of my cruise!
December 21, 2016
Took a $20 taxi to meet the group. Our ship docked late, but they waited for us. Our guide drove us 45 mins around the coast talking about the town history and culture and stopping for a photo op on the way. She guided us through a beautiful canopy to a remote beach where locals seem to enjoy going. We took a guided snorkel and she gave lessons to those who hadn't done it before. A water taxi was offered to some folks who couldnt make the hike back. It was challenging if you weren't in shape. And if you have back or leg issues, you probably don't need this trip. If you are active, its a good workout, but not intense. Just sweaty and hot. We were out for about 5-6 hrs i think. The guide dropped us off back at the ship, though she didn't actually have to do that. We really enjoyed this trip. Highly recommend it!
Reviewer: Amanda
5 Stars
Awesome experience!!
December 21, 2016
Cristina was amazing, very energetic, talkative, informative, understanding and fun. She doesn't pressure you to do something, my mom had a bit of a panic attack we stayed behind until she was able to calm down. Cristina then insisted I get my own snorkeling session due to the fact I stayed behind to comfort my mother. I thought that was a great gesture on her behalf and I an very thankful for that. Overall great tour and beautiful sights.
Reviewer: Nadine Ramirez
5 Stars
Hiking and snorkeling combi
August 18, 2016
THe guide was very knowledgeable and pleasant. Surely recommended.
Reviewer: Yvonne Joseph
5 Stars
Awesome! and More Awesome!
May 16, 2016
WOW! What a climb! It was not for the faint of heart- but I would do it again in a heart beat! The guides were EXCELLENT! Their attitude made it an amazing time for all of us
Reviewer: The Coop Troop
5 Stars
December 19, 2015
Scenic drive with well-educated and knowledgeable tour guide, she stopped the van on the way to allow us a photo opportunity near los arcos. Once we arrived at the hike, she made sure everyone was comfortable and we moved at a leisurely, but not boring pace. She answered all of our questions and told us all about the area. The beach was gorgeous and we were allowed to explore on our own during the snorkel-some people wanted to stay by her and hear about some of the fish, or get assistance with the equipment.
Reviewer: Loved every minute of it!
5 Stars
Great team, good experience, but a jellyfish chall
May 07, 2015
Well organized, fun group, lot of information, plenty of time for the group and questions. The hike was fun although we didn't see a ton of stuff (other than iguana's!). The beach was secluded and quiet ... at least when we got there. Unfortunately a boatload of tourists turned up at the same time intent on volleyball on the beach - not much that could be done about that and certainly not the guides fault, but did make it a little less perfect. The big challenge, and again not the guides fault, was that there were a school of jellyfish that ended up in the beach area. Nothing serious, but a couple of us who ventured in did get stung so the snorkeling part of the adventure ended up on hold. No real choice to go elsewhere because of the hike - so just one of those things. I would do it again - that is unusual - but these things can happen.
Reviewer: English in Seattle
4 Stars
A walk through the wilderness
January 03, 2013
We booked this tour and it ended up being a private one, with just my girlfriend and I and the tour guide. He happened to really like Star Wars figures, as it were. So do I. Only disadvantage was that it was really hot outside, but no one can stop that. We enjoyed the hike through the rainforest and the little bay where we swam. We ended up taking a boat back to the car because it was so hot. All in all, it was a great, unique experience.
Reviewer: Brad
5 Stars
excellent guided trip by Fernando
September 27, 2012
Fernando was and is an exccellent guide and person. Sure the hike for me was slightly tough, I live in northern California and it just doesent get that hot and humid where I live. But I made it fine and felt great afterwards. There was this one staircase of almost vertical steps, in the full Sun that almost killed me, kidding, was a work out but was well rewarded at the other side. a shaded decent and a wonderfull cove we all snorkled in and was taught a little about local fish species etc... Fernando again was on top here, a great guide. I would recomend this excursion to anyone in semi decent shape and likes a little adventure. I am 45 and made it fine, John A.
Reviewer: Disco
5 Stars