Best of Rio Full Day Tour

Memorable day
February 01, 2020
The tour is definitely a must do but I was disappointed to learn that I could have bought the same package for half the price from the hotel where we were staying. We compared notes with other Canadians being picked up at hotels and we would have saved a ton of cash. I think it's quite overpriced but the food was delicious and the tour guides excellent. Bottom line- check around. Same goes for the rainforest tour.
Reviewer: Ingrid
5 Stars
RIO Tour
March 17, 2019
Long day but worthwhile. The bus tour of the city was mainly to get us to the primary attractions. Sugarloaf and the Redeemer. The "lunch" was a meal not to forget. For a meat lover, it could not have been better.
Reviewer: Ronald Dusa
5 Stars