Peninsula Valdes Highlights

Efficient and interesting tour
April 24, 2023
I say efficient as we had to drive far enough to see as many sea and wild life as possible in a restricted time frame. Our driver was efficient and friendly and tour guide Diego was amazing, knowledgeable interactive and very personable. thank you for the experience. We lived the small van too.
Reviewer: Claire Lauzon
5 Stars
A good day out
March 30, 2023
Met at cruise terminal by guide. Taken to Peninsula Valdes by minibus. Long journey to Punta Norte, but worth it for view of coast and sightings of seals. Whales were spotted in morning but no sightings whilst we were there around lunchtime. Had booked to go to Caleta Valdes but road unsuitable due to heavy rain previous day. On way back stopped at Punta Piramide, another beautiful spot with the opportunity to view seals, their pups swimming, basking etc. A worthwhile day.
Reviewer: Marlene Lewis
4 Stars
Peninsula Valdez highlights
March 15, 2023
This was a great tour for seeing the native wildlife. Our guide changed the order of visits to avoid some big buses with lots of people. There were maybe 20 on the tour, the guide and driver were very informative and were excellent guanacos and Rhea bird spotters! Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Karen Knapp
5 Stars
Nature at best
February 03, 2023
Far from civilisation, creation welcomes you
5 Stars
Delightful Excursion
January 17, 2020
The warm welcome at the ship's pier was just the beginning of a fun day on Peninsula Valdes. The hospitable guide was enthusiastic about the area & shared an assortment of maps, history and descriptions of the animals and flowers as the made our way to the sea. We saw sea lions, elephant seals & the charming Magellan penguins. A delightful day plus we learned a lot.
Reviewer: NJ Farrell
5 Stars
Depending on Time of Year
March 05, 2019
We were there in early February. There were some seal lions and elephant seals, along with the ubiquitous Magellanic penguins. The area is known for Orcas beaching themselves to catch seals. We did not see Orcas. The important thing to know is that the animals change with the season, so depending when you visit the peninsula, you may not see Orcas, seal lions, etc. Do you homework to maximize the chance of seeing the animals you want to see. That being said the excursion operator was very good. The guide spoke excellent English and was well versed in the flora and fauna of the Valdes Peninsula. During the hour or so trip to the peninsula, he informed us about everything one would want to know about the area. The reason we did not book the excursion thru Celebrity was the price difference. We saw the same things the Celebrity people saw and were not part of a 50 person excursion bus. Our bus held fourteen people. It was more personal.
Reviewer: William Zielinski
5 Stars
Great scenery
January 31, 2017
The guide was very knowledgeable. We enjoyed the walking and the nature aspects of the tour. It could have been longer and at a faster pace but with a large group of various degrees of mobility, this would be almost impossible to achieve. Perhaps consideration could be given to an additional tour which caters for the fitter participants. The guide was certainly fit enough and kept trying to push people along to keep to the time line.
Reviewer: Stephen
4 Stars