Exploring the Negro River

the Negro river.
January 06, 2020
A unique view of the Amazon but the shore-based activities (Exploring the canapy and looking at water-lillies was a bit heavy duty for old and frail passengers!
Reviewer: Roy Smith
4 Stars
May 07, 2018
Shuttle to terminal in Manaus but didn't know where to meet. A local pointed us to the port exit and we found our guide. Our small group (6) started in a small boat instead of the one in the itinerary. It was a little bouncy but better since we got to put our hands in the water to feel the temperature change at the meeting of the waters. Didn't have a forest walk or see Dolphins. However, we did see the Lilies, a floating village, and had a great lunch. Stopped to see a Sloth, Boa and alligator. You could hold them if you wanted (owners held the head and tail of Boa and just put it on your shoulders). Negative was pressure by the guide to tip this family. They also had a little gift shop. Fished for Piranha and saw them up close. Stopped to fish for Pirarucu which is a HUGE local fish.(they were in a pen and the locals baited your line with a small fish - no hooks). While the tour did not totally match the description it was the best tour we had on our Amazon cruise.
Reviewer: Clarence
4 Stars
January 18, 2018
We were very happy with this excursion and the variety it offered. Lunch was good and the visits to local people valued, fishing was fun and boardwalk a good experience.
Reviewer: Jan Stuckings
5 Stars
Interesting trip
December 24, 2017
I really enjoyed the trip to the meeting of the waters. It was great to experience the different colours and the different water temperatures. I was less impressed with the visit to the small village where we were encouraged to pay to take pictures of captive animals. The lunch was good, and I enjoyed the walk through the jungle where.we saw monkeys, birds and caymans
Reviewer: Nicky Phillips
4 Stars