Beagle Channel Catamaran To Sea Wolves Island

An excellent tour
February 17, 2020
This trip was extremely good. The catamaran was spacious and comfortable and included facilities. There were a fair number of other passengers, but there was plenty of space. We landed on an island to get lovely views of Ushuaia. We had excellent views of the the sealions and lighthouse after a short cruise. Would thoroughly recommend this tour
Reviewer: Dave
5 Stars
February 01, 2020
Good trip. Good boat.
Reviewer: Rudenko Andrew
4 Stars
A lot of fun
March 25, 2019
Really good trip. We actually took a short trip on land. Cat was comfortable and tour well-organized.
Reviewer: Karen
5 Stars
Beagle Channel Catamaran To Sea Wolves Island
April 02, 2018
The tour was excellent however the meeting place was incorrect .When we followed the instructions provided on where to meet they were incorrect .Eventually we found out that we had to walk across the pier to another booth and stand in line to get tickets .
Reviewer: Brian O'Connor
5 Stars
Penguins, seals and other creatures.
January 18, 2017
The weather in Beagle channel can be somewhat wild and windy and the seas can be rough but still nothing could deter me from taking this trip. The use of a catamaran provides more stability than a mono hull and allowed the boat to be run ashore on one of the many islands that populate the channel. The boat is maneuvered very close to where the sea life abounds and provides countless opportunities for photos. The cruise lasts about 3 hours and was very enjoyable.
Reviewer: Ken Harrap
5 Stars
I will go in this trip again and again
January 16, 2016
Unique trip excursion, in the middle of wild life.
Reviewer: Val
5 Stars
Great Afternoon
February 14, 2015
This was a beautiful afternoon. Very cold on the water so wear lots of layers. The boat was very comfortable and had a heated lounge. They do a great job with getting you real close to the islands to view the wildlife. The only negative is that they allow smoking on the outside deck, which is where you want to be, if you want to see the wild life.
Reviewer: John
4 Stars
June 13, 2014
What a spectacular day! The scenery, the birds, the sea lions and the new friends on board the catamaran! One of the highlights of our two weeks.
Reviewer: Granny Go Getter
5 Stars
Fascinating Trip
March 20, 2013
Excellent scenery (the weather was good) and very informative explanatations. Food was also surprisingly good. Much better than the usual burgers and gries. Nice cakes and wine for purchase
Reviewer: Florida Traveler
5 Stars