First Time Scuba Adventure

Was a highlight of my cruise!
November 14, 2023
I'm an experienced swimmer and have snorkeled, but SCUBA was a completely new step. The explanations were VERY thorough and the guide's attention and support throughout the drive was outstanding. Very very satisfied with the quality and duration of the experience. Would strongly recommend as a starter experience.
Reviewer: Thomas J Lally
5 Stars
Just Do It
November 09, 2023
My wife and I took a First Time Scuba Dive with these guys . We were greeted by a Adriane who transported us to the harbour. David and Florian. were great at getting us kitted out in wetsuits, fins, masks and onboard the dive boat. En-route to the dive Florian gave a thorough briefing on what to do. The diving was fantastic, there were plenty of fish to watch and some sunken treasures that made some great GoPro footage. My wife who was nervous with a snorkel was now on the bottom being supported as required by Dave who was assigned to us. He offered support where required but allowed a free reign to a point. For me, having dived before this was still the highlight of our 3 weeks crossing the Pacific and I would do it again in a shot. For my wife, yes, she too had a great time once under water and would happily do it again. If you are thinking about something like this, DO IT. You will love it. Big thanks to Dave, Florian and Adriane for making our day. Craig
Reviewer: Craig Dingwall
5 Stars
Wonderful Experience
November 04, 2023
I have always wanted to try scuba diving. The staff and instructors were great, friendly, and patient. The instructions and demonstrations on our equipment, how to clear our masks, and what hand signals use were great and answered our questions. The actual dive was great, the view outstanding and with the instructor with you at all times made the dive a great experience. Highly recommend for those who love the water and the sea life.
Reviewer: Wayne
5 Stars
Excellent service
May 09, 2023
I relay enjoyed my trip, and where we scuba dived was amazing. Sadly no turtles.
Reviewer: Heath Durbin
5 Stars
A real adventure!
May 13, 2019
We booked a first-time scuba dive for beginners, and our guide, Alex, did a wonderful job for us. He was very kind and patient, and he knew exactly how to put us at ease using the equipment underwater and completing our first dive. He and the rest of the crew on board our boat all made the trip fun and memorable. Special kudos to our guide and instructor, Alex.
Reviewer: Tim Glazewski
5 Stars
Scuba in Tahiti
November 05, 2018
WE had not had a regulator on for years but they made the dive super easy with a ratio of 4 dive master to 6 guests. The dive featured 3 wrecks - a plane and 2 hulls so it was visually interesting. I had forgotten how much fun diving was. The trip was well organized and perfectly executed. Thank you so much.
Reviewer: Douglas Ash
5 Stars
October 30, 2018
The experience was a good one, the team was very patient and explanitive in the whole process. Took a bit to get going but once I got going it was great.
Reviewer: John Dorfe
5 Stars
Hooked on Diving
October 26, 2018
I really loved this excursion. I was very nervous about my first dive. These guys were very patient. Everyone is very professional and you will feel at ease after their tutorial. The instructor stayed with me and continually ask if I were doing ok. Thanks Guys and Gals
Reviewer: Belinda G Milligan
5 Stars
scuba adventure
January 09, 2018
The experience of the first time scuba diving was not from this world. The instructors were so nice and understanding. I went on this trip with the attitude that I might not dive there if I would be too scared. Our instructors make the whole experience looks like a piece of cake. We have wonderful memories and a lot of pictures and video which they documented our underwater experience for us.Excellent, Excellent, and again Excellent.Thank you very much.
Reviewer: Ewa Gradzi
5 Stars
first time scuba adventure
January 09, 2018
there are no words to explain just how well we were treated. I'm 70 yrs old and it is one of the best things I've done . The instructors OMG were so patient and caring , it was truly the best experience of my life.
Reviewer: Kenneth Nerada
5 Stars