Street Food Tour

A private tour without the private price
December 11, 2023
The owner of the company met with us on debarkation and introduced us to Fausto, our driver. We were pleasantly surprised to find that we were the only guests in a 4 person car after passing bus loads for other excursions. Fausto was informative and accommodating mixing the tasting with history and some unique spots without feeling rushed. We even had to start turning down food, lol. Fausto respected the economic lifeline of the populace through street venders and also leaving space for us to turn down or purchase from them as we saw fit. We always felt safe.
Reviewer: Tanya Manning
5 Stars
October 22, 2023
loved the whole tour
Reviewer: tony
5 Stars
Good Exposure To Local Food
May 03, 2023
This was a good tour. The guide did a great job exposing us to local foods. He was knowledgeable and very pleasant. I would recommend this tour. It does require quite a bit of walking.
Reviewer: Ian Steel
5 Stars
Love! Love! Love!
May 03, 2023
This tour was excellent! Our guide was so friendly and shared a lot of really great information about the area. We tried so many great foods! Definitely recommend this food tour!
Reviewer: Korie
5 Stars
Wonderful tour
February 14, 2023
Charlie was our tour guide and he was informative, personable and spoke excellent English. Our group was only ten which was a very co.fortable size. 8 of us were friends and we all really.enjoyed the tour. ChRlie showed us many historic sights and then took us to a couple of.local spots to sample food. Everything was excellent. Highly recommend this tour as well as Charlie our guide.
Reviewer: Margaret Bartley
5 Stars
Street Food Tour - Cartagena
January 12, 2023
This was very interesting and my guide/driver was excellent. (Can't remember their names!) But the guide was very knowledgeable about the history of the city and of the food origins. We didn't get much of a chance to walk around - very hot and very crowded with several cruise ships in - but worthwhile to be sure.
Reviewer: Pauline Cooper
5 Stars
Guide was very good
December 28, 2022
This was a difficult excursion as the ships time in port was so short. Tour still went on (many of the ships tours were cancelled so we were grateful). Knowledgeable guide who really did his best to make the tour work. We got a ride through the city (traffic was awful, kudos to the driver) and then walked to several places with excellent food. The guide really had to move us right along. Luckily a different much shorter bus route was taken back to the ship.
Reviewer: Christal Wood
4 Stars
Best tour our whole cruise
November 20, 2022
We booked this street food tour kind of last minute and I am really glad we did. We were expecting a formal, set in stone tour but what we got was a walk through an older area of Cartegena, which was beautiful on it’s own and we tried all kinds of food. If we mentioned something, he’d go get it for us. It was wonderful and the food was delicious. I highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Kayla Jones
5 Stars
Eat the Ceviche!
January 08, 2022
Yes, it was the height of the Omincron outbreak. Yes, it seemed like it was a good idea to book a street food tour in Cartagena. And you know what - IT WAS THE BEST DAY!!! Wally is a fantastic guide! You are in very good hands (which were sanitized, of course). Wally hand-picks the most trusted and safest street food vendors, based on the types of foods your group wants to try. DO NOT MISS the fried plantains with cheese - OMG! And I got nervous about the ceviche, but it was soooo amazing! We also got the ripest, freshest fruit from some lovely ladies and another dish that I can’t spell, but it was really good too! You will be full of food, facts and love of this city after this tour!! We were a group of four, so we were able to request what we wanted to try, and the city was still decorated for the holidays, which added a special touch to our visit.
Reviewer: Pamela Sabin
5 Stars
Great Alternative to Standard Highlights Tours
February 14, 2020
Having taken the standard highlights bus/walking tour of old town Cartagena on a previous cruise we were looking for a new twist. When my wife and I met up with our guide Martine we were surprised to learn that this was going to be a personal tour with a guide and a driver in a taxi. Not knowing what to expect, we had eaten a light breakfast on ship. That was totally unnecessary. Our first food stop was at a street vendor where we each had arepas and carimanolas. The tour continued around old town, getting into some areas that our previous tour did not go and stopping at a number of vendors for traditional Colombian snacks and drinks. We had opportunities to interact with native residents of Cartagena and to experience the city in a way that our previous tour had not afforded.
Reviewer: Hal Williamson
5 Stars