Tigre Delta & River Cruise

Fun and informative tour
August 13, 2019
The drive to the river took us through several areas of Buenos Aires not on the usual city tours. The excursion boat was clean and comfortable. We really enjoyed seeing at how these island residents live with no roads. Need to run to the store for a few supplies, no problem, the grocery boat stops at their dock and drops off their order. The is a fun excursion if you have seen the major sights of Buenos Aires.
Reviewer: Julia Stevens
5 Stars
A Cruise To Fancy
April 15, 2019
A scenic and educational river cruise with comfort and the right amount of time.
Reviewer: Peter S Cheung
4 Stars
Fun Tour, Excellent Guide
March 20, 2019
This was not advertised as a small group tour, but at least this time it was with a group of about 12 or 14 people. We were picked up at the appointed time and appointed place outside the cruise terminal and then boarded a small and very nice bus. The guide (I believe her name was Stella or Estella) spoke excellent English and was very informative as to what we were seeing along our route and also provided general information about Buenos Aires, Argentina in general and some insight about the political and economic situation there. Once in El Tigre all of us (including our guide) boarded one of the tour boats for a 1 hour tour of the Delta. This is a very pretty and interesting area with a jungle like feel to it. On the way back there were certain drop-off locations scheduled but instead we were given a choice of one of those locations or bringing us back to the ship which is what everyone opted to do. This was a very informative and entertaining tour at a verey reasonable price.
Reviewer: Andres Langer
5 Stars
April 09, 2018
Interesting tour of that river delta area, and a nice change from the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires.
Reviewer: Jim Ramsay
4 Stars
Tigre Delta & River Cruise
January 12, 2018
We Loved our City Tour & the Tigre Delta River Cruise. The Beautiful Homes,Trees & Museum was a Wonderful Experience. Thank You, Kathy
Reviewer: Kathy Lee Fong
5 Stars
River crusie
March 02, 2017
This tour involved a bus ride from the cruise ship terminal to the delta area with a stop in San Isidro at the Cathedral. Then we were taken to the dock where after a short delay we boarded our boat for the cruise thru the delta area. The commentary on the boat was informative and interesting. A pleasant way to see the way of life for many people in this area. We were then transported back to Buenos Aries where we had a choice of three areas where they would drop us and we could find our own way back to the ship. A relaxing, interesting day.
Reviewer: Anne
4 Stars