Private Tierra del Fuego National Park

February 26, 2023
Our party of 4 boarded our bus and took our seats. It was a bit long over dirt roads until the entrance of the National Park. We made several stops of interest and our guide was very good in her park history. She was responsible and always made sure everyone was counted before the bus left the designated stops.
Reviewer: Joyce Martin
3 Stars
LOVED THE PARK - Wish we had more time
February 14, 2018
This excursion was a highlight of our trip, but as with most shore excursions, there just wasn't enough time to spend at the various locations (especially near the post office and hiking in the park) in relation to the amount of drive time to/from the ship/park. The guide was wonderful, very knowledgeable and had lots of great pictures to show us in the van so that we were learning things as we went to the park. After the excursion, we got dropped off in Ushuaia and walked around the little downtown area and stopped in for a wonderful pastry and coffee at Balcarce.
Reviewer: Holly S.
4 Stars